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Under the word "Spirit" we understand the most rational thing that guides the world the Rational that we are immersed in. We cannot go out of the Rational. The Rational, the Spirit can bear us for thousands of years and finally will happen what the Spirits wants to, but not what we want to happen. We are only deceiving ourselves thinking that one day we will force him give us what we want. Initial is the Spirit; then life comes. From purely scientific point of view life is a result. Life is a result of what the Spirit has done. Life cannot be animal, life cannot be human; life cannot be angels', life cannot be Divine. When you say "Divine", these are our notions, our words. We say: "Life is Divine". Life in its essence, the entire life is Divine. When the Divine life enters us, with our understanding we make it look like man. When human mind enters the animals, they make it animal. Each man makes life look like him, such as he thinks and wants it to be. Woman makes life feminine, man makes life masculine, child makes life child's, fool makes life fool, rational makes life rational, etc. These are our understandings. If life could be rational and fool, then how could we manage? What to trust to if there is no reasonable force in the world? Culture is nothing else, but thousands and millions of souls reflecting and thinking. This we call culture.


Under "organised" you have inside you the idea that man is separated from the whole. Earlier he has been one with the whole and he has been thinking with it. In the organic world man separates from the whole, his consciousness is separated from the cosmic consciousness, he starts like an individual, a creature, existing separately. Earlier there has been common consciousness of being.


Before the sin paradise has been heated and illuminated by Divine heat. As soon as the first man sinned the light and the heat have been taken from the Earth. Then the Earth has become rigid and dark and cold. So we are now living from the handout of the Sun. If the Sun sends us its heat and light we should be thankful. If it does not send us, we should prey to be sent heat and light.


We have lost the thread coming from the Sun. There has been a common language all the creatures have been having a common language that they have lost. All the creatures of the solar system have one language if you gather them together they will remember this language. But now the Martians, those from Jupiter have different languages, these from Venus have another language. On Mercury as well they have their language. If you gather these people on a single place you will see how much they differ in the features they have.


The people have descended from the Moon. The Earth is the lowest point. From the Earth they will go to other celestial bodies.


The occultists say that today's race has descended from the Moon. When it has descended the flood has happened. There is an occult story about that. The flood has happened because the water from the Moon has poured on the Earth.


Each of you could go to the Moon. You can, at least you want to. This is for the advanced, as they go on visits, it is not for the children. I would advise only those of you that are adults. It is because to go to the Moon you should know at least 12 languages. You should know the languages of all the zodiacs. Each zodiac has a language. The language of the Earth, it has been formed in its speech to the last station man has stopped at. Most of the words are taken from the Moon and brought to the Earth. That is why the occult science is talking about that the present mankind has come from the Moon. They are inhabitants of the Moon, that when they have had certain restrictive conditions have descended to live on the Earth. In this aspect they consider the Moon like mother of the Earth.


Man cannot be happy out of the light. It has been time, when the people have been in a terrible situation on the Earth. It has been a hell. The present people have been oppressed; they have been much badly oppressed than fish. They have not been breathing with the lungs. The atmosphere has been so dense that the people could not see each other. This world that you see today has appeared recently. When the people have gone out of these heavy conditions, out of this dense matter, when mind has come in the people and has started acting, then the light has appeared. Since all the water has been gathered in the big oceans and seas, then the upper atmosphere has cleared. The light of God has descended. Then man has shown and for him has begun a new age.


The theosophists define that man is 'manas' a creature that thinks. Yes, the first people that have come to the Earth, that have created the Earth, they have been thinking, but these who have remained to manage it, they have stopped thinking.


The descent to the material world: first, man takes position of a dot. Imagine, that man, a soul takes the place of a dot that does not occupy any space from our point of view. But it exists, it realises that is somewhere. Where it is, it does not know as we understand time and space. This dot, in order to start growing, it at first expands; it makes a circle around it. This is refraction, extension of the human consciousness. And when this circle is interrupted, is broken somewhere; then out of it goes the contents. What is going out of the circle this is other refraction. We are entering in the field of electricity that is going out of the circle. When electricity appears in nature, there is refraction; the Skewed lines are going out. I make an analogue to the following situation: the centre, this is the embryo of life, the seed, this is the circle, the refraction of the circle; this is the setting. Springing up is the outflow of this energy. And finally the branches, appearing up, they bend and form the Skewed lines.


I say: from this point of view, when we are talking about human consciousness, we understand that initial centre, where from man has gone out, where man has been free. When he has descended to the material world, he has lost his consciousness. As a result of it he has become a slave to the environment.


Initially, when man has been created in the so called golden age of mankind, it is said that God has created man in His image and similarity. This means, that in the golden age of mankind God has created the first Adam that has descended to the Earth.


The second Adam, who has descended to the Earth, of the physical world, is made of the materials of this world and God has breathed a breath in him He represents the masculine principle.


All of you have come out of the Sun, but you have forgotten it. The Earth has come out of the Sun and you have come out of the Sun with it. This story, when the Earth has separated from the Sun is a whole age. When the Earth has been born by the Sun all of you have participated, have voted. Now you have forgotten about that vote. When the Earth has gone out of the Sun, All of you have been turned to ashes. God has come, has taken these ashes, has gathered it, has organised it. He has taken your soul that has been wandering in the space, and with His breath has put in the body. He has said: "Be smart, do not make a second scandal", because, when you have gone out of the Sun you have made a scandal.


God has put them in paradise, but they again have made a scandal. In Heaven man - the male has made a scandal. He has been expelled out of there. On the Earth the woman has made a scandal and then again they have been expelled out of paradise. Man on the Earth has had no chance to be tempted. The woman has been tempted, she has given from the fruit to man, she has become the reason for the second temptation of Adam (...) Man has made a mistake; this is the mistake of the angels. They have fallen; they are the rational the male. On the Earth have fallen women.


We do not have any clear notion neither for the mind, nor for the heart. Neither do we have notion what the soul is. We have no clear notion about the human mind even.


Do not think that everything is in the head. There is only a small part in the head. This head, the overgrown head, is feeling. This part of the head that is covered with hairs, there are the feelings. In these feelings are hidden a lot of good things, but many mad things as well. The rational, the spirit is the bare part of the face. The rest overgrown part is inherited from the animal kingdom. Hairs are inheritance of the animal kingdom. The woman differs in that she has got rid of her beard. What is the woman? She is a creature without a beard. The beard represents rough in man; the beard represents the surly human will. These are the unnatural desires man wants to try everything.


Because Adam has been made of dust, of which the animals have been made as well, he has had the rough element. Because the woman has been made of a finer matter from a more delicate area, of the ribs, her face has become smooth.


The woman is an image of the angels. All women are without beards. The angels do not have beards, they have whiskers neither. When you see an angel, he has not a single hair on his face. Therefore women are symbol of the angels. And whose symbol is man? He is the symbol of gods. All the saints have beards. I do not want you to believe in this, I am talking figuratively.


In the times of Adam we have had completely different culture to the one we have today. Adam, who has represented the second age, has had three sons: Cain, Abel and Seth. Cain has killed his brother Abel; then the third son has been born Seth. The story of Adam has been repeated and in the times of Noah. Noah, however, has not had the same experience. The three his sons have not killed each other, but they have mocked his father. And in the age of Lot the story of Adam in paradise has been repeated. When Eva has entered the paradise, the devil has tempted her to make a crime of disobedience.


And the wife of Lot has not obeyed. She has been said not to turn back and not to watch what has been going to happen, but to walk ahead. It has been the same as has been said to the first people in the paradise: "Do not push the tree of knowledge of good and evil". She has said, that she has not going to push, but after, when she has left Sodom and Gomorrah, she has thought: "What if I turn back to see what is going on?" As soon as she has turned back, she has become a pillar of salt


They say: "What has happened to the wife of Lot?" She has become a pillar of salt. This fact shows that the wife of Lot has been missing salt. The wife of Lot represents an age with prevailing influence of the female principle.


Initially the Spirit has been strong, powerful, omniscient, but with the descent he has gradually restrained, lost his knowledge, until finally ha has completely fallen asleep. This means, that once he has descended to the Earth, the Spirit has lost his consciousness for strength and power, has started building again, but using already small magnitudes, small things. Why should the Spirit loose his consciousness? It is needed in order to create the world. If he does not lose his consciousness, he cannot create the world.


When man has appeared on the Earth, he has not been huge, but microscopic and under certain conditions he has developed and has become million times greater than he has been. His strength initially has been hidden in the embryo. So, even in our modern life the thought contains great Divine basis and if it falls on good soil, it could revive our life.


Under "culture", in the wide sense, we understand this knowledge and art, covering entire life. It includes the manifestations of the mind, the heart, the soul and the spirit. In this culture each creature has its defined place and purpose; each creature has conditions for its development. The first conscious creature that appeared in this culture has been man, the male. Under "man"we mean a creature that thinks. In this culture has lived the male only. Then the woman has not yet existed. How could life be possible without women? I am not going to enter in the details, but I say that this culture could be considered as one of the most remarkable cultures in the world. It is a culture without suffering. Man has been connected to God; he has been a friend of God. In this friendship man has acquired a lot of knowledge, but he has become lazy. The important is that this laziness has made him look for a friend to help him He has asked God to give him a friend. His desire has been fulfilled. God has sent him a friend the woman. The woman has come, but soon she has had enough of Adam, she has found him old and she has looked for a younger friend. She has found one in the snake the black adept. Since that moment the second culture has began the culture of knowing good and bad. Today's culture is the one of women. Men are silent letters.


What do you mean by "woman"? You want to get something, this is a female element. You want glory, greatness, strength, to be honoured, to be respected, to be rich, these are all female benefits. You want wisdom, knowledge, strength, these are all female benefits. You want to become musicians, you want to sing - these are all female things. You want to be beautiful, this is also female. You want to dress well, you want the Sun to heat you - this is also female. The one, the male sun, does not show its face. The female sun when going out each morning shows off, there is vainglory in it. And when going to sunset it says: "You do not appreciate me, let me go away, so that you can see, that without me you are not able to do anything". For now in nature only the female principle is at work. I call it "the virgin". Virginity, the mother of all the most sublime things shows off by the female element in the world.


I will give you an example from the Scripture, where it is said: "Abraham begat Isaac ".Once both men and women have been able to give birth. In the negative period women only give birth. They will change again either women, or men will give birth. Now men do not get married, only women do, therefore they give birth. A time will come, when women will become younger, men will get married, then they will give birth. All the men in the world are now 10-12 years old and they do not get married, they are still children. Now the women are grown up, they get married, but men are only matchmakers. You should take this in the pure sense. There are no men in the world, there are only women! After time there will be men only, there will be no women. The women will be only 1012 years old. In this period women give birth, but a time will come when in men this consciousness will be born. Or said in other words: when women and men, when the female and the male principle gather in one, as they have initially been, only then a child could be born.


The good man is the red man. The first man has been better, because he has been red. The good thing is life. You take the red colour in bad sense. The first manifestation of the man, carrying red colour is the good man. He has been feeding with fruits, ha has not been a carnivore. In the garden they have been growing fruits only. Then, when man has gone out of the paradise, he has learned to eat meat.


A golden age has once existed when the first race has been living on the Earth. It has been extinguished by high culture to which mankind will go only after 400500 thousands of years. The paradise, mentioned in the Scripture, represents a great culture, differing to the present in science, art, techniques, philosophy. Then even the Earth has not been like the present.


The initial man has been rational, plastic if you meet him once, twice, three or more times, you will never see him in one and the same form; he is constantly changing.


Until now mankind has passed through four phases. At first on the Earth have been living the most rational people that have created the so called "golden age". The entire knowledge that we have today, as well as the occult knowledge, all that is due to that distant age when the people have had certain revelation. They have seen what has been created in nature and have been in touch with all the advanced rational creatures that have been working in the creation of nature.


There are creatures that have taken part in creating nature. It is said that at the beginning God has created the Heaven and the Earth. The Earth has been unarranged and desolate. Then the light appeared in Heaven. The truth is in Heaven and the good has appeared on the Earth. And then the Earth has started to arrange. Everything that God has created on the first, on the third and on the fourth day, he has said that it is good, only about the second day he has not said anything. He has not said that it is good. This means that there is an interval. Number 2 is the man; the misunderstood man, about whom God has kept His mind. He has shown, but when God has seen him, He has said: "This man will make a lot of mistakes with his freedom". Therefore God has not given any opinion about him Then He has said: "Something will come out of him". So, man works exactly on that day on the second day, the day of the greatest contradictions.


The first creatures that God has created on the Earth have been feeding with poison. They have been strong. These creatures have been so smart that they have been transforming the poison into food. And these creatures after they have arranged the Earth, making it solid, have said: "There is nothing else to stay for any more". And they have gone and have left the people.


At first on the Earth has existed solar culture. Everything nice that we have today has remained since then. Then, the fall has occurred, covering a long period of time.


The first people that have come to the Earth have been very educated, the second have created only the gardens, the third that have gone out of the paradise have learned to furrow, the fourth to fight, and the fifth - laziness. Today's culture I call the "culture of spiritual laziness".


The initial man, created in image and similarity to God, have had at his disposal 12 senses. In the process of involution he has gradually been losing his senses until finally he has remained with 5 senses, like the present man.


Therefore his present knowledge in comparison to the past is in relation 5:12.


After the sense of touch have appeared the taste, the smell, the hearing and finally the seeing. Five senses five cultures. This is the history of the human Spirit till now. There are other senses that man should develop. The ear and the eye will change; they will have better and perfect form than the present. On the Earth after 3 thousand years there will be great difference between the future and the present man. Compared to the future the present man will look like a savage.


The intuition is higher sense than thought. For now people use five senses and in this century the clairvoyance or the sixth sense is being developed. In the future seven more senses will develop. For each field the physical, the astral, the mental, the causal, the spiritual, the Divine there are seven senses, in total 49 senses, from which 42 senses should be developed in the future. Clairvoyance is the sight of the astral field. The centre of the intuition is in the centre of the forehead, but the centre of clairvoyance is aside and above the forehead. The centre of the Spirit is between the eyebrows.


When God has created the world, the spirits that have descended to the Earth have wanted to be big, great and therefore they have had enormous bodies. If the enormous animals have remained on the Earth they would have bared and devastated it they would have eaten everything.


God has taught these embodied spirits that they should not have large bodies, because the greatness of a creature is not in his enormous body. An idea is great, not when it is large in volume, but when it brings something great, enabling the development of all the creatures.


The first man has been enormous. The people have been 15 meters high, before him there have been creatures even 25 meters high. The elder people have been 4 meters high.


The occult science claims that once man has been 3540 meters high, and even he has reached 100 meters. But, of course, these tall people have been made of a bit different matter than the present people. Once, the people have been in air form.


There is an age, when the animals have been 200 meters long and 100 meters high. Well, what will you say about that? "Olsa dinandar" even it is true, do not believe it! And in the occult science there are written things that man can hardly comprehend. It has been time when man has been even 30 meters high and 10 meters wide. Sometimes you wish a man 30 meters high to come. If God gives you a height of 30 meters at today's conditions and 10 meters width, it would be the greatest disaster.


In life two perceptions exist: the first one is materialistic. According to it man goes on evolutionary way from low to high. The other is the one of the theologians and of some philosophers. According to them man goes on involution way from high to low. In the first case he ascends and in the second descends. These two theories are irreconcilable, therefore a third theory should come, according to which the development of man is not a single process: it does not go only in evolutionary, nor in involution way. On the same grounds, the creation of the world is not a single process, but a multiple process, this means continuous process. Ascending and descending, this means evolution and involution are also multiple processes, uninterrupted processes in which the sublime, the rational forces are taking part. Only the ration is able to ascend and descend.


The uniform life, the uniform thoughts and feelings, that man has, make him neurasthenic. Since morning till evening we are in a small cell and we have nothing to deal with. The greatest variety for man is in his head. There are gathered more than 3 billion and 700 million of cells on the same place. These are creatures, living in a big city of the world. When you enter the head, there you will find so many savant creatures and in so varied fields of science. There everybody works. When an angel comes from the invisible world, he is not going to talk to the people; he will only push the radio and will talk from there. You say: "Someone has pushed my radio". That is what people call intuition, over consciousness, self consciousness. Let me now explain what simple consciousness is. Man with simple consciousness has impressions from the outer world only. This creature does not extinguish himself from personality. It moves in a very narrow circle. For him life is very ordinary. You have a creature with simple consciousness like the one of the ordinary people. He is more attached to the Earth. In this man feelings like sorrow and sufferings are born. And finally we have a man of self consciousness. He is a man of the present culture, the present man.


We would like to correct the mistakes of our past. But we should know that we cannot correct the mistakes of our past in our consciousness. In order to correct the mistakes we have to pass to the cosmic consciousness or over consciousness or the consciousness through which God will influence us. This is the inner intuition in which something will come and will whisper silently: the path you are going on is not the right one! This we call repentance. What of will you repent? You will repent of the wrong understandings you have had about life. What more wrong understanding of that to wish to become rich? This means to put money in a bank and to insure you; to think about nothing. If your father loves you there is nothing to worry about. If we insure us in this way, namely by wealth, by money in the banks, we are never going to progress. As soon as Providence sends us to the Earth, we are already insured, but we have to learn. We are sent to the Earth to learn nothing more; the good people should learn. And then, under all the conditions we pass, we should learn, because our consciousness is permanently changing.


Great future is awaiting man. Now he is in childhood, in an embryo state. He has to pass through a lot of phases in his development and will have an excellent form. His consciousness will develop, he will have memories from his living not only on the Earth, but he will live on Venus as well, on Mercury and even on the Sun. After he completes his evolution in the solar system he will go to Sirius and he will live for more than 250 milliard years, and from there he will go to a sun, around which will rotate all our suns around it will rotate about 100 million suns. He will go there to pay a visit, but will be met with wreaths. This will be the Kingdom of God. You will tell me a Bulgarian proverb: "Wait, horse, for green grass". But when a maid is getting married, is it not waiting for green grass? When a scientist is given a diploma, is it not waiting for green grass? What is his theory representing?


This is what he has learned for 2030 years, which in a thousand years will be refuted. Modern science in a thousand years will be a toy. In a thousand years present science will be known even to the children. I say: there are certain things in man that are unknown. There are things that in this case are true. Thought is true, absolutely true.


Present life will define what God has defined for your future. We will come to the Earth again and the Earth will not be the same as it is today. Our life then will not be the same as it is today. The future life will come. Now we are in the last phase of life - which is the Iron Age. Until now three ages have passed: the golden, the silver, the copper and now is the Iron Age. The future age I am talking about, the future new race will be the golden age that all of us should prepare for. Then will come all the great people, all the ancestors that have ever lived. I am not talking about the angels, but about the people that have ever lived. They will come with their knowledge, with their strength and they will put order and harmony. These people are an entity, they have ever lived on the Earth and they will now come again. There will be entertainment they will bring right.


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