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1917_04_22 The Will of God

Jackline Spasova-Bobeva

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Note 1


The Will of God


“He who does the will of My Father in heaven.” Matthew 7:21


The phrases, the Will of God or the Will of the Father are classic ones. However, the phrase the Will of God brings out a smirk on the faces of contemporary people: why so? This is so, because people are not sure if God exists or not.


The world has a twofold manifestation: it has a conscious and an unconscious manifestation. We are in the unconscious world when we deal with the chaotic state of the world, of the matter, of the forces, and of the laws which are at work in the world. This unconscious world is one with no laws, or even if there are any laws, then they are mechanistic, irrational ones. When Christ says that not everyone who calls out, “Lord, Lord” will enter the Kingdom of God, we should know that He has in mind the well-formed, conscious world, which is one of law and order. Therefore, only the one, who does the Divine Will, can enter the conscious world. The Divine Will is linked to the sensible side in man, for only the sensible one is able to do the Will of God. In the physical world this Will is expressed through the law of necessity, i.e. through the mechanistic laws. The motion of the wheel in factory machines is a mechanistic one: man cannot counteract it. Once this wheel is set in motion no one can stop it, unless someone pushes the button that operates it; you can pray to it as much as you want, but praying has no effect on it. If you get caught in the wheel, you will be spun around it and crushed, for the wheel is subject to the law of necessity, which is a mechanistic law, and there is no Intelligence in this law. This is why all those people who only serve their own will view the world as a sum total of coincidences. The word coincidence means to them a world of chaos, i.e. a world that has no relation to man’s personal life. Just like the factory wheel has no relation to man, so the mechanistic laws in the world have no relation to man. When speaking of doing the Will of God what I have in mind is the Intelligent life that does have relation to man. There are intelligent and conscious laws that are at work in this Life. When we speak of culture, and of Virtues, and of law and order in the world, we have the Intelligent will in mind, i.e. the Will of God, which penetrates the consciousness of individuals, societies and nations alike as long as they are in unison with this Will. I am not talking about the individual will, because God’s Will is above all.


Jesus says, “He, who does not fulfill God’s Will, cannot enter the Kingdom of God.” Only the one whose higher consciousness is awakened is someone who can fulfill God’s Will; only the one who has the feelings and abilities necessary to perceive the essence of things is someone who can fulfill God’s Will. When a student studies mathematics he needs to have an understanding of the mathematical relations between the numbers and the mathematical procedures that are done with the use of these numbers. Every formula that is applied in mathematics is, in fact, a living construct, not an inanimate one as it might appear to be. A seed that has not been planted appears to be dead, lifeless; however, as soon as it is placed in the ground it manifests its life. It is the favorable conditions that make it possible for the Intelligent life to manifest itself in every being. In this sense, every person can be regarded as a seed awaiting the favorable conditions to sprout. It is not important what kind of a seed the human being is (the human being may be a seed from an apple, or a pear, a vine, a rose, etc.); what matters is that as a living being man is also a sentient being.


Overall, all people who have sweetness in them are intelligent and conscious; those who have bitterness in them are unintelligent and unconscious. The bitterness in people must be transformed into sweetness the same way the bitter, sour and tart juices in the fruits gradually turn sweeter. Man must transform his bitterness into sweetness through internal means. Therefore, when someone says that his life is hard and unbearable, he should know that the bitter juices prevail in him. Such a man should expose himself to the Divine light more often so that his fruit can ripen and the bitter juices can turn sweeter. It is only then that man will enter the Conscious life and will become a citizen of the Kingdom of God; then there will be nothing impossible for him.


In studying man philosophers dwell on man’s three basic elements: mind, heart and willpower. The will is an expression of the internal harmony between the mind and the heart, and so the will expresses a certain principle that connects two opposite forces- those of the mind and of the heart- by having them work in one reasonable direction. It is through the willpower, assisted by the mind and the heart, that man can bring out his ability to transform the inferior in him into superior, and the crude into something noble. The human culture stems precisely from both the individual and the collective human will. Whether it is the collective or the individual consciousness that is at work, it is still one and the same law that governs it.


In Bulgarian the word will (воля, pronounced “volja”) is made of four letters. The first letter, В is made of a vertical line and two semicircles. The circle represents the Divine life, which is connected to the vertical line, the latter being the direction in which we should be moving, i.e. upwards, towards the head.


Many question the existence of God by saying: Where is He? God is where man’s head is. He who has a head on his shoulders cannot deny God’s existence; if he has no head, he can deny everything. If there were no other force counteracting the earth’s gravity, man would have been turned upside down. It is due to this other force that man’s head points upward, towards the center of the Sun; it is due to this other force that man can walk erect. Knowing this, make sure you keep your head clean: nourish it with clean air and Light, as well as with pure thoughts and desires. Do not import into your mind any thoughts that bring disturbance and doubt.


Everyone is afraid of the war and everyone wishes that it would end as soon as possible. What causes this war? It is due to the failure to do the Will of God. What caused the fall of Nineveh? Nineveh was once a highly evolved cultural center, but its citizens lived a bad life, and would not do God’s Will, thus dooming themselves to perish. Likewise, Assyria and Babylon were centers of culture, but they also perished. There is a certain similarity between the culture of the people of Assyria and Babylon and the culture of people today. Those people used to know a lot of things, they knew the elements and their properties but they abused their knowledge by using it in a bad way. They would start wars and kill each other- people today do the same thing. It was for this reason that the old peoples perished, and it was for this reason that their Power and Knowledge was taken away from them. If the nations today follow the same way they, too, will disappear; if the European nations do not come to their senses they are facing the same fate that befell Nineveh. Those who disobey the Will of God deprive themselves of His blessing. Just like men rid their organism of impure substances through sweating so will God rid His organism of all men and peoples of this modern culture who do not do His Will. This is a Divine law; it is an intelligent one that regulates Life.


What will happen to us? Nothing bad will happen to you: those who live in the Divine world should not be afraid. Think right and do not fear anything. Sometimes you say, “Nothing depends on me.” I say that much depends on you. If you were to place even one single grain of wheat on one of the trays of a scale that has been balanced with equal weights, then that single grain would affect the scales. Who knows, you might be that last person whose presence could turn the motion of the Divine wheel into a different direction. And still all people keep thinking that it is God Who has to come down to Earth to set this world right. It is true that God will set the world right, but He will do this through people. When it comes to setting the world right, man is directly concerned whereas God is concerned indirectly. The world was created for man to learn in it, to discipline himself and to entertain himself. God is interested in us as much as we are mindful in studying and observing God’s laws. The day when we break our relationship with God, the Original Reason of all things, will be the day when God will stop taking interest in us.


Man is free to choose whether to do or not to do God’s Will, but he will also bear the consequences of his free and foolish will. The prophet Jonah is an case in point of someone who does not do God’s Will: God sent him to Nineveh to preach repentance to its inhabitants, but he declined under the pretext that God would extend His Compassion to them and He would pardon their sins, thus making Jonah look like a foolish liar. Jonah said, “I don’t want to subject myself to the ridicule and mockery of these cultured people, Oh Lord. I will preach Your words to them, then You will forgive them and in the end it will look like I’ve been lying to them. I know You, Lord: You are merciful and kind.” Jonah bought a ticket to Joppa planning to reach the city of Tarshish, where he boarded a ship and set out to sea. What happened on the way? A storm arose in the sea and the sailors decided to propitiate it by throwing Jonah over board. The city of Nineveh lay on the bank of the Tigris river; it was a beautiful city and its culture was like the present-day culture. Back then the population of Nineveh was about one million people, of which there were no less than about a hundred and twenty thousand children- all of them so innocent and so young that they weren’t even old enough to distinguish between their left hand and their right one. When the citizens of Nineveh repented and pleaded to God for mercy, it was because of the little children that He withheld His punishment.


What do the ship and the sea represent? The ship represents organized society, and the sea represents the world and its deeds. Jonah fled from God and hid away from Him in the ship, i.e. in one organized society, among cultured people, who, lost in drinking and eating, tend to forget all about God and say, “We are our own masters and no one can tell us what to do.” But the sea, i.e. the world, becomes stormy and the ship starts swaying from one side to another. Man becomes agitated along with the storminess of the sea, and loses his influence among the members of his society. In breaking his connection with God man also loses his mental and moral powers and starts to grow old; people then start treating him with disregard and turn away to younger, more capable people. This is the situation that Jonah put himself in when he went aboard that ship and set off to sea, i.e. to the world; it was because he did not know the law of Light that his journey took such a fatal turn. In order to pacify the storm, the sailors decided to throw Jonah into the sea where he was swallowed by a whale. Jonah could not swim and so he fell into the whale’s mouth: the whale represents death, and death swallows all those who do not do God’s will. Jonah spent three whole days in the belly of the whale, all the way praying from the bottom of his heart. He prayed thus, “Please, God, save me from the mouth of the whale, i.e. from the mouth of death, so that I shall do Your will.” God listened to his plea and asked the whale to spit Jonah out onto the shore. Thus saved, Jonah went back to Nineveh to do God’s will, and there he preached repentance to the people.


What happened to Jonah also happens to every person: man goes on board the ship and because he refuses to do God’s will, he ends up in the sea. The only thing that can save you is to pray to God from the bottom of your heart like Jonah did. You may object by saying that one should live a little. However, it is after you find yourselves in the belly of the whale that you will learn about life; in other words, once you are in the grave, then you will learn about life, for man retains his consciousness even there and he goes through great suffering and great tribulations until he frees himself from his body. Man’s link to this world may consist of one, or of many or even of thousand strong fibers, and it is not easy to sever those. The righteous man is linked with only one fiber and he can break it very easily; the sinner is linked with multiple fibers and cannot set himself loose easily. The soul and the Spirit are in a difficult situation while the fibers of the body are being broken. What helps break these fibers? What helps is man’s doing God’s will. Every fiber is like an atom that acts on the matter, molding and transforming it; therefore, these fibers have their place. If you cannot set these fibers in motion so that they can turn the wheel of Life you will be like a factory that has ceased working a long time ago: such a factory is doomed to bankruptcy. If the fibers that are at work in the stomach stop working man grows alarmed: he sends for the doctor right away so that the doctor can restore the activity of the million fibers working in the man’s stomach. If you were seers you would be able to see that the whole world is constructed of interwoven fibers like a spider web. Only this is no spider web, but different ways through which God works, as well as different ways through which one can do God’s will.


Jesus says, “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord’ shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” This verse pertained to people back then, but it also pertains to people who live today, two thousand years after Jesus lived. Back then they were in an embryonic stage, they were like a seed, but Jesus spoke to the seeds, too. He wanted to warn them that one day- even if that day is two thousand years away- one day when they find themselves in a difficult situation, going through trials and suffering they will need to know how to do the Will of their Father if they are to rise out of this chaos and keep on evolving. Who is our Father? You read about Esau who addressed the people of Israel, saying, “Israel, know thy Master!” Israel, however, turned away from its Master, its Father, its God.


Philosophers often ponder the question of what came first: the chicken or the egg. There are two opinions on this matter: some say that the chicken came first, and others maintain that it was the egg that came first. I think that the first opinion is more plausible. To pose this question is to ask what came first: the cause or the effect. The cause came first and then came the effect; therefore, the chicken is the cause, and the egg is the effect. The word chicken implies an old person, i.e. the lowly human mind. The dove is the symbol of the evolved human mind. Through his evolved, superior mind man can do God’s will, because this mind is the greatest gift, the greatest good that has been given to man. Now that you know this you should always strive to keep your mind pure to save it from corruption. The smallest rust that penetrates into the mind can corrupt it. He, who has corrupted his mind, is lost for Life; he might still be alive physically, but he cannot benefit from Life, for the great Light cannot enter his mind.


Jesus says, “If you do not want to lose the meaning of Life and lose Life itself, you should do the Will of God.” What sums up the Will of our Great Father? One of His laws states, “Do not do unto others what you do not want done unto yourself.” The word law means that which has been manifested into the world in a certain form; in other words, laws are nothing but different forms through which God’s Will can be fulfilled. According to the occultists only the one who is able to fulfill God’s will, the one who has been able to manifest his intelligent will, can be his own master, as well as a master over Nature and those around him. He who connects with God becomes one with Him and is free to claim that the development and the evolution of the whole mankind is his own development, too, and that the wellbeing of all people is his own wellbeing, too. The opposite is also true: such a man’s success is success for the whole mankind, and his wellbeing is wellbeing for the whole. This necessitates a correct relationship between the human soul and God. Then God will want to convey to us all Knowledge, and all blessing that He has in Him; He says, “My grace is your grace and your grace is Mine.” This is the true relationship between the Great Father and His children.


How can one tell when there is a correct relationship between the human soul and God? There is something that everyone can use as a test. Imagine that someone falls seriously ill: such a person should try to connect with God. All he needs to do is turn to Him with a heartfelt prayer, and he will have a response. Every time you have a response to your prayers shows that you are connected with God and He listens to you. Say this, “Lord, help me through my hard times; help me rid myself of this illness so that I can serve You in Joy. I want to dedicate my Life to serving Love and doing Your Will.” If you pray with these words, you will receive an immediate response: your temperature will go down, your condition will improve and, in a few days, you will be completely healthy. People today expect to have great results without doing the Will of the Great Father, but this is impossible. Such a life is a mechanistic one and it cannot bring man satisfaction, and for this reason man is dissatisfied with Life. Under these circumstances, instead of ridding himself of illnesses, one becomes even more ill. There was once a German doctor who was interested in nervous system disorders, and studied about four hundred different manifestations of nervous system disorders. He gave them all different names, but when he came across the four hundred and first manifestation he could not think of a name for it, and so for everything that was above the number four hundred he termed with the common word americanichi.


What causes nervous system disorders? Men’s sinful life causes them. Someone who is a neurasthenic is in a situation where his nervous energy is constantly drained out of him, and he becomes deficient. You come across people who live well and treat their bodies well, but are neurasthenics: this is because they carry out the consequences of their ancestors’ bad lives. A pauper wants to know what he can do in order to get rich and to set in order his muddle of debts: the only way for him to improve his situation is through mindful work. A sick man wants to know how he can restore his health: health is related to Mindful living: by living mindfully and doing God’s the sick one will soon be able to restore his health. Religion comes to help the one who wants to learn how to live mindfully. Being religious is not only about going to church, and listening to sermons and beautiful music, but is mostly about following through with what you’ve learned. The Good needs to become a part of man’s whole being and must penetrate into the Life of all people: from the king to the shepherd, and from the richest home to the poorest one. All people should have equal rights and obligations.


What do we see in societies today? We see that all men, all societies and all peoples strive to become rich, strong and powerful. This is a good goal, but it is not well applied in practice. When one becomes rich he starts thinking only about oneself; when one becomes strong he starts abusing the weak and the poor; when one acquires power, one starts ruling over those around him. Don’t you know that God helps the weak, the poor and the suffering? Therefore you should strive to be like Him: if you are rich, you should help the poor; if you are strong, you should protect the weak; if you have power, you should rule over yourself first. He who can rule over himself can also rule over others. Knowing this, do not turn away from any opportunity to help the weak, the poor, the suffering, the short-witted, etc. Today someone may pass as an idiot, but some day God will lift him up from that state and will make him a philosopher: this is why it is said that what is impossible for man is possible for God.


God is all-powerful: He can transform the caterpillar into a butterfly, and the butterfly into a caterpillar. Once you used to be butterflies, but today you are caterpillars. You should not take offense when I say this. When I say caterpillar I mean it as a symbol for the materialistic understanding of Life. Once up on the leaf, the caterpillar thinks, “I should eat as much as I wish, for if I eat a lot I will grow up fast; if I eat a little, I will remain little.” This reasoning holds true for the stage at which this caterpillar is; but there will come a day when it will lose its desire to eat leaves and those around it will say that the caterpillar’s stomach is upset and it cannot use food any more. It is not that the stomach is upset, but the caterpillar is passing into a different stage- that of a butterfly- and in that new stage it does not need leaves or medicines to treat its stomach. Before it reaches the butterfly stage, the caterpillar weaves little threads back and forth until it makes up its cocoon, and then it spends some time into this cocoon with no food or movement. After a while the caterpillar breaks the cocoon open and emerges back into the world, but this time as a butterfly, equipped with its own proboscis, and it sets out from one flower to another, sucking sweet nectar from the blossoms.


Some sick people do not ingest any food during the whole time of their illness: why do they do that? They are like butterflies, passing from one state into another, and they do not need any food during that period. Those, who do not understand this situation, start to worry and look for a doctor to help. If someone is not eating, this does not mean that he is sick, for there are people who can tolerate hunger, difficulties and temptations and are still stronger than those who eat, and who avoid all difficulties and temptations. It is the difficulties, the temptations and the sufferings that temper one’s character. Sometimes a man would pass as an honest person, but he has never been tested. One can judge one’s honestly only after he’s been tested: if one is bribed with a thousand leva to do some dishonest deed, he may turn down the money under the pretext that he is an honest man; if he is then given ten thousand leva, he may still decline the bribe, but once he is given one hundred thousand leva, he may close his eyes and sell himself. So, someone is honest up to a thousand leva, another is honest up to ten thousand leva and someone else is honest up to a hundred thousand leva: not one of these people is truly honest. True Virtues are not relative, but are absolute in their expression. Once a Frenchman was bribed with one million dollars to commit a crime; when he was put before the judge, he said, “Your Honor, you have no right to sentence me, because what I did was simply carry out a sale: I sold myself for one million leva.”


Jesus came down to Earth specifically for those sold-out people: He came down to pay for them. They have sold themselves to the dark powers and they cannot buy themselves back. When Jesus comes across someone who has sold himself, Jesus asks him, “Whom did you sell yourself to and for how much?” “For one million.” “Well then, I will pay it back for you.” Almost all people today have sold themselves to someone. If you doubt this you should ask yourselves where your mother, father and children are. You may say that they have died. What is death? Death is but a sale. In this sense, dying means selling. Is a hen that lives in its master’s coop a free hen? There will come a night when its master will thrust his hand into the coop, grab the hen and put the knife to its neck: the hen will cluck once or twice and that will be the end of that. You go through the same process: there comes a night when your master comes to you, grabs you by the neck, puts the knife to your neck and it’s all over with you. The priest will come next to pray for the peace of your soul. How will your soul obtain peace from God? By doing His Will. You say that death is frightening, but it is only frightening when man does not do God’s Will, for then man rots and starts to smell. If man does God’s Will then when he is ready to pass to the other world, he will simply take off his old garment and will sever his connection with it: therefore, the cure against rotting is in doing God’s Will. You should do an experiment to test the truthfulness of my words. Why does man, after coming to this Earth, not do the Will of the One, who has sent him down to study and work among people? You might object that if you do experiments you test God. Are you not testing God when you sin?


When people hear about studying and working they say that they are unable to fight the evil and the devil in the world. The kingdom of evil and the devil is over. Today Jesus is coming into the world, accompanied by evolved Beings of light, and by Good Spirits. Once they come the world will become right again, and all people will be healthy and full of energy. The churches will be filled with true worshippers and servants of God. Then Jesus will ask them, “What are you doing”, and all believers and religious people will reply that they are trying to turn everybody in the world to God. The thief, too, once he gets a hold of your purse will turn it inside out: no, the world does not need to be turned like that. You need to be filled with power and joy if you are to set a good example for the world: even in your suffering you should still be filled with joy. This is what it means to do God’s will: it means to live with no fear of death. Death does not exist for the one who is connected with the living God, for he can hear God’s voice and does His Will. If such a man makes a mistake he immediately hears inside of him God’s soft voice, telling him, “You are not doing a good thing. Correct your mistake!” The one who rejects this voice and refuses to listen to it will bear the consequences of his actions. Listen to God when He speaks to you with Love like a father; should you not listen, He would distance Himself from you and you will be at the mercy of the law.


Man should have the courage of that American woman who dedicated herself to her beloved one who came back maimed from the battlefield. He went to the battlefield to fight for his country, but he was wounded in a big fight and lost one of his legs. He wrote to the woman he loved, “I lost one of my legs. I don’t want you to suffer with me, so feel free to find yourself someone strong and healthy to love.” She responded, “I accept you the way you are.” In fact he was wounded much worse than he told her at first, but he did could not confess to her all at once about how bad his situation was. After a while he wrote another letter, “I lost my other leg, too.” “I accept you with much greater Love”, she replied. Finally, he wrote to her, “I am like a corpse, for I lost both my arms.” “Now my Love for you is even greater”, the woman wrote back. How many men and women could remain loyal in such a situation; how many people could pass such a test? It is very rare to come across people who are ready to serve each other with Love and patience if one of them falls ill and is bedridden for a few years. There was a Bulgarian woman who took care of her ill husband for twenty years and she would always say, “Not for a single moment have I grown tired of helping him.” “How come?” “Because I love him.” This Bulgarian woman, like the American woman from the previous story carried the Divine inside: they carried Love.


One cannot enter the Kingdom of God if one’s heart is not filled with Love. As long as man thinks only about eating, drinking, wearing nice clothes, having fun and being rich he will never get to know Love; such a man’s heart will remain empty and his mind- encumbered. Why wouldn’t man open his mind, heart and soul to the great in the world so as to be filled with God’s Love? Why wouldn’t he enter this great world of suns and planets? Today Jesus appeals to people’s souls, saying, “Fulfill God’s will and you will become masters of your mind, of your heart and of your soul.” How can we achieve that? By turning the letter K on its back with the two sticks pointing up: in this position it represents the boat of human life. Set your boat out in the sea, put up the sails and sail freely; grasp the rudder with your hands and head out into whatever direction you wish. If you are nervously agitated, you can turn your K with the sticks pointing down and start swimming. All people-men and women- suffering from nervous agitation should go to the front to feel renewed. God likes those who are brave and selfless. One cannot love someone who is fearful or someone who is cold as ice. Only the one who carries Love inside him and spreads it generously around can be loved. If you do not give you cannot receive either.


All people, all families, all societies, and all peoples need to be revitalized. Bulgarians, as a people, also need to be revitalized. It is up to them if they will listen to me or not, but it is my duty to tell them the Truth. When I say it I will go away. Where will I go? I will start from the tree roots and will gradually make my way up along the trunk and towards the blossoms, the fruit, the seed, then to the Angel world, and finally to the Divine world, which is my final destination. You might say that I’m going too far. The divine world is not far from people, but it is rich and full of energy: those who go there will acquire a lot of energy and wealth. I, too, go there to acquire more energy so that I am able to come back to people again to work among them and to help them. It is a pleasure for man to work among people and for the people. It does not matter if they will understand him or not, or if they are rich or poor. Does the child understand its mother who feeds it, bathes it, raises it, and disciplines it? The child does not understand its mother while it is little, but one day it will grow up and then it will be able to understand her. The intelligent one understands things and is grateful for everything that he has been given as well as for everything that people do for him. As the child grows older God gives it His blessing and gives it light to become an intelligent person who can have a correct understanding of Life.


I wish you that you may be good, mindful and just, so when I meet you I can be happy to see people that I can talk to and with whom I can share my thoughts and wishes. There is no greater good for man than that to meet good and intelligent people with whom he can get along well? When I say things like this some of you wonder what I am planning to do. I am planning to do one of the two: either Good or bad; I am planning either to speak the Truth to you or to hide the Truth from you. If I choose to hide the Truth this shows that I live in a world of chaos; if I speak the Truth that shows that I live in accordance with God’s will. What will one gain from choosing to lie and to do evil? Not only will such a man win nothing, but he will lose everything and will bring ruin onto himself. What is a lie like? A lie is the shadow of Truth, it is the shadow of all Being: a lie is like fake precious stones.


Once there was a merchant coming from Malaysia with a bag full of precious stones that he was selling for cheap. A Jew, who was also a merchant, wanted to buy all the stones, but he did not think he could afford it. However, the merchant with the precious stones told the Jew, “My friend, I will sell you this whole bag for ten thousand leva. I have smuggled all of them and that is why I am selling them to you for so cheap: I want to get rid of them so I don’t get myself in trouble.” The Jew thought that this was his lucky moment and, not wanting to miss this opportunity, he decided to buy all of the precious stones. When he went home and looked through the bag he realized that he had been cheated: only a few stones were real precious stones, the rest of them were all fake ones.


Today there are many people who carry around bags full of fake precious stones that they present as real precious stones. In the end both they and all those around them realize that they have been fooling themselves. Their knowledge is false, too: they think that their bags are full of real Knowledge, but some day they come to realize that they have been fooling themselves. What good is man’s knowledge if he cannot use it to stop the falling of bombs? A scientist goes to the battlefield, but he, too, runs to hide away from the bombs; what good is his knowledge then if he cannot use it to stop the bombs from falling? You might say that only God has the power to stop the bombs. He who lives in accordance with God and fulfills His Will, is able to stop the bombs, for if they can listen to God, they will listen to you, too. Some people wait for the Pope to say his word to bring peace. Do not wait for anyone, but turn to God and say, “Lord, You are our Father, You can stop the war.” When you recognize God as your Father He will listen to your voice and come to your help. You do not believe in your own power and you think that man cannot do anything about these huge events that are taking place around him. He who does God’s Will can do anything. If all people- Bulgarian, Russian, French, English, German- were to turn their voice to God the war would end and peace would come. Why do people wage wars? People wage wars over nothing: they fight over some trade deals. There is one thing that all people and nations should know: the world is not some anarchy; on the contrary, it is an intelligent world, and God has sent all people into it so that they might live and work mindfully and help each other like brothers.


God sent Jesus, His Only Son, down to the world to show people how to live. It is time now to put Christ’s teaching to practice and to put an end to all arguments and misunderstandings. May all mothers, fathers, children, rulers, priests, teachers, and workers be filled with the desire to fulfill God’s will and to enter God’s Kingdom as its citizens and then the peace will come. The New Culture that is coming will lay the foundation for the fulfillment of God’s Will. When this New Culture is applied then people will understand what the present-day culture is like: they will wonder themselves how they could live this way and how they could allow for wars and destroying each other to take place. However, considering the current stage of development of mankind, war is an inevitable process, for it represents man’s passing from one stage into another, just like the caterpillar is inevitably transformed into a butterfly. There is no force in the world that could stop this process, therefore there is no force in the world that could stop the war: the war will continue for as long as it takes for man to pass from the caterpillar stage into the butterfly stage.


How will the people of the New Culture be different from people today? They will have a strong willpower, and they will be good and mindful. Nothing will be impossible for such people: they will be able to achieve anything they want. This is why Jesus says, “Not anyone who cries, Lord, Lord will enter the Heavenly Kingdom, but only the one who does God’s Will shall enter”. Do the following experiment: tell yourselves in the course of one month that you are willing to do God’s Will and you will see that the One Who has created you will manifest Himself. He will enlighten your mind and your heart so that you could understand Life and fulfill His Will. Everyone should do this experiment on his own and by his own will, with no pressure from outside, for only in this way can one expect results.


The Scriptures say, “The time is coming and it is upon us now when the true worshippers will worship the Lord in spirit and in truth.” I say, the time is coming and it is upon us now when the future people will fulfill God’s Will and will be healthy in their mind, heart and body, and whatever they say, they will act upon. They will not need loans and guarantors to vouch for those loans like people do today, for their word will be like a law, because it will be coming out of God’s mouth, and God will be their real guarantor. The world will become a better place when all people, societies and nations, as well as the whole of mankind have God as their guarantor.


Doing God’s Will with Love should be every man’s motto; this should be the religion that every man should use as guidance in his Life: Bulgarians should live this way too. And then one day when I see you I will be able to say, “You are fortunate to be doing God’s Will and to have God as your guarantor.”


Now go to your homes with the idea of doing God’s Will, and with the idea of living without any man-made bills and guarantors. May God be your guarantor and may His Force be within you.


Sofia, April 22, 1917






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