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IV. Eczema

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IV. Eczema


The eczema shows that blood is impure. The sick person must eat raw vegetarian food for some time: apples, pears, tomatoes, peppers etc. And some boiled wheat as well – no bread is allowed. Raw food cleanses the blood.


1. Let some water boil in a large pot and put some sumac leaves; let them boil for some time. This water is then poured in a wash-basin and the affected area is dipped in it. If this is impossible, use some cotton or a piece of cotton fabric to repeatedly dab the affected areas with that water.


2. Boil some water in a coffee-pot and put three sumac leaves in it; immediately remove the pot from the stove, cover it and leave it for some time. Drink one coffee cup in the morning, at noon and in the evening.


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