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The Hindu have a breathing science, but it lacks something — it lacks willful breathing. This Hindu method is accompanied by great contradictions – it produces great profits, but also results in great losses. In this breathing method great crises are observed. These methods have been practiced by the Hindus for thousands of years, and as a result they have major achievements. Whatever these methods are and no matter how good they may be, they are not good for Europeans. They take a major toll. The Europeans do not have the experience of the Hindus. Usually breathing includes 15 inspirations and 15 expirations per minute. When you do exercises, you will try to gradually reach one inspiration, one holding of breath and one expiration per minute. If you achieve that, you will be able to cure all diseases, even tuberculosis.


Breath calmly, easily, with a certain rhythm. Try to treat yourselves with breathing in the morning, before lunch and before dinner, doing 12 - 19 exercises. Each inspiration, holding and expiration of air is one exercise. While you are doing these exercises, your minds must be focused, your diaphragm must go up and down, shrink and expand. The diaphragm is the border between the spiritual and the physical world. One of the reasons for tachycardia, asthma and some lung diseases is the displacement of the diaphragm from its natural position. If it shifts higher than it is supposed to be, the heart and lungs won’t act properly. When a person takes a deep breath, his lungs are filled, they press the diaphragm and it takes its respective position. You can breathe and read “Our Father“ or the “Good Prayer“. Breathe slowly, deeply, without letting your thought wander.


Those, who are not experienced in deep breathing, should hold their breath for 23 seconds and gradually increase that time by one second per day, until they reach 30 seconds. If you can hold your breath for 30 seconds, the air inside will take care of a lot of disorders and diseases — headache, lung diseases, stomach, palsy — everything goes away. Heal yourselves, before getting sick. If a person does not breathe deeply no medicines can help him. If one breathes properly, his breath and sweat smell nice and his circulation is proper. Whatever disease you may have, try to find help in the deep breathing. There is no disease which can’t be cured with breathing.


The breathing must involve the abdominal muscles, to give it an urge, pressure for the air, to drive it out. When a person breathes properly, he rejuvenates and relieves himself of both physical and mental disease. There are certain thoughts and formulae which you must say in your mind, when doing these exercises. For example: during inspiration, holding and expiration, you can say the following words in your mind: “Thank you very much my Lord, for all the goods you have given me“. You can also say “Our Father“ in your mind, during inspiration, holding and expiration. You can do 10 such exercises in the morning, at noon and in the evening. And you can also say in your mind the “Good Prayer“. During inspiration, you can say in your mind the words: “strength“, “life“, “health“ (3 times). You can do that as well during holding and expiration. You can do 10 such exercises in the morning, at noon and in the evening.


While you are taking air in, say in your mind the word “life“, during the holding of your breath, say the word “strength“ and while you are exhaling, focus your thoughts in the world “health“. Inhale slowly, calmly, hold, then exhale again slowly, while focusing your thoughts on the words I have mentioned.


The vital energy, which must refresh your body, comes through the spine. The bone marrow in the spine has the ability to absorb the prana from the air and it can transmit it to the entire body. Write down the formulae, which you can say during inspiration, holding and expiration:


Inspiration: “Thank you Lord for the Devine life, you have put in the air, which I take in with the air“.


Holding: “This Devine life, which I take in with the air, penetrates all my cells and everywhere it gives strength, life and health“.


Expiration: “This Devine life strengthens me and I express it on the outside, through my actions“. “Devine life“ here means prana. Imagine vividly how the prana oozes from cell to cell, from organ to organ and goes everywhere.


Inspiration: “I praise the name of God in me!“


Holding: “Let the Kingdom of God and His Justice be brought in me!“


Expiration: “May God’s will be done!“ Inspiration: “My Lord, thank you for coming in me“.


Holding: “My Lord, thank you for being in me“.


Expiration: “My Lord, thank you for leaving Your blessing in me“.


Here’s a breathing method: after taking pure air in your lungs, and keeping it there for 152030 seconds, you must say in yourself the positive words: “My Lord, for the great good you have given me, I am ready to do Your Will!“ The vibrations, coming through the air go to the space and are recorded. And what you have taken in from the air, forms a reaction – the power, taken in from the air adapts in the body. The beings from the other world, when they listen to you, they will also adopt this formula, which is a good for them. Because they will receive the good from the air, along with you. You shouldn’t say these words only once a day, but as many times you breathe, you must always use a formula. A person must use several formulae when breathing.


Breathing can relieve a person from any painful condition. Here’s what else you can say, while breathing: “My Lord I rejoice and grief, together with those who rejoice and grief – I will be one with them “. If you have not eaten for three days, start breathing and say: “My Lord, thank you that I have not eaten for three days, to be able to think more and in a better way about You“.


1st Breathing Exercise


If your stomach or abdomen aches, do 6 exercises 4 times a day. While doing the exercises, put your left hand on the stomach, with the palm facing down. Put your left hand on the right, again with the palm facing down. Breathing deeply, you must feel the shrinking and expansion of the diaphragm. Whoever does not breathe deeply, he cannot be a disciple of the new doctrine.


2nd Breathing Exercise


The first thing to do in the morning is to avoid contemplating on the worries! Focus your mind on God, start breathing in breaths through the left nostril, because the flow through the left nostril are of the moon, of cleansing; then take a breath through the right nostril and exhale – this is the solar flow. Process what you take in through it, and return it back. Inhale through the left nostril, and exhale through the right, and remember to hold your breath. Do these exercises three times and you will ensure a healthy condition for yourself. Then works are well.


Take some air through the left nostril. During that time the right must be closed. While inhaling air, say in your mind the formula: “Only God’s Love is Love“. Holding the air for some time, open the right nostril and slowly start letting the air out, saying the same formula. During that time, the left nostril must be closed. Do that exercise 3 times a day: in the morning, at noon and in the evening, when you are disposed and have enough time. During every such exercise do 3 or 10 inspirations and expirations.


Inspiration through the left nostril. During that time say in your mind the words: “May God’s name be glorious in me!“ While holding the air say the words: “May the Kingdom of God and the Justice of God come upon me!“ During expiration speak the following words in your mind: “May God’s will be done!“ Inhale 5 times through the left nostril. After that do the opposite thing – inhale 5 through the right and exhale through the left nostril.


Inhale through the left nostril first, counting from 10 to 15, then close it and hold the air in your lungs for 3040 seconds and after that exhale slowly, rhythmically. When inhaling through the left nostril, the right one must be closed, and when holding the air – both nostrils must be closed. These exercises are necessary for all people, especially for those, engaged in mental labor. They are needed by both healthy and sick.


3rd Breathing Exercise


Slowly move the arms sideways, inhaling deeply, then raise the arms up and hold the air. Move the hands behind the head, then slowly move them down, exhaling slowly.


4th Breathing Exercise


Slowly raise your arms above the head and inhale deeply. While raising your arms, slowly raise your eye as well. Hold the air for a while. Slowly lower the arms, expire and slowly lower the eyes.


5th Breathing Exercise


Put your hands, clenched in fists, on your shoulders. Slowly move your hands sideways, inhaling deeply, hold the air and then slowly lower the hands beside the body and slowly exhale. In this way you take enough prana from the air and your blood is vitalized, the capillaries expand and circulation improves.


6th Breathing Exercise


Stretch your arms horizontally to the sides, with open palms facing up.


1. Inspiration — slowly inhale, while bending your fingers, as the thumb is placed on the middle finger or the index finger. During that time focus on the thought that with air you take in God’s Love. It is in the air and in everything, because God is everything, God is Love.


2. Holding the breath – hold your breath for as much time as you want, focusing on the thought that we take in Love, it penetrates our entire being. During the time of holding the air inside, slowly bring your hands with bent fingers in front of your chest.


3. Expiration — slowly stretch your arms sideways horizontally and, when they are fully stretched, slowly open the fingers. During that time exhale the air, thinking that we are sending to the world light, which comes from our Love.


7th Breathing Exercise


Inspiration — 16 units of time, holding air — 16 units and expiration — 32 units. Do that 3 times a day – in the morning, at noon and in the evening 6 times on each occasion. Inhale through the left nostril, hold the air and exhale through the right nostril. Continue doing that for 2-3 months.


8th Breathing Exercise


This exercise aims at improving your air-holding capacity. You won’t use any units, while performing this exercise — inhale slower and deeper, after that hold the air for as long as possible and exhale as slowly as possible. The time for holding the air is gradually increased: 1 min, 1 1/2 min, 2 min, 2 1/2 min etc.


9th Breathing Exercise


When you are nervous, angry, close your right nostril with your right thumb, and inhale through the left nostril, silently counting to 7. After that do not inhale any more air and silently count to 10. Then close your left nostril, and slowly exhale through the right, counting to 9.


This exercise helps control the anxiety, calm the brain or improve memory. IN the morning and before lunch inhale through the left nostril and exhale through the right. In the evening inhale through the right nostril and exhale through the left. Do the exercises 21 times a day: 7 times in the morning, before lunch and in the evening.


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