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Pressure and Tension


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Pressure and Tension

The Earth does not move in an empty space, there is a great power in space, which is so powerful that holds the Earth and all the other worlds in balance.
Imagine that the Earth travels in a vacuum in the ether, in a matter that is a thousand times less dense than hydrogen. Therefore hydrogen compared with that matter, will look like mud. Now imagine the Earth that is billions of cubic meters of heavy travelling in this rare material, such as the ether, in a vacuum, then this huge Earth moving at a breakneck speed in this vacuum Also the Sun, which is a million and a half times greater than Earth moves in this rare material. Who holds these huge bodies on what are they held in this vacuum, can you tell? With such wonderful phenomena you wonder at the human inventions! I answer to this question: only the thought, only the mind keeps these huge bodies in the vacuum. All the nature, the entire eternity, all the space is permeated with mind and thought. Therefore, the idea supports the Earth and Sun and the stars, and all the people. It keeps everything in life and in the universe.
While looking at nature, I see that it is full of dynamic forces that are transplanted. In the future scientists will study the transplantation law. Energy can be transplanted into the human body like you can graft a cherry or a peach or a plum or any other plant. This energy can be either good or bad, either in ascending or in descending degree. Some of you have had this experience. Until some time you are very gentle, humble, good, but after a while your character is amended, you become nervous, irritable and you wonder what has happened to you. You ask yourself: "Why my character has changed?" Grafted upon you is a negative energy. Then you say: "What should I do?" You should break off this branch from your mind and your heart, so that the Divine in you can freely grow. Thus can also be transplanted the Divine energies on the bad man. If you graft a Divine branch on a bad man, he will become good.
According to the graft on man you can tell if he is good or bad. If on a man, a good-looking one, you flip the graft and he gets worse, then just the graft has been Divine, and his nature, his overlay is bad. If you tear off the graft of a bad man and he becomes good, then the graft has been bad and the overlay good. Therefore, there are two types of overlays in man: one is good, the other bad. Bad overlays sometimes can be grafted with good graft and good overlays can be grafted with bad graft. It is psychologically true. We can attempt to modify the nature of man. Fathers and mothers want to educate their children, but they do not know how, they do not understand the law of the transplant.
There is a negative force in nature. All these forces that take the natural warmth of the man bring disease. All the forces that bring warmth to people bring health. So, sometimes you fall under a negative force that takes your warmth then the state of illness comes. If you come to that region of the positive forces that are in harmony with you, you bring health. In this aspect this is the science of health. Man should be in harmony with nature mentally and spiritually. The spiritual aspect concerns the heart. The physical aspect concerns the body. When man is connected to the three worlds: with the positive forces of the mental world, with the positive forces of the spiritual world and the positive forces of the physical world, this is man's health, the healthy state.
According to the law of analogy, as the Earth has been formed, thus the human brain is being formed. If you, in your brain, cannot make a grid finer than the one you have, you do not understand the law. Each year man should construct one net that decomposes the solar energy. A saint, after living for 20 years in the desert, has created something like that in his mind he perceives things, certain forces that the ordinary man has no idea, because with this net the saint captures the energy and can put it to work. Modern scientists have cells to capture the energy, but they are looking for new ways and means to grasp the hidden energy in nature. Somewhere they grasp it, somewhere they cannot grasp it, but compared to the past there is an improvement. But within us, in our personal lives, everyone should make an effort to detect this light and heat. When he finds the laws of his mind, then he will explore the other minds that are in harmony with his. He should examine them not only here on the Earth but he will follow all the stars.
The scientists have suggested that the weight of the body depends on its volume and the density of the matter of which it is composed. Therefore the bodies that are situated on the Sun weigh more than those on The Earth. Because the Moon is smaller than the Earth there the bodies do weigh less than those on the Earth. According to this, it is assumed that if a man goes to the Moon, he will weigh there only 250 grams. Calculate how much a person will weigh, if moved to Jupiter, which is 1,250 times bigger than the Earth. So, the weight of the body depends on its volume. As the body surface is greater, so the pressure is greater. The highest pressure is in the centre.
In this aspect we, the living creatures constitute the centre of being. As we are away from the centre, so the pressure is less. When people are asked why contradictions come into the world, I say controversy is due to the pressure on us. To create a noble human thought and a noble human emotion high pressure is required. For this, pressure of 1000 atmospheres is not enough; at least 250 million atmospheric pressures are needed. Human thoughts and feelings are not easily formed. Do not think that this is proved by some modern scholars. It is an assertion only. In the future there might be even more extraordinary claims.
So, the greater the pressure is, the greater the rationality is. The stones have no pain because the pressures on them are very small. However, the pressure on man is very high, and as a result his sufferings are greater.
Now, let us suppose that there is a pressure from outside. Where could it come from? Could it be from the infinite space? What pressure per square centimetre will ether of the infinite space exert? The ether is a substance, therefore it has weight. Some explain that the attraction of the bodies is nothing else, but the pressure of the ether. So, the weight is nothing else, but the pressure of the ether. We weigh one kilogram - this is the pressure of the ether, which aims at a certain power centre. Consequently, the weight is determined in the force field of matter in the infinite space.
The ether is a pressure from above and it determines the weight of an object. What is the pressure that the air has on the human body? Check it out. This is data.
They might not be strictly accurate, but we are interested in the laws under which pressure acts.
In nature there is pressure from the outside and one inside pressure. The human head is subject to the same. When the religious tension of the head is weak, then the head on the top is sleeping, the poles are sleeping. These people, whose heads are on top and sleeping, they are not religious, not spiritual people. They are very cold. As the north pole is, so they are. They are living at the equator. They are very hot at the equator, but there are many carnivores there. The equator is rich in carnivores. In religious people who have developed poles, the equator is flattened, the poles are protruding. On worldly people the heads are flattened like the Earth, the equator is stuck out. For example, in the wolves the equator is quite stuck out, in lion, in tiger, in the cat as well. When you come to the herbivores, the equator in them is flattened. These are partial, general conclusions.
In the world there are places where the pressure is so high that one square centimetre weighs 75 kilograms.
We say that things have a centre. All the things fall toward the centre of the Earth. To drop an object, they say that the Earth draws it. Modern physicists say that outside pressure is 1200 kg, the airspace pressures with 1200 kg. And inside there is tension of 1200 kg and they are balanced. And between these two pressures inside and outside man moves. The pressure outside is slightly higher. For some of you is with 50 kilograms more, for others it is with 60 kg etc. So, out there is 1200 kg pressure, there is counteracting outside. For all worldly people - materialists the outside pressure is high. Spiritual people amplify pressure inside. Spiritual people amplify the pressure inside. And when the pressure inside becomes greater then we will raise and we will go to a centre that will attract us. By getting rid of the influence of the Earth, maybe the Sun will attract us to itself. These are scientific reasoning.
The scientists prove that the Earth in 500-600 millions of years must go off, life will be reduced. One day all of you have to leave the Earth. One day the Earth will be like the Moon, there will be cold on the surface of 150 degrees. I ask then: how these people will live on the Earth? Have you ever lived at cold of minus 150 degrees? Nothing can grow, there will be no fruits. There will be nothing to do then. You say: "Let think those who will be at that time!" But you will be still the same people. Those creatures that have inhabited the Moon, about 100,000 are there because it is 50 times smaller than the Earth, have descended to live underneath the crust. I do not want you now to believe this. I know that there are 100-150 thousand people, many scientists live underneath the crust; there are gardens there, fruit trees. They use the sunlight, inject it under the skin and go out because they have a very nice environment to study in the sky - it is always clear, there is no steam. It is free from germs. No germs there. On the Moon they live as long as they want. It is nice that for the Moon, but we here on the Earth, who are we? If a person is transferred from the Earth to the Moon with his body, which weighs 60 to 70 kg, he would weigh only 250 grams. If you move to the Sun you would weigh 16 tons - the same body. Now this may seem funny to you.
I will give you a fact that researchers report. Modern researchers have found out that matter on Sirius is so heavy that 3-4 cubic centimetres are sufficient to crush a truck. Only 4 cubic centimetres of this matter can break the strongest truck! If you on the Sun will weigh 16 tons, then in order to live there, you should have 16 tons inner pressure to balance these 16,000 kg - then you will carry them and play with them It is necessary the external pressure and inner pressures to be the same. In life, the more we rise up in the human evolution, the higher the inner pressure becomes, the conditions become more difficult.
All the objects in the world move in a straight line, because there are two forces that act - one outside, the other inside. They have to balance. If the external conditions and the internal possibilities balance, there will be a straight line. If man wants be fair, inside him the conditions and the possibilities must be in equilibrium then we will have a straight line. Once the conditions are weaker and the possibilities stronger a convex line is formed. If the conditions we have are stronger and the possibilities weaker, one concave line is formed. Then according to the first law the planets have been formed. When the opportunities are weaker, the mountains have been formed. When the conditions have been strong, the valleys have been formed, depressions have been formed, lakes and seas have been formed. At the opportunities the mountains have been formed.
Someone asks: "What is good and what is evil?" Tell me now, what is good and what is evil in scientific language. Which of the two is pressure and what is tension? Because good and evil, they are tension and pressure. Now theologians can explain it. I explain the things scientifically. Good and evil are tension and pressure. I will not consider it now an error, if you say something incorrect. You know what is good and what is evil. What are the acts of evil? Once you do a bad deed, where from comes the blow? It comes from the outside. If you are going somewhere and you pay no attention a tile can fall on you. Is this good or evil? This is evil. It is pressure.
Now, the good comes as tension from the inside, the evil is pressure from outside. Why is it evil? It is because if there is no evil outside, the good from inside will disperse man to pieces. Some of you ask, "Is not it possible only the good to reign in the world?" I am talking scientifically. We do not mean theories. Hypotheses and theories are good. Someone says: "Isn't it possible to do without evil?" Another says: "Man should not be good." They do not understand the professors at the university. It is not possible to do without evil or without good. One is pressure, and the other is tension. And if you remove that pressure, none of you will be here. All of you will raise and go somewhere. Where you will go, I will not tell you. You will go somewhere.
One of the tasks of the physical man is to deal with the external, physical pressure. To counteract this pressure is the inner tension of man. In general attractiveness is related to pressure and rejection to the tension. When the external pressure and the inner tension are balanced in man, he feels healthy, well disposed and strong. If the external pressure is greater than the inner tensions a man hardens, becomes stiff. But if the inner tension is greater than the external pressure, then man is still in unnatural state. So man is under the influence of two forces: one is the pressure from the outside and the other is the inside tension. If a person is under the influence of only those two forces, he would go into great difficulty. In this situation he could never have his own initiative. But thanks to another rational force, which acts simultaneously at the inside and outside, the pressure and the tension of man are regulated, and he has initiative, which means conscious life in the three worlds - physical, spiritual and Divine.
Some complain and say: "Remove these passions!" You do not know what you are talking - it is better man to make mistakes and be alive rather than be frozen. And this is not bad because no illness will catch you then. It is preferable life with suffering than being frozen without suffering. Maybe one day you will understand the law of pressure because freezing is the law of pressure. The heat inside is tension. But that is not the point. With the rational we should understand the meaning. And the physical world and the spiritual world need to be understood in order to understand that verse: "Love God and love your neighbour." Three things you should know: pressure, tension and rational living.
Here, you have to think on this drawing for one year to be able to understand it. You will say: "What will we understand from this drawing?" You will understand. An engineer or an architect has a plan. Looking at l it he knows how to build and when you look after some time the plan has been realised. This drawing is only one plan, approximately one sketch, drawing very simple to understand.
On the drawing is marked A1, A2, and A3. What does it mean A3? If you look at A3 as pressure you will explain how the world has been compressed. You will explain the material world. It is because the material world owes its nature to the pressure that exists inside nature. The spiritual world, by contrast, owes its existence or its manifestation to the inside tension. And the Divine world owes its existence to the wisdom that regulates the pressure and the tension.
The word "God" in this case means the rational that directs pressure and tension, or that sound, which determines the physical laws. All the physical laws are due to that flow of pressure. And all the spiritual laws are due to the tension that exists. You say: "I'm very tense." It's good that you're tense. If you had no tension inside you would become flat like a bannock, you will not have any thickness. If there has been no pressure from outside, and there has been only the tension inside, you would have extended and you would have scattered, you would have become into small particles. The bomb according to which law is it made? It is made according to the law of tension. In it the tension is greater than the pressure. And this bomb being sent somewhere, when hitting the ground, these pieces in it when will be spread will become fine particles and some of them can make thousands of mischief on hand, foot, etc.
Physical life is pressure. What is spiritual life? It is tension. Someone says, "I do not need spiritual life." He does not know what he is saying. He does not know that if his spiritual life is taken, he will become asleep, he will become a bannock and nothing could come out of him Someone says: "For me is important the material life, I do not need spiritual life." The content in him will give him the spiritual life. From spiritual life force is coming. Someone says: "I do not need the Divine as well.
Let us live like all the people." This is already not a science.
Thinking belongs to the Divine world. When thinking you should not let any discrepancies in your life. If you are angry, in disbelief and worry, you are in two worlds - between tension and pressure and you will be a slave to the conditions and a slave to the internal capabilities. Because there is a slavery of the conditions - it is physical. And slavery is one of the possibilities there. You have many options, but if the conditions and the options are unreasonable, you will have pain. Therefore, any condition that you set in life should be reasonable. And every possibility that you proceed to, should be reasonable. And your every action, your every sense should be reasonable. One deed is what: Is it tension or pressure? The act is already pressure. You act outside. And the feeling is tension inside. When you have a good deed and a good feeling you have not yet resolved the things. You have the conditions and the opportunities, but it depends on whether you will be rational. If you are rational, you can build something of this matter. Rational or the Divine should come to you, to build you something of these conditions and opportunities.
You expect to go into that world and start your lives. No, you are already in that world. Now you are not in the physical world, you are deceived. As I talk to you, you are in the physical world, when I stop talking to you, you will go back into the physical world. Your confusion is that you think that when I talk to you, you are in the physical world. You are deceived.
If you think rationally, you're in the Divine world. When you feel well, you're in the spiritual world. If you act well you are in the physical world. These are maxims. And if you keep them if you follow them, you will have a reasonable life. If you do not act well, the laws of the physical world will exclude you will not be a citizen of the physical world. If you do not feel well you will not be a citizen in the spiritual world. If you do not think well, you will not be a citizen of the Divine world. You will never have facilities in the world, if you do not attract the rational in activity. Convenience in the world derives from pressure, tension and rationality in the world which operate simultaneously. If tension, pressure and rationality, determining them operate simultaneously, they will create comfort. If pressure obeys to the tension and tension is balanced by the pressure, then rationality is inside that will bring comfort, it will create them for you. This is the Divine in us.
They are small reflections, just a clarification. I do not want to disprove any theory. I want the thinking to be correct. For me, every thought, which explains the pressure and tension and makes man free to work, is already a science. We want freedom in life. How can we get it? To have freedom, we should understand the laws of pressure and tension, and then the one great law that regulates the Divine things in the world.
And when can you know whether the Divine in you works? There is only one way. A gentleman wearing a bag on his arm passes who. He thinks the bag is solid. The bag falls and in some time the man sees only at the handle of the bag in his hand. And wealth is in the bag. And this man goes; he has an important job to do. He says: "If the bag is mine, it will come after me. If not, it will not come. The work I will do is more important." After him comes a man who finds the bag, catches him and says," Sir, is this bag not yours?" The Turks say, "If luck, let it come to the legs". But it is in Turkish. It is an exceptional condition.
How do you think if you wear a bag with 100,000 levs and the handle breaks and bag drops, what is the probability in Bulgaria someone to bring you the bag back? Of 100,000 people in Bulgaria what is the probability someone to bring you the bag? Of 100 000 people how many would bring it? The probability is very small. In this bag all will fall in love. It is so beautiful that who sees it, would say that happiness has come to him. Now, who would give in: the bag, or the one who found her? Whoever finds the bag and bag itself: from both of them what is the pressure and what is the tension? The bag pressure is; the one who has found it is the tension. And when he does not understand God's law takes the bag; gives in. According to the Divine law on the first office they get you and ask you: "Whose is this bag?" It is not possible to rob someone. You can take, but on the first station, on the first office you will get caught.
I am talking in the largest sense: every thought that enters your mind, you do not know its origins. You do not know the origin of your thoughts. You think that each thought that comes to your mind is yours. Every thought that comes to you is someone's. Not bad, that it has come. You should take this bag and bring it to the one whose it is. This man will thank you. If you keep it for yourself, at the first office you will be taken account.
Now I speak to you on this subject, because you all have great pressure, blood pressure. All of you are complaining about the blood pressure. It is necessary to balance the things in man. It is necessary to balance the human body with the human feelings, with the human mind. There should be balance. You all have knowledge and I do not know when you go to the spiritual world, how many of these skills will stay, what will remain of your knowledge. If Socrates appears today, who has been passing for a great philosopher, or Plato, what would it be? About Plato they say that he has been a great philosopher, but today's kids would know much more than him If Plato has come, he would have seen that many things are unknown to him And after a thousand years we will not be able to compare it with the children of that time.
In future ages will sift out and what remains in you, it is the essential. In this life you can have many desires, many thoughts - how could you use them?

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