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The exercises that you do are necessary, because half of your body gathers negative energy, and the other half – positive. These exercises balance the different energies in your body. When a person is healthy, when he feels and thinks right, the energies balance themselves. But when a person is not healthy, nature causes the balances of these energies – it creates a disease, causing certain movements. A person, when sick, starts writhing about, moving, getting up, lying down, thus adjusting the energies. If adjusted properly, the person gets well, and if not – that person is gone.


In the gymnastic exercises, in order to establish a contact with the invisible worlds, you must stretch your muscles. If the arms are relaxed you will acquire nothing. In order to adopt something, your arms need to be stretched.


You must know that with every movement, you connect to nature’s flows. When you stretch your arm and hold your mind focused, you will have contact with these flows, and then on any occasion you will be connected with either the electricity of the earth or the electricity of the sun. With every stretching of your arm, you can be in contact with either the earthly or the solar magnetism. Magnetism, in general, is connected with the prana, i.e. the vital power of nature. So when stretching his arms and legs and focusing his mind, a person uses the vital energies of nature and becomes strong and healthy. The power of nature cannot be used if arms are held loose.


You mind has to be put in all the exercises that you do, so that you attract the powers of nature that you need. If you move your arms mechanically, you make use of nothing. If you pass your minds through the forefinger, you will become nobler, people of dignity, of mercy. If you want to be just, you must exercise the middle, Saturn finger. For nobleness and musicality, for a sense of the beautiful exercise the fourth finger. If you want to put your things in order and to have fine relations with the others, then you should exercise the little finger. If you want to acquire something Devine, exercise the thumb. The hand is a great treasure.


When performing the movements for regulating your body, it is good to accompany them with the vowels “a“ and “o“ — two powerful sounds. Rational movements regulate the nervous system, which carries the vital energies – it absorbs the vital powers from nature. When the nervous system is operating properly, all the functions of the body take place correctly.


When you extend your arms this acts soothingly. And when you move your hands towards each other – this action balances the first one. That is why you must direct these counteracting forces upwards.


First exercise:


Raise both arms to the sides of the body, palms facing down, to the height of the shoulders. After that raise slowly the right arm at an angle of 45о from the level of the shoulders, while lowering the left at an angle of 45o from the level of the shoulders, then squat six times, focusing your thoughts during that exercise on the front of the brain. This exercise regulates the front of the brain.


Second exercise:


This exercise is like the first, with only the left arm raised up, at 45о from the level of the shoulders, and the right – down at the same angle, then squatting six times in this position. During this exercise, focus your thoughts on the heart. This exercise regulates the feelings.

Third exercise:


Move both arms back with palms facing each other and pull forward, squatting six times. During this exercise, focus your mind on the spine. It regulates the spine.

Fourth exercise:


Raise your left arm up and forward to the East, and stretch the right down. Rotate the body around the waste and make swimming movements with your arms, repeating that exercise 6 times. While doing that focus your mind on the stomach. It regulates the stomach.


Fifth exercise:


Place your hands on your waste. Support the body on the left leg, stretching the right out, to the right, shaping a semicircle with that leg from the right to the left – 6 times. After that step firmly on the right leg and do the same with the left, as you have with the right before that – again do that 6 times. During the exercise focus your mind on the nervous system. It regulates the nervous system.


Sixth exercise:


Raise your arms sideways, at the height of the shoulders and slowly move them up, until the fingers of both hands touch above your head. Lift your body on your toes and squat in this position, bringing your arms back beside the body. Repeat this exercise again 6 times. This is the completion of the first five exercises. It called magnetic undressing and redressing: down — undressing, up – redressing.


These exercises are to be performed once a day. If you do them in the morning, it is great, at noon – it is fine, and in the evening – good. These exercises must be done very slowly and accurately, with stretched arms and legs, if you want to achieve good results. The movement of the arms is for the development of the heart and chest. Focusing of the thought strengthens the mind. And the performance of all the exercises strengthens the will.


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