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Energies. Ether, Tatwas, Prana and Akasha


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Ether, Tatwas, Prana and Akasha

The Sun is a source of live energy for the entire solar system. Concerning the Earth the energy of the Sun is positive. It develops in positive and negative electricity, in positive and negative magnetism. The Energy of the Earth concerning the Sun is negative. Of the contact between these two energies is produced the life on the Earth. This intermediary that connects and transforms these two energies is called by the scientists "ether". It permeates the space and the Earth. The occultists call it life giving plasma, the mystics call it spirit. And in the Being it is said: "Initially God has created the Heaven and the Earth. And the Earth has been unarranged and desolate; and darkness was upon the deep, and the Spirit of God floated on the water."
Ether means what things are born of and bred. The particle ET is the primary start that things are born, HER is what grows things on the Earth. Ether is not a thick matter. The thermal ether, this means the initial energy is connected to Love. Therefore, in the first manifestation of life appears Love, then the thermal ether starts acting in matter. And so life manifests in heat. With the appearance of heath the flow of life has started descending to the Earth to organise it. This flow is the Divine Spirit that has descended from above to organise things. The thermal ether is a movement from the outside to the inside. When we say that we should love the other people, we mean this thermal ether coming from the outside. The people require our love. Someone wants to love you and you to love him Why? This is energy in nature that wants to manifest.
In nature empty spaces do not exist. Everything is filled with a special, rare matter, invisible to the normal eye. The celestial bodies move in the ether which represents water environment from the spiritual world point of view. From the same point of view light represents airy environment. And the light passes through the ether, as well as through the solid bodies. And the people are connected to each other with something invisible that has certain influence on them. This is the reason why people influence each other consciously or unconsciously.
The ether penetrates in the air things penetrate in each other. This which penetrates, it reigns, the smaller lives in the bigger, the bigger envelopes it. The ether has four states. They think that the ether is homogeneous everywhere, but it is not so. The suns are centres of ether energy, the pressure of the ether forms the suns. Where there are suns the pressure of the ether is the highest. The ether, when pressing, forms solar systems in the endless space, which means that this pressure is not the same everywhere.
When we talk about high world we mean Heaven, where live sublime and noble creatures. They are strong, powerful, with one hand only they can lift the Earth. You say: "Do these creatures have supporting point somewhere?" They have, of course. They ride on a plane like the Earth slides on a canvas. What modern scientists call "ether" is the canvas on which the Earth glides. This canvas is indivisible; nothing is able to break it. So, no matter how heavy the Earth, this canvas can never be broken. It is smooth, not a right strained, but curvy, undulating waves and on these particular waves the Earth slides. This explains the formation of the light waves. When light passes along these grooves, it undergoes some friction, resulting in forming light waves. Adepts of science know these things. They know why the canvas does not break; they know how the Earth is standing on it, etc. One day, when you step on that canvas will feel under your feet steady ground, from which no one can lift you. Some scientists call this ground rock. Who slides the Earth on this canvass, what is the composition of the canvas, these are abstract questions which can not be understood today.
As you breathe, you will look to connect with that sublime world, you will think about the creatures of this world that do not breathe through lungs like the humans, do not breathe through gills like fish, but with the new bodies they perceive the ether from the air. You need ether. Ether is the purest substance that man can suck out of the air. The ether presents elixir of life. But if you cannot connect these creatures, perceiving the ether from the air, your breathing is not proper.
The sound is transmitted not through the air, but through the ether, so it is transmitted immediately. Our thought sometimes we pass it through the air, sometimes through the ether, which takes effect immediately. Then the thought is powerful. The strong thought does not work through the air.
Apostle Paul, who has been occultist, student of this great school, student of Christ, who has been trained in all the right teaching of Christ and understood the deep inner meaning, has said: "I will put my laws in their hearts," to put them, then: "I will write them on their minds." "Write means by only in form. Only through the mind could be written these laws". These laws work in the present situation in your brain, they work in your lungs, they act in the stomach, and act in the sympathetic nervous system. But these live laws have attitude towards that great, live energy in the world that flows from its initial state to enter the path of evolution, and so to modify this primary force that the Hindus call 'praktiti', and we call it Spirit. Spirit is the primary. And the apostle Paul says on another place: "Fruit is the Spirit of Love", this means that the first differentiation of the Spirit is Love, and the first leak from God is the Spirit. Now I am not going to tell you what leaking is. The first law in the world is the law of Love. This in the Hindu philosophy is called law of tatwic energy, of which prana is a modification - it is a stream that comes from the Sun, a mechanical draft.
There are two opposing currents going to the Earth and going out of the Earth. These currents come over periodically, sometimes escalating, sometimes fading. In all the laws there is periodicity, and this periodicity depends on the inner laws of being. Certain things repeat at certain ages, times, days, months, years, centuries, they come periodically. And modern science begins to be aware of the periodicity of the components. Certain things happen exactly at certain times.
There, where Love is, there is the Spirit, that moves forces. In Hindu philosophy, it is replaced by the word "prana". Prana in all its manifestations is matter that permeates everything and is always moving. There are several names: prana, akasha, these are forces that are in potential state. Some call it tatwas. But akasha is the first manifestation of this tatwic matter in the world.
According to the Hindus akasha is something that fills all space and exists forever. From it are formed all forms. It is something still. It is a great aristocrat who does not work and rests forever. The second essence is the prana that exists forever. This is the power out of which originate electricity and magnetism It creates their forms. Ether, air, water, comets, all the planets originate of the prana and akasha. Behind the prana and akasha sits something else that we do not know what it is, what is its essence. To benefit from the prana, man should study its laws because of misallocation of prana in the body originate various diseases headaches, tuberculosis, indigestion. If in the muscles it is not properly allocated, appears rheumatism of the joints.
The science of the prana aims to distribute the energy evenly among all organs and cells in order that they do not suffer. Man cannot have a healthy body if he does not understand the laws of prana. Thus breathing is nothing but a method of accumulating the prana. Why should man act properly? It is in order to collect prana and use it correctly. If your mind, your heart, and you will do not work as they should work, you will be missing out the prana that you need. The thought in man should be connected with the prana that comes from the Sun. A man accumulates the prana from the Sun with his brain and with his thoughts and from there he sends it to the whole body. If a part of your body hurts you can send part of the gathered prana in the brain to the ill part of the body to heal it, it needs this energy.
The purpose of religion is to collect prana from the Sun, which is so necessary for all the mankind. Religious people collect that prana through their hearts, and scientists store it, so that all the mankind can benefit from it.
The form of the present people is nothing else but prana in movement. When prana is not evenly distributed in the human body, diseases are born, and when prana is not evenly allocated in the feelings, anger is born, when prana is not evenly distributed in the thoughts, nonsense is born.
All the new discoveries in science, are not yet well studied, they have not disclosed these truths that have been known since ancient times to the old peoples. For example, in the recently discovered element radium the causes of its characteristics are not yet known. Not yet discovered is this vital energy contained in nature and in all the elements that is called by the Hindus "prana" or life-giving electricity. Such energies are contained in our body, in the elements hydrogen and oxygen but they are not hydrogen and oxygen.
Oxygen and hydrogen are only the carriers of these energies.
Prana has different states: it is physical, cardiac or mental. Without prana thought cannot be formed, without prana feelings cannot occur, without prana the will cannot work. Prana is the reason for creating and developing the thoughts, feelings and actions in man. This does not mean that all people should have the same thoughts and feelings. Everyone according to the stage of his development will take what he needs, and will express what he can.
Prana is necessary to the human body. On it the health of man depends. Therefore it is recommended to people to go out early in the morning to acquire greater quality of prana. After that they should process the energy that they have acquired and use it rationally. If you do not use it, it will cause harm to you.
Hindus have sacred word "Om". "O" is pronounced, and nowhere is limited, it comes free. If you pronounce some of the letters, there will be some touching either the palate or teeth. But for the "o" the voice goes out freely. And the letter "A", it is again a free voice. So, I say: sometime try to pronounce the word "Aum".
"M"-it makes the initial matter of which the forms are made. In the world there are two things that permanently function, "M" and "o". The "O" the Hindus call it "prana". Prana is the power in the world that fills the space. It exists in potential relation and in kinetic relation. When it is intertwines with the matter, forms are made. Prana or life elixir they call it. You want to be beautiful, but if you do not understand the law of the prana, the life force or elixir, or if you do not understand the qualities of the initial matter, unless you understand the qualities of "M", you could not get younger.
Hindus say that there is a force between Love and life, it is the prana. As the prana enters it renews the thought. Always when the people are ill the enlightened Hindus use this power, but do not allow talking about these things. Hundreds of years the English are among them, but they are silent as fish, they do not talk about it. They cannot be bribed with anything.
This energy in the world, which derives from the great space - because the world has differentiated until now in evolutionary energy or living energy, but the soul of the universe has passed through five stages - it has differentiated in three directions. That's why we have five senses - it shows the way, there are still two forces of this cosmic soul to manifest. This initial force in the world, which now operates is what the Hindus call "akasha", it is the initial manifestation, it has created the human brain, the human thought; it has created the sound. The second manifestation the Hindus call "vayu", from the Sanskrit verb "va" which means "to move things," it is a modification, a reverse of this energy in involution process - down. This energy "vayu", the so-called airy form, nitric energy forms the clothing and the sensitivity which people use today in the current state.
So if your feelings inside you exceedingly develop and become strong, then this energy is amplified, if this energy weakens, then your feelings are dull. These things happen. If the thought becomes stronger, akasha or that initial energy comes into your mind and your thought becomes clearer; if the thought weakens, your relationship is not strong; then what should you do? When modern people have cold feet or hands, they put hot water bottles to their feet and hands in order to be able to restore the natural heat. When your thought becomes weaker, you should pass your mind to those great laws of life - to the Sun and you should perceive that initial prana. You will create absolute peace for your mind.
The Divine world has its Divine matter and Divine forces that should be studied. The Hindus call it "akasha"
According to Hindu philosophy, there is an essence, which they call "akasha's records." In these records is written everything that the past has hidden and what is happening now.
You have a headache, your stomach aches, your cross hurts, your heart aches, for me the reason is clear, it is not in the heart or in the head. This disharmony shows that your life is not in accordance with these great laws of being that regulate the rational life.
In nature there is a rational force tatwas that permeates the entire space and is a base for the movement of all the celestial bodies, and is responsible for producing the entire life in the universe. Prana is a modification of tatwas and the scientific method to use this live energy the Hindus call "pranamama." Tatvas is the Love that moves the world and all the sublime desires are due to this energy, to this force that with its jets penetrates our bodies, all our bodies.
You can make a lot of experiments with the solar energy. If inside you ordinary life manifests and you go bareheaded, but the Sun shines, at noon you will surely have sunstroke because this Divine energy will pass through the Earth, will change some vibrations and will form warmth in the brain. So, if you have sunstroke, you have passed this energy through the Earth and that is why you have a stroke. But if you are conscious in your life, you set a love for all living creatures, you will convert this energy into akasha and you will feel inside you a great Divine pleasant music, and your whole body will carry a great thrill and you will want to give this energy to all the people. All this will be in you, if you have a conscious life. This energy you will feel, and through it you will be transferred the thoughts of all the rational creatures. The lives of all the creatures that surround you in the distant space will be transmitted to you with a velocity greater than the speed of the solar beam and you will feel that you are a citizen of this great kingdom. And when you look at this, the great world, you will be glad, everything will make you joy. This is the new life. Night and day you can accept this life.


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