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In the Scripture there are strophes saying that initially Heaven has been created the Divine world, after that the Earth has been created the physical world. The Earth has not yet been arranged, God even today is building it. He has created the world in six days; on the sixth day He has created man and on the seventh He has taken a rest. Now He is at work again. Moses says: "God has had a rest". Christ says: "My Father is working". It means that He is still at work. The rest of God implies going out of His being, observing everything He has created, after that going back again to His work. His present work brings fire. He says: "This world is missing fire". When the fire comes, growing and knowledge of boon will come. When I am talking about the world I always mean man.


Human rationality has existed before man has existed, it has no beginning. But concerning the human brain, human intelligence has beginning. Human intelligence dates since 18 million years in the same form as today. This contradicts a little with the 8 thousand years. I do not know which is correct to accept 8 thousand years or 18 million years? Who does not understand would say that this is not according to the Bible. But even Moses has nowhere said how many years exactly have passed since God has created the world. I do not know where from the savants, the expounders of the Bible take these data. First of all there are no scientific data about this.


When I am talking about 8 thousand years, I do not mean our official years, but I am talking about scientific years. Each scientific years contains 25 thousand official years.


Life comes from infinity having no beginning, nor end. Life itself comes from an essence, but not from the small, it comes from the great. It seems to us as if life comes from a small cell, but this cell is only conductor of life, as conductor of the water is the spout of the water fountain. The spout itself does not give the water. The water comes from another source, but the spout serves as conductor of the water. So, when we say that life has come from a small cell we delude ourselves about it. The cell is only conductor of life.


Appearance of man has marked certain era in space, certain events have happened. When there is war somewhere, people put monuments there after it, isn't it? After the appearance of man on the Earth, after his creation, it has been marked on the stars that on the Earth appeared a creature under the name of "man".


For thousands of years the Earth has stayed without people. Why? In order to gather potential energy or substance, that is found in the Earth.


To man, considered mammal, God has given variety of food. But he has lost the way of feeding to which the principle of life is due. These principles have been lost when people have gone out paradise. People have been living for 990 years in paradise, they have even been living for 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 thousand years in paradise. You could say that this is a story. Never mind. How old has been Adam when God has created the first woman? Put for each era 100 million years, so you have man of 600 million years. Therefore, on the sixth day God has created man, man has been created. Man has stayed in paradise for more than 20 million years. 20 million years man has been in paradise and after 20 million years he has been expelled out of paradise and after these 20 million years his wife has been born and he has married her. They have been both expelled out of the paradise.


It is said that on the first day the Earth and the sky have been created, but there has been day without any sun. Then it is said about the second and the third days, but the Sun has been created on the fourth day only. I ask: how is it possible to talk about day when there has been no sun during the first three days? This means that an objection could be made to this interpretation. They even now wonder where from has appeared the first day. It is their job. If I decide to prove it now, I will loose the discussion and this prove now is not so important. Under "the first day"I mean the day of Divine Love, when all the living creatures have appeared. It means that on this day God's Love has appeared. The second day is the day of Divine Light, when God has stated what He has to do. The third day is the day of Divine Freedom, when God has given to all the beings the freedom to walk and because God has sent them for a walk, on the fourth day he has created all the lights to illuminate their path. Now some will say that I have tossed this up. Yes, I have, I admit it. But the other has been also fabricated. If you think about it, you will see that it is so. When having thought about this I say: for me the first day is the day of Divine Love.


The world has been created in seven days. The first day corresponds to Sunday. Man has been created on the sixth day, which corresponds to Friday the day of Venus, the day of Love. Therefore man should be grateful for his creation, but at the same time he should be worth it. Man has been created on the day of Love, but he cannot comprise the great Divine Love. He has taken only part of it in his soul, to fulfil his sacred purpose for which he has come to the Earth. What is the sacred purpose of man? It is to acquire rational Love and bright thought. What are the distinctive qualities of the rational Love and the bright thought? Rational Love unites things there is no disconnection in it. Bright thought excludes any souring, rotting, fermenting things. How do we know which man lives in rational Love, on the sixth day of Being? Who lives in the sixth day, in the day of Love forgets about his personal interests and strives to: apply the law of Love in his life. He knows the manifestations of rational Love; he acquires new sublime points of view bringing sense to his life. He has right relations with God, with people and his soul. Such man we call man of the sixth race the new man.


Consider the first day the day of your spirit day on which the light has appeared.


Consider the second day - the day of your soul day on which Love has manifested.


Consider the third day the day of your mind day on which consciousness showed.


Consider the fourth day the day of your heart day on which conscious life showed.


Consider the fifth day the day of your will day of your forces, coming to help you.


Consider the sixth day day of Eternal Word - which has illuminated you and has made you master of your fate.


Consider the seventh day the day of God, the Eternal beginning of everything day of nature, that everything should be learned from day of your rest, when you serve to all the virtues.


Remember, that you are born to be rational.


As a personality man shows in the physical world; as individual in the spiritual world and as soul in the Divine world. If we talk about the life of personality, we mean the material life. Divine world presents the head, the brain of man, which is the most important in the body. When we say that a man lives material life, we mean his stomach system, which is as necessary as the brain.


In the Being is said: "Initially God has created the Sky and the Earth. And the Earth has been unarranged and desolate." The Earth represents the material world of man, his stomach. Therefore after the creation of the Earth it has been necessary six days to pass, entire six periods, in order to be created the connection between spiritual and material world, this means between the stomach and the lungs of man.


In creation of man the most sublime creatures have taken part. Finally God Himself has taken part. After they have created him, God has finished him and has made him His image and similarity. We say that man has been created in image and similarity to God. But in image and similarity we will comprehend him, when we study him. In order to know him, light is needed.


The sky is organised by sublime creatures, by great souls and there fore it is also great in its deeds. The angels, inhabiting the sky, are great souls, permanently sending their light all over the world.The energy of their mighty thought is spread all over the entire space and is moving like collective power everything in the world.


When we talk about the Great Universal Brotherhood, we have in mind that hierarchy of rational creatures that have completed their evolution millions and milliards years before the people and now they guide the entire cosmos. They guide it, because they have taken participation in its creation under the leadership of the great Divine Spirit. All together they represent the great cosmic man.


In their great self-neglect these loving servants of God descend to the Earth in human form to help the people. They are permanently sending their messengers to the Earth in one form or another. All the genius of mankind, all the great people, saints, adepts, savants, writers, statesman, helping the development of mankind in one aspect or another, all of them are servants to the Great Universal Brotherhood.


Christ is called the head of the Great Universal Brotherhood.


The Black Brotherhood is a hierarchy of creatures, taking various levels, depending on their intelligence. In order to give a clear notion of their function, I will say, that while the White Brotherhood works in the branches and the flowers of life and by the methods of branches and flowers, the Black Brotherhood works in the roots of life. While the White Brotherhood works in the head and the breast of the cosmic man, the Black Brotherhood works in the stomach, in the liver and in the intestines. The white Brotherhood therefore is connected with the positive forces, with good, but the Black brotherhood with the negative energies, but they for now are needed for the manifestation of life. Their service is strictly allocated.


Except these two schools there is a third school the school of the Great Teachers, having higher hierarchy and guiding the activity of the first two. They use the methods of both schools for their great purposes, but they do not belong to either of the two schools. They are these great Teachers of the Universal Brotherhood, that guides the entire cosmos and that after completing each evolution create new evolution waves, following another plan and another rhythm. Under the leadership of their mighty spirit these sublime spirits have once descended from the high peaks to create the solar systems, including ours. They have created and arranged the initial cosmic land, the former paradise. On this cosmic land even now live that perfect prehistoric men that have completed their development. They are the great forefathers of mankind.


Many say that the Earth is our mother. It is wrong. They say that the Sun is our father. This is also wrong. The Earth is a stepmother and the Sun is a stepfather. My compliments to the Sun, but it is a stepfather. The Earth is not my mother and the Sun is not my father. God has created the Sun, has created the Earth also; has created me as well. This means that as he has created the Sun, as he has created the Earth, he has created me as well. I have the same attitude towards the Sun and the Earth. The great Father is the one, who has created everything. We now do not acknowledge that the Earth is our mother. This is good. I have nothing against it, but it is also not true. I have nothing against the Sun being our father, but this is not true. All these things that are not true in the world, they cannot bring us any favour.


The Scripture says: "Initially God created the sky and the earth." This creation does not imply the world that we see now. Initially God has created the primitive world, from which the material world has come. When they do not understand the laws, the people say that God has created the present Earth. Today's Earth has been created later. It is still said in the Scripture: "And rejoicing in the land, and their delight was with the sons of God." This means that Earth, that people are preparing for.


Not on this Earth man has been created. Occultists maintain that today's man is a new man that has come from the other world. Modern occultists maintain that modern man has come from the Moon. He has lived there. When the favourable conditions there have been lost, he has descended to the Earth. The most learned people on the Moon have had the means to transfer the first inhabitants to the Earth and settle them there. They maintain that on the Moon have remained only the most educated people.


Occultists suppose that the entire human race has descended from the Sun, has passed through Saturn, through the Moon and has come to the Earth. In certain time it will pass through another planet. The mankind will pass through seven chains, through seven waves in order to go again to the Sun, where it has come from. That you have come from the Sun you do not remember. You do not remember as well that you have been on Saturn, on the Moon. That you are on the Earth, you already know. When you have completed your development there, you have left the Moon, because there have already been no conditions for you, you have come to the Earth to continue your evolution. But you are not going to complete your development on the Earth. When the time to leave the Earth comes, they will make asleep and will bring you to another planet, close to the Earth, where you will complete your development.


There is nothing to talk about it Adam has not been the first man! Before him there have been others. When he has gone out of the paradise, there have been other people, who have mixed with these that he has been taken from. How are you going to explain that strophe: the sons of God had seen the human daughters and had married them Who had been these sons of God? Where from have come these human daughters? You can interpret this in various ways.


Remember that the world is not created for you only. You look very closely at things. Before you there have existed other worlds, it is not only your world. Before the people other worlds have been existing, other creatures. So that man is the tenth in succession. Ten categories of rational creatures have been created before man. This world has been created for man as well it means not only for man. And man is an object to the spiritual world. Each man is an object that the angels deal with. They deal with his mind, with his heart, with his soul and with his spirit. The angel sees even the smallest creatures that people can see with microscope only. The scientists put these small creatures, called microbes, under microscope and observe what they are doing. When they enter the human body they destroy it. Often the angels observe under microscope your thoughts, feelings and wishes, watch them how they move, what they are doing. This is a subject to study.


And so, how many times until now is the word "Love" been pronounced? This is the strongest word! When God has pronounced for the first time in the world the word "Love", He has created with this the entire cosmos, all the suns have been made, that have parted and have gone in their orbits. When God has pronounced for the second time the word "Love", all the great creatures, all the saints have awakened from their deep sleep. When God has pronounced for the tenth time the word "Love", man has been born. I am not going to tell you what has happened when God has pronounced the word "Love" for the third, fourth, etc. time. So God has pronounced until now only ten times the word "Love". And on these ten words lies the entire philosophy of the Kabbalists and their Sephiroths. According to the theosophists this is differentiation of the word "Love" in all its manifestations in the various fields, because there is nothing more real in the world than Love. Cohesion of matter depends only on Love that exists among its particles and makes them attract each other, the harmony of the worlds depends on Love that attracts them and makes them move and rotate.


Now I am talking about Love, not about your opinion. I am talking about Love as a great impulse in nature that gives birth to universes, creates universes. Love is what creates. When the universe starts to be created, then the other things are created. At first the material world is created, not the people, but matter is created at first and then the other things are born. Love has entered in the world and out of it man has been born. God has loved man and has created him If would have written the Bible, I would have not written so: "And God has created man in his image and similarity". I would have written like that: "God has loved man and has created him in His image and similarity". Love is an impulse for creation. You cannot create someone in image and similarity, if you do not love him


Some authors support the thesis that man has created himself alone. This shows human pride. Man is not able to create himself alone. It is said in the Scripture that God has created man in his image and similarity. There are people trying to create, this is trying to recreate them but nothing comes out of their work. In fact God works, but man participates in His work. If thinking so man can recreate himself. But if he thinks that he is the main factor in his life man cannot make anything.


When God has decided to create the world love object to Him has been the human soul. If this soul has not been object to the Divine Spirit, He would have not created the world. But God, having in mind the human soul, has created the world and all the benedictions, so that the souls to have what to deal with. Therefore the world has been created for your souls. What have you learned from what God has given to you?


Souls are not born, but they exist forever in God. This is the real philosophy. They are in one with God. Therefore when God has created the world, He has sent all the souls to the world to study what He has created, to learn. He calls these souls Sons of God, because they are in one, they are equal to Him. In this sense and the Earth for you is a school. And if you understand this, all of you should be happy that you have been sent to school to learn.


In the initial language (the language of the virgin Divine Spirit, the most sublime in the hierarchy of the angels) God has given to man another name, not the present. This has happened in the council of gods under the chairmanship of God Jesus Christ, called the Saviour of mankind. This council has been dealing with creation of man and definition of his name. That name "man" is a wrong interpretation, but we will be content with it. Under "man" we understand creature that thinks.


The most important subject to study on the Earth this is man. All the other sciences that we are dealing with study human being. Therefore if man has not appeared on the Earth the things would have remained unfinished.


It is interesting to man to get to know his being. It is said about man that he has been created in image and similarity. Hence we should know these great laws that build, that create things. Creation is the beginning of things, making is the middle of things and arrangement is the end of things. We are already in the era of making. We have just started that process of arrangement when comes understanding of things.


All the creatures on the Earth are not made of the same matter. Man, for example, is created of more special matter than the other creatures. For the other things it is said that God has only advised whether this to happen or that, but about man is said that God has taken from somewhere a more special dust and has created man by himself out of it. When a small child wants to know where from has come his little brother, the grandmother tells him that they have taken it out of the river with a net. The baby has been there among the fish, they have taken it out and brought home. And then the child asks his mother: "Mother, can we go and catch one more brother with a net from the water?" Such are today's believes of the people. They think that man has come out of the water like fish and as a result they come over a succession of contradictions. From religious point of view God has created man and from scientific point of view man has been created from a small cell that has developed and multiplied. Both statements are theories: one is Divine, the other is human.


All the living creatures before man have been working to make some material to create the human body. Therefore they have worked for thousands of years. And so, on the sixth day man has been created. They have worked for five days to gather this material, the dust that man has been made of. The parts that man has been made of have been made in various places of the universe and they needed to be gathered from all the places to get them assembled.


According to the occult science the matter that man has been made of is not taken from the Earth only. This matter which man has been initially made of the cosmic man this matter is taken from the entire universe, from all the suns and planets a small particle is taken and the present body has been assembled.


On the base of what part of the planet we have taken this matter is connected with us and it influences us. What and how much matter we have taken from the planets such influence they have on us in physical and psychological aspect.


Man has been created of a substance, of an essence. Whatever you think man is composed of a lot of elements, although the philosophers support that man has been made of one substance. They do not know what this substance is. He is uniform in substance, but in expression is very diverse.


Our initial matter, the matter of our initial life, cannot be destroyed even at temperature of 45 million degrees. Only the outer sheath that wraps life could be melted. These inner sheaths about which you have even no idea cannot be affected in any way by the heat waves.


There are 4 types of matter, out of which man has been created according to the Hindu philosophy. The solid matter the man is created of they call "prakriti"


The bones are made of it. Of "prana"the muscles are created, the soft matter. Of "kashan"- sympathetic nervous system is made. Of "manas" the human brain is made of together with the nervous system that sends currents of human thought.


Man has come out of an essence more powerful, clear, more stable than the matter of the environment. Man is stronger than iron, heavier than gold and platinum, more flexible than aeriform bodies, more powerful than light and heat. If you put man at heat that melts the physical bodies, he will endure, because the forces acting in the spiritual nature of man are stronger than these acting in the physical nature.


It is said: "God has made man of dust". Mud and dust are two different things. Mud is what man makes. Dust in this case is that matter out of which the world has been created.


Man is made of dust. How has God created him? What part of the earth has God taken? How much matter has He taken to create man? You do not know what your ratio is. What is the ratio of your body to the ration of the entire Earth? In the future you will learn, you will know the law about the ratio of the body to the entire Earth, what the proportion is. Or you do not know what the ratio of your saliva is to the ratio of water, what part it is.


You do not even suspect how your body has been created, how rationally and greatly has been created, that each cell is a separate rational soul with its strictly defined mission, that one cell, for example, of the muscles cannot go to a cell in the stomach or to a cell of the bones. There is strict differentiation.


When they have arrived on the Earth, the microorganisms have thought, that there are no more learned creatures than them But this is not recognised by the modern science. There are certain reasons for that. It is true that these microorganisms have been very learned, but they have divided in two categories. Some of them have started to progress and have made more complicated forms. Out of them the plants have been created and after that the animals. The other category, the more conservative have remained in the same form, in the present types that we see them today. God has not created the microorganisms. Some of the rational creatures have created the forms of the microorganisms.


Modern naturalists say that life comes out of the union of two cells. This is as true as the statement that the water is exclusively made of the union of hydrogen and oxygen. Life is absolutely independent it does not come out of the union of two cells.


We should know where from comes our life. If you know where from comes your life you will look at all the people with sacred thrill like at souls. As you love the people like souls, they will also look at you in the same way.

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