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Try to heal yourselves with the power of faith, when you feel pain: “In the name of my Lord, in whom I have great faith, I command this disease to go out of me!“ Every disease is alive and it understands what you tell it. If your stomach aches, this means that its cells are somewhat individualized, they have become more active and do not want to subdue to the entire body. I, knowing that, tell them: “You have gotten too conceited, you make a lot of fuss, now I will give you some food, but be silent, and do your job“. Some stomachs may be given some wheat water, some others – two tablespoons of olive oil. You can live perfectly only on olive oil or wheat broth. A spoon of olive oil contains enough solar energy, a lot of condensed, pure food.


Pneumonia is a disease, which requires massages. What causes it, however? It is caused by an unnatural state of the human feelings. Whoever suffers from pneumonia, always has in him an unnatural disposition of his feelings.


Whoever suffers from neurasthenia, has some kind of unnatural condition of his thoughts. The neurasthenia shows that a man’s thoughts are not what they should be.


At last, when someone suffers from dyspepsia, a stomach disease, it is caused by misunderstanding of the physical world. The result of this disease is a liver disorder. So in the first case one suffers from tuberculosis, in the second— from neurasthenia, and in the third – from a liver disorder, which shows that the lower feelings in that person have dominated.


You ask me what the cure for these diseases is. Here’s a remedy, a formula that you must write down: put a gram of mental energy in your brain, two grams of thermal energy in your lungs and three grams of physical energy in your stomach. This is a homeopathic remedy, which you must prepare. Try that to see what will be the result, whether it will be successful or not. Put 100 g. of water in a glass container for the one gram of mental energy, 200 g. water for thermal energy and 300 g. for the physical energy or the energy of motion, for the stomach. This makes a total of 600 g. Boil this water to 100 degrees. After that plug the bottle or close tightly the respective glass container and leave it for 10 days in the sunlight. Then every morning, before lunch and dinner, take a teaspoon of it, until you finish all the water. As soon as you finish this remedy, all the diseases that you have will be gone.


Do not be prejudiced against this medicine, but try and see what results it will have. Here’s how to take that gram of mental energy: put three of your fingers on the temples, focus your thought and after that dip your fingers in the one hundred grams of water. Then put those three fingers of both hands on both sides of your lungs, focus your thermal energy in your fingers and then dip your fingers in the two hundred grams of water. After that put both hands, but mostly their three fingers, on the stomach, from where you will extract three grams of physical energy, which you will put in the three hundred grams of water. Do that in separate cups, which then mix in a larger container, which can hold 600 grams and boil that water at 100 degrees. Then pass your hands on top of the water, saying: “What has been said – let It happen!“


Only those who have faith should do that. Whoever has no faith, should not even try. You can try that even in the most critical situation of your lived. Imagine that you are down with a very serious disease and all the doctors have given up on you and won’t even try to treat you. There is nothing else to do, except for getting ready for departure. In this case – do as I have indicated. If this proves successful, you won’t depart from this world, and if it is unsuccessful – you will be gone, as the doctors have said. Tell yourself: “I’ve made so many attempts, tried everything and did so many stupid things, let me do another stupid thing to see what results I will get!“ When you go to the other world, you’ll be asked: “What is the last stupid thing that you did on the Earth?“ You will say: “Oh, Lord, I put a gram of mental energy in 100 grams of water, two grams of heat in 200 grams of water and three grams o physical energy in 300 grams of water and drank that water“. The Lord will say that this is the least stupid thing that you have done, the most insignificant sin that you have committed.


This is a practical attempt. Sometimes a person is in so bad a position that he gets mad and wants to commit suicide. Let him attempt this. Another suffers from tuberculosis, someone else — from neurasthenia, and yet another — from disordered liver. They all should try this in order to relieve their condition. It won’t cost them a thing that they have drunk 600 grams of water. You must believe in the law of Love.


Now I will give you a recipe. Take the words of Christ: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life“. Write that clearly on a parchment paper, take that paper and burn in, dissolve the ash in 100 grams of water and take 3 spoons in the morning, at noon and in the evening. Try that and see what will be your condition. You might say: “This is a superstition!“ Fine, why won’t you have another superstition. You buy lottery tickets expecting to win 50 000 leva – and you do that for 20 years.


When you are trying to cure yourselves, you will sometimes use magical formulae and do that when the moon is waning. If someone is suffering from rheumatism – let him take half a kilo of salt in lumps, sea or rock salt, and put one lump of that salt in a clean container with pure spring water. Then he should get up early, before sunrise, put the lump of salt in the water and say: “As the salt is dissolved in water, so shall my rheumatism dissolve and disappear!“ Do that in the waning phase of the moon – for two weeks. This can also be done at sunset. While the procedure is being done, no one should see or know about it! The disease may be cured after using a quarter or half a kilo, and maybe more, what is important is to persist, until you are well again. Some may say that this is superstition. When the sick person takes a medicine – he is officiating, and when he is recommended an occult method – this is delusion. If you have faith and persistence, you will be cured by the salt.


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