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Spirit and Matter


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Spirit and Matter


Some say that the flesh is not necessary to man. If really flesh has not been necessary to man, what need has had the spirit to be put in the flesh? If the spirit is clothed with flesh, then the flesh has a certain place and service. It has its place, but its place should be found, its service should be understood. The flesh is the life preface, this means that life begins with the flesh. It is the soil; it is the first condition in which life can occur. As an idea does not take any form until it is embodied it cannot be clear. This idea remains abstract to us and we cannot think about it. Therefore, at first we start with objective learning, which means with the doctrine of forms, which is nothing else but embodied ideas. Therefore, from these embodied, tangible forms we gradually pass to the abducted forms, the forms of the spiritual world that is far from us in form. The difference between the flesh and the spirit lies in their vibrations: the flesh has one sort of vibrations, and the spirit - entirely different.


The same thing is seen in music. Musical tones are distinguished from one another by their vibrations. This means that each tone has its own specific vibrations, by which is recognised. To properly grasp a ton you should know its vibrations. Man cannot know exactly how many vibrations a ton has, but can recognise its format.


What is the difference between flesh and spirit? You mix the notions. Matter does not produce contradictions in life. You say: "material life", but you always understand flesh. You confuse the concept of 'flesh', this, which is embodied in the matter. The idea of the matter is quite different. In religion and in the new philosophy, as they understand the matter, it is a misconception. In the matter there is no contradiction! Let us say, you can run into a stone. Where is the contradiction in the stone or in you? Or if someone takes a stone hits you. You think that the stone is the reason, because it has blown your head. You do not understand - it is not at all reason to hit you in the head.


Someone has thrown the stone and it has hit you in the head. You say that the stone is the cause, but this is not true. The contradiction is in the flesh.


In nature there are no contradictions, but we ourselves create them. How? Part of the matter which God has given us, we cannot manage it, so we create evil. All the sins have their beginning in the matter. Every sin has a form. Show me one sin that has no form For someone they say that he is selfish. What is his selfishness in? He wants to have a home, money, to dominate his wife, etc. For some people say that they are greedy, they hate people, etc. All the sins have their material form. By smoothing out all the bad forms the sin will disappear.


Consequently worst forms create evil, so it is recommended to the people to create beautiful forms.


Materialists take the matter for granted and thus build. Others take God for granted. The ones and the others are on the wrong side. God and matter do not exist in this way as we think. External manifestations of matter are not matter. For example, if you turn a light bulb, it forms a circle of light, but it does not exist. We are for twinning between idealism and materialism There is physical, spiritual and divine world. Christianity is a harmony between the physical and spiritual laws.


What is subject? The complex of sensations, it is subject.


There are all sorts of claims about the matter. Some call matter the slightest movement and the fastest - spirit. So where is the contradiction? But that still does not explain. The slightest movement is not the matter and the fastest is not spirit. Is it not that in the material world are hidden treasures? Matter is what unites things. Matter is the pregnancy of ideas. Many ideas are embedded in the matter Reproduction is still in the matter. If there is no matter the reproduction would not be possible. Neither form could be created. Matter is what surrounds the spirit and makes it clear to us. The spirit is what gives the price of the matter. The matter gives the spirit the possibility to manifest, to show some form.


Positivists ask what matter is. How will you determine? Consciousness is a form of matter.


I say: when appeared the centre in the circle, the universe became pregnant, at which point the dot moved round and split in half. With this self-identification the Universe has given birth to the first woman, who has been the first to divide the world. So, the one half of the Earth has become bright and the other half dark - of the second wife. The man has got angry with the woman who divided the world and therefore today he illuminates only one half - the part that he loves. These two women are chasing, but he always illuminates only that part of the woman he loves. The woman who enjoys, is called day and night is called the one who is angry. Or in other words: a woman who is happy is the highest Manas, or the day, but that which is angry, is lowly situated manas or night. These two angles are both women. Why man has two arms, two legs, the brain is a double, a double lung, heart is double, etc.? It is divided, because there are two women. You say: "Then get out of the pair." No need to get out of the pair but we should understand its essence. According to me, the matter is a reflection of the spirit. Matter is still a woman.


Modern scientists are trying to explain what the matter is, but have not been able to determine its nature. Matter itself is inert reality. It contains everything in itself, but cannot be expanded. Scientists say that matter is expanding, but actually matter does not expand. I will explain this idea with the following example. Imagine that you develop a roll of canvas. You say: "Expand this canvas." I ask: what new has this roll of canvas acquired in its developing? Nothing new has acquired. Therefore from physical point of view, when matter expands, this implies that there are some new features introduced. If no new features have been added to it, it does not expand.


The whole cosmic world, the matter that the current space is created of is a backward energy from thousands and millions of spaces which existed in the past. Matter, which was abandoned by the creatures who have worked then, is now used. From thousands and millions cosmoses the creatures have left and their desires, thoughts and actions in this matter.


The present matter, these are asleep spirits that need to be awakened.


In the matter there is unity - the only change can happen in the forms. Matter can be propagated in its forms. But in terms of quantity remains the same not more, nor less. If we come to terms with the forces of nature, in the force can be applied and qualitative differences. The intensity of the force can be increased. A force could act with greater movement, another with less. If we come to man, the rational law is still the same. We are not able to give anything to the rational. But we can enhance rationality.


Distinguishing features between matter and spirit are: matter does not expand, but the spirit is not divisible. Once the spirit is clothed in matter, the latter has a desire to invade, to divide it. Consequently, the desire of the matter to invade the spirit, among them appears struggle. Similarly, the wolf when catches a sheep begins to divide it into the pieces in order to obsess it. When man puts food in his mouth, and he divides into small pieces. Why does he divide it? He wants to take from it what is needed for his body. This is the reason for the fight between the two giants in the world - the spirit and the matter. The matter wants to invade, to divide the spirit, and the spirit wants to get rid of it.


The same thing we see in each man: he feels restricted, wants to escape. And you will hear everyone complaining that Ivan or Petko or Dragan embarrassed him No, no one can shy, but matter restricts the spirit, and it struggles to get free.


First of all you should know that the matter has covered all space, so that there is no place for anyone. If there is no empty space in matter, then where a man will enter? To get rid of the embrace of the matter, the spirit uses a trick - it creates another form and dresses in it again. The matter says: "I achieved to divide the spirit." It again starts to obsess the spirit by aiming to break this new egg, in order to see what special lies in this new form. If the matter manages to break the egg, a state occurs that is called death. At death the spirit is released again, again creates a new form and so the fight between it and the matter continues uninterruptedly. The good side of this fight is that the matter forces the spirit constantly to create new forms more and more sophisticated.


Therefore, the modern human form is created from the spirit and individuality of the spirit is created by matter. The matter, when failed to divide the spirit, at least has individualised it. The spirit, as has been individualised falls into deception to think that matter is extended and therefore says, "I wield life." Everyone thinks that can alter matter, but whatever they do with it, it still remains the same matter, that will slide out of your hands.


Man cannot become the master of the great in himself, of the matter which is not expandable. Expansion is a quality of the spirit. Only the spirit can expand, in the matter which is inert in nature, there is no expansion. When the spirit enters into the matter it brings life. The matter without the spirit is dead. When the spirit enters into a form, according to the laws, that it knows, it strives to renew the matter, to make it plastic, comfortable.


So: when matter prevails, death is born; when the spirit prevails, eternal life is born. The prevailing state of matter creates death because the matter has desire to constantly pile, to collect.


Death always results from the prevailing state of matter. (...) Or from spiritual aspect we call this condition interruption of communication with God. If a man doubts, he will immediately find himself in the death process. At the slightest doubt in God, the death already puts its origin; it means that the matter has taken prevail over the spirit. So, who wants to become a strong, powerful, not only outwardly, but inwardly and to give sense to his life, he should presume deep in his soul absolutely no doubt. For this people heroes are required.


Doubt can come from the outside, but at the same time man has to distinguish in himself two states: a state constant, invariably as God is invariable; another state - fickle, as man amends. And then the sensitive man will experience the human state. If a sensitive man enters among people who want to become rich, in him will appear desire for wealth, if he enters among people who want to become musicians, and with him will appear the same desire. (...) However, he should know that this does come from deep of his soul. These are accumulations, deposits in the mind that come from outside somewhere.


When you are healthy - you have a pretty good disposal, when you are sick - you have completely other disposal. You want to be satisfied, but you are not satisfied. Who and how comes - you feel crooked. On what depends this? It depends on this, unorganised matter. There is another constant matter - clean. This is the matter that brings life inside itself. In this aspect the matter is manifested life. What you can see, feel, sense, touch - it presents the real life. That life that is not at all manifested, what is it? Whatever the idea is, no matter how spiritual the essence that manifests is - there is still a matter in it. Do not mix the flesh! Some explain that this is inferior life. Inferior life contains unorganised matter. Higher life contains this constant matter. If we live well, we gain from this matter. If your bodies are made of it, you would not be ill. There are creatures that have such bodies that have become immortal. We still strive for immortality. Small causes can deprive us of life. If your heart stops or if you stop breathing - that is a little reason. Or a little reason is to lose your consciousness.


Life does not lie in many but in little. The conditions that we are now living in, the greater body presents access ballast for man that he should handle. If we compare the body weight of an angel, we will see that of the human body can be made at least a thousand angels. But the angel with its small body is so powerful that it can carry all the mankind on its back, while man can hardly carry himself only. Man can hardly lift 100 kilograms with his hand while an angel can lift one billion people with its hand.


The power of man is in his spirit. When the spirit is incarnated in matter, it rarefies because it has no notions of infinite space, it has no aspirations. So when we say that matter does not expand, we mean that it has no idea about any endeavour. It is essentially dormant. When a person is well fed, he feels some pleasure from it and starts to sleep. A nap, a sleep, these are states specific to the matter.


Proud tunnels do. Thanks to them all tunnels have been made. There is an anecdote: our world has been created by sublime creatures. They have been dealing with many questions and they have been dissatisfied with the invisible world, they have descended and they have created the material world. All the contradictions that exist in the material world come from their discontent. Now the matter that we are moving in is their work. We perceive their discontent. When we eat bread we fall in their dissatisfaction and we become dissatisfied. Half of the world has been created by them


Modern biologists fall into dogmatism regarding the problem of life. They have taken cell protoplasm, they have blown it like soup bubble until they have taken man out of it No, man does not come out of the cell like the hen does not come out of the egg. That statement might look contradictory, but it is a fact. It's funny if a man goes down of a carriage and imagines that has come out of the carriage He goes in and out of the carriage but he has not originated from it. On the same grounds the hen has not originated from the egg, but it has temporarily been on vacation in there. It sits hidden in the egg like in a bomb. When the bomb bursts, the hen goes out of it. Then they say that the hen has come out of the egg. To say such a thing, it is equivalent to saying that plants come from the earth. Plants are growing in the earth, but have not come out of it.


I ask: where from life comes? Let me ask you a question implying that I have mechanical concept of life. Life does not come from anywhere. Wherever the spirit dwells, there life manifests as an uninterruptible process, like a constant flow. Wherever the spirit prevails, there life is running. In The Scripture it is said: "Send His Spirit, and they come to life, take off His Spirit, and they die." Therefore, life is distinguished by the extent to which the spirit manifests in our bodies.


Each mountain peak corresponds to some centres; they correspond to some positions of the Sun. Any changes that happen on the Earth depend on the changes of the Sun, but the changes of the Sun are quite different from those on the Earth. Matter is subject to permanent changes. As soon as the matter amends, simultaneously amends the rational life.


In solid matter forces go to the centre, that is why they are solid. In liquid matter the movement is to the surface. In air form state we have an expansion, going out of the centre outward. And in light we are far from the centre, from which we have come out. Therefore light after traveling for a long time, it will lose something of itself.


How are distinguished a solid, a soft body and a liquid body? Solids have great pressure from outside. All bodies that are solid the outside pressure on them is very high and they take less space. So solids come from economies in space. When we want to economise space, we can make things solid. When we have a lot of space, then we resort to liquid bodies. Liquid bodies easily adapt to external conditions.


The term "solid" means what cannot be divided. Anything that cannot be divided is solid. Anything that can be divided is soft. Not sustainable. So, we understand that, the initial, the invariable indivisible is solid.


Plasticity is still a quality the matter for rolling from one place to another. Then the theory is preached that a solid particle has properties inside and qualities to become liquid without losing its solidness and become in air form without losing its liquid. How can you know? You sometimes say: "He is a soft man." But compare a man who is soft and the one that is hard - what do they differ in? And the one is solid, and the other is solid, and the one has bones, and the other one has, and the one has muscles and the other has muscles and yet you say that the one is hard and the other one is soft. What then this hardness is due to? So in a good man there is little solid matter, very little. And in the physical man it is a lot. These are now statements only, they are not justified.


Solid state of matter takes up the least space, the liquid matter takes more space, gas even bigger and the ether - an even greater. In liquid matter the molecule plays an important role in the gas - the atom, the ion in the ether.


Remember the words: electrons, protons, neutrons and positrons and think about them to see what ideas will be born in your mind. Think, but do not tell the others to see what ideas to whom will be born in his head. Electron is what multiplies. Proton is what keeps things by force in itself. Neutron is what keeps connection, the bridge between opposing forces in the world. Positron is what deals with accounts, with taking, with giving.


Now the matter is more responsive, when the human spirit has descended, the matter has been in an involution condition, it has not been so stable.


Material things are unorganised. The whole material world must be transformed. This state of matter in which you are now should be changed, should be reorganised. Matter should become more flexible, more accessible. Now it is very tough, it is not susceptible. As an idea comes, you cannot move it, it stays at one place. It seems that this is the ultimate result, but it is not.


Fire, sufferings are nothing else, but transformation, softening of the solids in the human body. Because the mental, the spiritual world do not tolerate any compounds. All the elements in the air are not in compounds. Therefore matter in the mental world should be free, not in a compound state. Only then that sublime, noble and free thought will be born in us.


Comets are thousands of times greater in volume than the Earth is, but the matter is so fine that is one ten thousandth of the weight of the Earth the matter is ten thousand times thinner than that of the Earth. In the spiritual world matter is extremely rare, that is why things are transmitted quickly.


Modern scientists say that matter is homogeneous. This is 50% true. Uniformity cannot bear variety. If there was heterogeneity in the colours of their uniformity could not be born anything. What is variety? These are all necessary forms in which being, life must occur. Life can occur in only one form, and manifests in an endless forms line. When these forms combine and give expression to a greater form, we say that life is uniform, which means that all forms have the same desire to manifest a sublime form. This great shape is homogeneous, but that does not mean that it is unique, there are forms that come together to create other worlds. By studying nature, we see that there is this great law of uniformity and diversity.


All the bodies are made of different matter. Two bodies identical in form and shape, vary in matter. Two stars, two suns apparently identical, differ radically in matter. This explains the great difference that exists among the people, between the planets and between all the bodies in general.


There is an absolutely rational process, a rational environment, a matter that has inside immunity. It is subject to another law. It does not function in nature. It is not subject to any chemical decompositions; it does not decompose. In itself it is organised. It organises without being organised; it decomposes, without being decomposed. Since ancient times all scientists have been looking for this particular matter, the initial material and if they find it with it they will yield eternal life. So, on this matter depends the length of the human life.


The base of Heaven is Love. When you enter in heaven you will enter into that eternal light, where there are no shadows. There the sun never sets. Some say that the world is only one state. Yes, it is a state, but it is also one place. They say: "Where is that world?" When we talk about the Spirit, any spirit, and it as well has a material wrapping around it. Matter in which it resides and works in terms of its existence is more dense that the matter on the Earth. You, like humans, will see nothing, but the spirits can see that there is another land with a matter that does not rotten, where there is no darkness. Our material differs in that its colour is coated with a black, with dark red hues. While we are here, under these conditions, there can be no peace.


When focusing on the new psychology I share the thoughts of positive and negative. Also share the feelings of positive and negative. If we come up to the deeds, we also divide them to positive and negative. Then I come to another division: positive good deeds and negative good deeds, positive bad deeds and negative bad deeds. The same division exists in terms of thinking: there are positive good thoughts and negative good thoughts, positive bad thoughts and negative bad thoughts. When from comes evil in the world? It comes from improper joining of these thoughts and actions. Just as the world has been created, a negative thought can be united with a positive bad thought. It's inevitable. And a good positive thought can unite with one negative thought. This forms a compound other than the first. Sometimes a good positive thought can be united with a good negative thought. Therefore, to live well, man should understand the law of unity, because there are two variations. If he does not understand this law, without meaning to, he can commit a crime.


We see when these crimes happen. When he falls in love with money, man becomes positive. In money there is certain energy that attracts the human mind. Gold contains certain energy that attracts the energy of the brain and thus a compound is formed. When loving money man loves the energy contained in them. This energy provokes in him specific feelings and he becomes greedy. There are children grasping, greedy, so the parents should treat them To cure them of this their weakness they should join a positive good thought with one negative good thought. And then, instead of wanting gold, that child will begin to be interested in the knowledge that has created gold. Who knows the law to join one positive good thought with a negative good thought, he can transform iron or lead, or silver into gold.


Gold can be propagated, it grows as apples and pears grow on trees. With the growth and maturation of the fruit there is an order of chemical processes. In this respect, the fruit is a laboratory. When we talk about Love as a fruit of the Spirit, we understand the ultimate limits the fruit has reached in its development. Love is a transformer of the Divine world. The Spirit sits behind Love. It is a great, powerful force. If there is no Love in the world nothing can evolve. Therefore Love is the fruit of the Spirit. All forms that exist in the world, the Sun, the Earth, the stars, the planets, these are energies; this means the result of the energies that exist in nature. Matter or substance presents what gives these forms the possibility to be formed.


To form one body, this energy must necessarily be reduced. The temperature of this energy is very high. According to some scholars, it is equal to the number 20 exponent to 62 degrees. How many and what kind of matter could withstand such temperatures? Let the mathematicians calculate to how many degrees equals this temperature. Wherever you go in nature, such temperature does not exist. According to scientific data, not more than 2 billion of degrees of warmth exist in nature. Such heat as the number 20 exponent to 62 degrees does not exist. It is assumed that this temperature is the highest that can be reached, but so far this is not known.


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