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III. Purulent Abscess

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III. Purulent Abscess


First option:


If your leg swells, boil some milk, curdle it with lemon and use the curdled milk to make a compress. So make several compresses in this way and if there is an inflammation, it will find a way and penetrate through the skin so that everything will be drained. Put some homemade leaven on the wound after that.


Second option:


Mix honey, flour and water and put them on the affected area, to suck out the pus.


Third option:


Let some corn flour boil with milk and the resulting mixture is placed on the painful area to suck out the pus.


Fourth option:


If your hand has infected and swollen as a result of a wound, make a linseed compress.


Fifth option:


Whenever there is an abscess on your body, put some of the best bread that you can find on it.


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