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Cosmos. Creation


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The first principle Love has created Cosmos, material world, all the visible worlds with our bodies and forces that are necessary for their build up.
The whole Cosmos is a living creature where we live and move. This Cosmos could be boundless and limitable, great and small property of the eternal is to produce any shape it wants.
I would like to know your point of view where this world is going to: up or down? It is going neither up, nor down. And this and the other world are here. The other world, it is us. Outside us no world exists. I am not talking now about the people that die, but about a consciousness that does not die, that lives for millions of years. There is consciousness that changes the whole epoch. Creation of the universe represents a creature with enormous consciousness having great experience.
Everything in the material world is a manifestation of rationality behind the matter.
Cosmic force of Love, which means the Divine force, moves everything alive in the Universe. All the living creatures from the lowest to the highest are moved by God's Love. Thus the entire cosmos is moving. The scientists consider the question about the movement of the Sun and the planets, create various theories, but for me this question is clear I know who moves cosmos. You go to a factory and observe how machines move. Is their movement unconscious? Who has put them in movement? The engineer has. He regulates their movement having in mind the order in the whole factory. Machines move per his order. According to the same law and the Sun has a technician who has put it in movement and defines its way. And the Earth and the Moon like planets have their defined way of movement. The scientists look for the reason for this movement in the physical forces, conduct researches; create various theories. These scientists are right, but they do not suspect, that behind each physical force hides a spiritual, rational force that manages everything.
To create the Earth thought has been needed; to create the air thought has been needed; to make the Sun send light and heat, thought has been needed. People deny this and consider that we are the only thinking creatures.
I know that there is Love in the world. That there is Love in the world is seen from the fact that all bodies burn. Where there is burning there is Love as well nothing else. Love is the first Divine fire that has created the world. Creation of the world has started at the moment it started burning. As soon as the world has ignited, its design has started. We see that some of the burning bodies are already distinguished, this means that Love has passed. The Sun has burning Love inside it. The burning Love of our Earth has stopped on the outside, but inside it is still burning. This is the reason why in the centre of the Earth there is fire. Man's heart is also burning.
In human life there are many problems that are intractable today.For example, one of the intractable problems is the question, who has created the world and why has he created it. This is a remote problem. The closer problem of man is how to use the created world. The first problem is a heavy stone which has not yet been lifted. It stands on the path of humanity, but still the man able to lift it has been found. Many philosophers have been trying to resolve this problem, but the stone even today stays untouched. And many more philosophers will try to solve it, but they will hardly have the chance to lift it. How possible it is to measure the Earth with scales, the same is the possibility to find out the answer to the question: who has created the world. How much weighs the Earth, how much energy is defined for it, these are data, calculated with absolute precision, but not by the humans, by those, who have created it. In nature everything is strictly defined.
I say that there are whole planets, made of gold. You say: "Prove it scientifically". We cannot prove it, but you as well cannot prove that they are not made of gold. Logically it cannot be refuted. How strong am I? In the universe there is so much gold that it is possible to make thousands of earths like ours. In the universe there is so much carbon that it is possible to make thousands of earths like ours, but God does not need them. He can make whatever world you wish.
The entire cosmos is created by the Word.
Nature is the body of God, the manifestation of God.
Modern people are talking about the sense of life, is there a reason to live or not. After all everybody says: "The sense of life is to know yourself. Or  said in other words: the sense of life is to know the God inside you. This means that God is the essence that everybody is aiming at. The essence is the whole being: plants, animals, people, the Sun, the Moon, the stars, the air, the water, soil, etc. Everything in the world is manifestation of God in various forms.
Nature is gathering of rational creatures showing their activity.
Nature is unique establishment of myriad creatures, gathered at the same place according to certain laws. Under the word "nature" I understand creatures that have come to a state to understand these laws and have taken under their guidance these, who are not aware of them. Creatures teaching the others how  they should live we call "nature".
The whole space is inhabited by creatures, in all the worlds there are living creatures.
This law is: the Sun in the world is only God. All the occult teachers have one Divine Sun, around which all swirl. All the suns rotate around the Divine Sun. All the earths, planets, comets are emblem of rational creatures. Each creature has its own projection. Some creatures have projections on plants; some rational creatures have projection on minerals, some have projection on fishes, some have projection on birds, some rational creatures have projection on beetles, butterflies, some have projection on mammals. And at last, there are sublime beings that have projection on man. The people, we are projection.
High spirits have descended from the invisible world to get free the wealth they had. They have descended from the high peaks to create the valleys, the Earth, the solar system, as well as the dwellings of people. When they have created all that, they got rid of the wealth at their disposal and returned back to their cloisters. These creators of the past descend to the Earth even today. What are they going to do with today's earth? They are going to transform it to paradise. Of today's earth there will be nothing left. The new world will be paradise and the people living on it will be with faces shining like sun. I tell you the truth that will bring good to all living creatures. It will bring light and knowledge, it will bring vast, it will bring new life, new impulse to all the people on the face of Earth. I have come to the world to see what nature has created, to enter in its laboratory, to meet with it, to talk with it and let it tell me. Or said in religious language: to see what God has created, to see the laws He has worked in accordance with. He has been thinking not for a year, neither two. Do you know what the Hindus say? God has been thinking for one with fifteen zeroes after it years before creating the world. He has been thinking how to create the present universe. Then when he liquidates with the world, he will think again for so long. You will then have another number with 15 zeroes.
How will you understand the idea about God? God is so strong that when he has made only one exhalation he has created the whole world. And now when he inhales it would be a number with 16 digits. This means that He once exhales and inhales ait. What other living creature can make such inhalation? If an adept can keep the air for 20 minutes, it is considered, that he can make wonders.
These theologians, who say, that God has created the world for 6 days, want to show that the world has been created very quickly. This is not so, they do not understand the law. In order to create the present world God has needed millions of years. One ordinary day is one rotation of the Earth around its axis. They say that on the first day God has created the Heaven and the Earth. On what basis, what was the first day when the Earth was not there? But is said: "At the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth. And the earth was without form." For six days God created the world. Who does not believe this is a heretic. And under a Divine day is implied a day of light, "six" is period of light. Nature has one body with which God pivots. For how long does it? For how many years would you like me to tell you He pivots? This is the Divine day, millions of years pass, to pass only one such day. This is the rational day of being.
Every time an idea is born in God this is the sunrise. When it is realised, this is the sunset. This is for me one Divine day. At the moment the idea God to create the world has been born, this is the rise of the Divine Sun. When all the ideas are realised comes the sunset. And God has seen from sunrise to sunset, from the beginning to the termination that everything has been well done. This is day first. And in you when an idea is born until you realise it it is day first. This is your measure. When an idea is born it is life conception. And then in each your deed, wise in God will be manifested.
People ask all the time whether the universe has an end or not. The scientists have their own understanding about the end of the universe. When you come to the end of the universe what is behind this end? The end implies new beginning. When solid matter finishes, behind it comes the liquid; when liquid finishes, behind it comes air form; when air form finishes, behind it comes light, etc. Matter has many states and each state occupies enormous space. I do not take the word "space" in the usual sense. The word "space" implies what spreads. I am talking about a space that does not spread, does not thicken, does not prolong and does not expand. Space neither thickens, nor prolongs, neither expands, nor grows, neither reduces. I am talking about a space without any borders. How could you you understand this now? The visible, understandable for us, becomes understandable due to the invisible, the non-understandable. A child to be born by his mother should he know her? Should the child know his mother first or should the mother know her child? Should clay know the potter at first or the potter should know clay? Of course, the potter should know clay.
What do you understand when they tell you that the universe is endless? They give two definitions. By "infinite" understand everything that has a beginning but no end. And by "extreme" understand something that has a beginning and an end. What do you understand by "extreme"? After having worked on something, having worked for 4-5 hours, then you leave it for a rest, this is the end. This is a shift. Then you start again from the beginning, this is another shift. Shift of energies exists in nature. Scientists want to settle the question of the infinite. Infinity is rest. They are afraid of the termination of the world. The termination of the world is a rest, then it will start again from the beginning. The world is eternal, there are shifts. You start a work then you have to rest.
You want to settle the question if the universe has an end. What is endless cannot have an end. What has an end could not be endless. Mathematicians deal with this question and I listen to them, and as much as they pretend to be scientists, I see, that they understand as much as I do. Mathematician supposes, then he proves his supposition and makes logical conclusion that the universe has an end. Then if he passes only with logical conclusion, I say: in 365 days you will have 365 million leva. I can even prove it. But 365-th day comes and you do not have these millions. Therefore as true it is that in 365 days you will have 365 million leva; it is as true, that the universe has some obscurities and that the Universe has an end. This is a big assumption. He should say: "I do not know whether the universe has an end, I do not know whether it has no end. I do not know two things: I do not discuss endless and boundless things."
Consciousness can deal with the whole universe, can imagine it infinite; can imagine it in the smallest particles. When a man is small he cannot think. He should become big to think.
At today's development of man it is impossible for him to know everything. Human brain is arranged so, that it cannot bear the heaviness of all the existing knowledge in the world. Even more that man has not yet manifested all his mental abilities. With his present brain man cannot cover the universe.
In the marine snail is shown the way in which the world has been created. The solution is not in the circle, nor in the ellipse, but in the spiral. In the open circles, spirally wound there is already a solution the beginning isA, and the end is В (the wide end, the opening). Once we enter in meta geometry, in astral geometry, the figures there are more. All forms are still sections of the upper bodies.
If you take an egg that hen lays you will learn how the world has been created: it contains the enigma of the whole universe. All the truths are hidden in this egg. The whole world is nothing else but an increased hen's egg.
Occultists support the idea that initially the world has been closed in an eggshell, which has been broken later and the world has been created. Now arise the questions: "Who has laid this egg?", "Who has broken it?", "How could the whole world be hidden in such small egg?" No matter of the answers to these questions, the truth will still remain hidden. These issues are dealt with in spirit, not in letter. The word "egg" means the perfect conditions in which life can occur and develop.
They calculate now that the inner capacity of the universe resembling an egg is equal to millions of light years. A God's year is equal to digit one with fifteen zeroes behind it our years. And one God's night is also this equal. God descends once in 365 millions of years to arrange the things. Under "descends" is meant directing consciousness.
What does this circle mean? This means a great idea that being has started with. This circle shows the way the world has started. The world has initially started with a circle without centre that has later been self defined or this initial Reason has appeared in this direction, has made a round and has stopped. After that from the surface of that first move the initial situation has been lost and inertness or darkness has been formed; as Hindus say: the period of Kali Yuga has been formed. After time in the centre of this circle a small point appeared, just like the one you make when putting the compasses in the centre of the circle and describe a circle around it. So, that this force after having defined the limits it will work in, gets into the centre, develops there its circle to create the universe. This is what I call to conceive cosmos with a great idea. This small point is important.
Let us go to the initial state of the world, the matter. There is no doubt that at this initial state matter has been completely transparent and in such transparent environment nothing could be formed. Therefore God has had to change the initial vibrations of matter and compress it. There are various points of view on how the world has been created. This is what I think about that: all the Divine energy is moving in a straight line. Therefore from this movement one and the same result cannot be obtained, but because God changes the direction by refraction of the lines of movement under a certain angle and thus they start crossing, spiral movement of matter appears and in this way great worlds are created at the beginning and then the smaller suns, that have lost their light and has become like our Earth on which people can live. Of course, this process has needed milliards of years to prepare the evolution of a future universe.
They say that 30 years ago in the French academy of sciences there has been 99 theories the creation of the world. Which of these theories is right? Now the number of these theories has increased. At that time the last, the 99-th, has been considered most credible. Now it has changed as well. The world has been built in completely another way.
The world has not been created in the way the scientists think. To 12 milliard miles away from our solar system, all that space has been full of matter. All that matter has gathered and has created the Sun, has created all the planets. There are more planets that the scientists will discover. Whether they will discover them or not, this compressed matter is the material world. There are yet other worlds that are invisible.
According to some astronomers, initially matter has been in a sleeping state. When it has waked up it has started turning around and has created live circles and spheres. Today these circles and spheres are studied without even mentioning something about the rational Reason that has created them. The movement going on in the universe is due to that rational Spirit that regulates and controls all forces. Only this movement is real, only it makes the world real. According to the philosophers there are only two real things in the world: substance the visible form of the bodies, and essence the invisible, the elusive, hiding in these forms. People study mainly the form; they have not yet come to the essence.
You say: "Let the war be over". What war will be over? People fight since thousands of years. In the past there have been greater wars. Before this war they have fought in the sky and they have ruined the whole sky. God has created the whole universe out of that fight of the angels. All the existing now suns have been enormous, but the gods have fought with them. God has been observing how they have been fighting, how they have been throwing the suns and how they have finally stopped. Angels and gods have stopped. And now from all our mischieves when fighting, from everything we do God will create a new world.
There is a theory, according to which the whole universe has been created of a war. The whole universe has been one, there have been no stars; all the suns have been in one. When its inhabitants have started to quarrel they have started dividing it. They have been so strong that they have divided it into pieces. They have started throwing them at each other. Thus they have ruined the whole sky. When God has looked at that, he has left some above and others down. Our Earth has been made of such pieces, left from the war. This is only a theory, I do not want you to believe in it, but everything is possible.
Great catastrophe has happened in the world. After the catastrophe that has happened in our solar system there has been a destroyed planet. The fall that has entered into people is due to passing of our Sun through a black sun that has left all the bad consequences in the distant past, several millions of years ago - I am not going to tell you how many - but several millions of years ago. The entire human race has just not disappeared. And then to save us from the bad situation that we have been in God has created our Earth. It is said: "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth and the earth was without form". Then he has created the Sun and the Moon to make our present life easier. Our present life has come to the situation to liberate us of that black sun that gives completely another direction.
We are living in a manifested world, thanks to that, the manifested world, that has originated from the unmanifested world. What do you mean by "manifested" and "unmanifested"? Manifested is always the smaller world, unmanifested is the greater world. Modern scientists talk about rational world. But in scientific aspect or in the high Divine mathematics the rational are the centres. Rational is gathered in a smaller centre, focus. Each focus is a place of rationality. The centre of each material world is the rational world. Rational world is not outside; it is inside in the centre. Everything is concentrated in it.
They say that since the existence of the Earth have passed 250 milliard years. It is not only a notion but movement of a consciousness. This is a wide notion, including human consciousness. And these creatures that have worked for creating the whole universe since 250 milliards of years have had plan, have been making their calculations. When creating the circle of the Sun they have had preliminary plan, they have been making preliminary calculations and only after they have proceeded to the structure of the world. The scientists explain the creation of the world very easily with formation of some nebulae and their rotation. This means that matter has turned in a way and has created the worlds. It is true that matter has turned somehow, but initially this matter has occupied the whole space and has been in etheric state. It has occupied milliards, milliards of kilometres of space. Then in a special way this matter has started to compress inside and outside and has gradually thickened. After that perturbation of matter has started and each perturbation has formed its centre. Each centre has represented a sublime rational creature. So, each perturbation has been crating a centre, created by a sublime rational creature. This means that the rational creature has formed this circle. Turning of a wheel demonstrates turning, movement of human mind that actually moves quickly than the wheel itself. Each wheel moves, rotates and thus the steamship moves.
Actually this is the human thought that rotates the wheel and moves the steamship. You see an airplane flying, moving in the air, but actually this airplane is managed by human thought.
I can point out the properties of the elements. Each element is presented by certain force. Under "elements" we mean the centres, where forces can manifest themselves. This means that a world larger than ours exists. It is because our world is due to our consciousness. And behind a single consciousness there is a great nature consciousness that covers the entire material world. Material world is only a result of this consciousness. Behind that consciousness there is another consciousness that encompasses in a circle the entire natural consciousness and its actions. Therefore from that consciousness that we call "spiritual", all phenomena arise.
We are going to learn the elementary basis of rationality and we would like to create a God similar to ourselves. And we put Him in a body like ours and we would like him to think as we think. Then, if we think like that, imagine our universe, having more than 100 millions of suns and around each sun 12 other planets. This is more than 1 milliard and 200 millions. Imagine that all these suns live like living creatures here, on the Earth, and this creature that has created them, thinks about all of them, has all of them in its mind, and it even thinks about you. How could you explain what head it should have? What head you would put it, just tell me! What body you would put it in? Some want to imagine God somehow. How could they imagine Him? He cannot have a head like you imagine him Not only we, but even the sublime creatures cannot imagine God. He is something incomprehensible for human mind. We resemble God in one aspect, but He does not resemble us in anything. We are in way created in image and likeness of God. But God is not like us in anything. This is the difference. We should still resemble Him. You say: "How does God not look like us?" We still have to express that image, enshrined in us, these aptitudes, these Divine powers, then we could imagine.
A lot have come to the Earth, a lot of have been incarnating and carrying His name, but The One, the absolute, Whose name people do not know, has never come in a human form on the Earth. He has only manifested himself. And they want to convince us that The One, the inaccessible; Who has created everything in the world will dress in a human form and will come to the Earth the people to catch Him and crucify Him. No, this is not compatible with the Divine laws! The Scripture says: "God will dwell, but not incarnate". How will he dwell? He will dwell among the human souls, he will dwell among the angels.He can dwell everywhere. He fills the entire being, He fills all the worlds, He fills all the solar systems and yet remains an unmanifested part of Him. There is still something unmanifested by this great God and in the entire eternity He cannot manifest. Therefore the eternity is a way for God to manifest, but even in the eternity all the forms that God can manifest himself completely do not exist. This is the most beautiful in the world.


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