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If we think of these words: "In Him was life, and the life was the daylight," God is daylight, God's light. If man thinks that God is like daylight, like the light, he will acquire much clearer notion than from the philosophical treatises. We can say that the Earth has been created of light, of heat. Heat has created all the good on the Earth that are coming, but they are transmitted by the vibrations of light. There has been a time when people have seen themselves in a terrible situation on Earth. It has been entire hell. Present people have been suppressed; they have been much worse suppressed than fish have been suppressed. They have not been breathing with lungs. The atmosphere has been so dense that the people have not seen each other. This world, as you see it now manifests. When people have gone out of these hard conditions of this dense matter when mind has come to people and has started acting since then has appeared the daylight. Since all the water has gathered in the large oceans and seas, then the upper atmosphere has purified. And daylight and the light of God have descended. Then man has appeared and for him has begun a new era.


Light is an art that should be learned from the outside, and daylight is a life that should be learned from the inside. So, when speaking about light, we understand the physical world. It is an art that could be learned outside. Daylight, then, is obtained through knowledge. To become a scientist, man should have daylight.


All great ideas, sublime sentiments and actions manifest at the most abundant light, not external, but internal. That this is so can be seen from the fact that most sublime individuals of mankind who have become great in their development, called saints, this means that they shine, they have become people of light. Therefore, when all the people acquire this state to be light when societies and nations acquire these abilities only then we will have a superior culture. From this point of view, all the objects on the Earth, all plants, animals, and forms of people are nothing else but light, modified in its most varied manifestations. So to say, it's light. From all this it follows that light, we are talking about is not dead, is not just of vibrations, as it is generally claimed, but it contains something more.


The vibrations of the new light will come down to the lower parts of human life and forever will release people from perturbations, which now we encounter every day.


How to understand the light? You can understand it as you accept it directly from its source. If you decide to study light from the flame of a candle or an electric light, you will understand nothing. This light spoils the eyes.


Anything, that spoils what is created by God, is not divine. The Divine differs to the human in internal sense. With his soul man can detect things internally.


Solar energy that comes to the Earth passes through the ether, then in the air, when it comes into conflict with the Earth, forming light. But it is not the one that comes from the Sun; it forms here on the Earth. That light gives impulse to the thought, I speak about it. If you are free, you can increase the light. More or less light it depends on the developments of the nervous system. The better developed the nervous system is the more the light and the heat rise.


Light is the manifestation of God. And you, when saying, "God is light" in your mind, it will produce a completely different result. This light that comes from above has passed through several stages. In order to understand the proper sense of the light, you have to return it back to that creature that has created it, which means to the initial Word that has said, "Let there be light!" And the law is true: when a student is engaged with a difficult task, initially he has only vague notions about it, this task is difficult, but after thinking for a long time and after he understands the relationship of the elements in the problem, a small light appears. Therefore, always, when the Word becomes sensible in our heart and in our soul, the light appears as a result. So God has said: light to be in this mind, light to be in this heart, light to be in this soul, and there is light.


And what are the results of light? At first this light will produce storm winds, rain, hurricane, an entire cataclysm, and then forming its soil, this light will produce golden fruits, rivers, springs, and through these fruits we will know the quality of the light.


The words "light" and "daylight" are from the same root, but the light is a reflection of the daylight. The daylight is a compound of that Divine element that already belongs to the human mind, which makes us to think wisely, to have logic, content and meaning in our thought. In modern science, physicists argue on the light whether it comes from the Sun, or if it is something else. There are scientists arguing that it comes from the Sun, and maintaining that it is a special energy that, when it comes to the ground, it is breaking into it and it reflects light. The daylight is an internal process. It is an element that can always be experienced. The daylight is the most real thing in the world. It is a thousand times more real than this world: it creates human thought, desire, it is conductor to the spiritual world and exists in the form of today's ether; it is a wrapper of the human spirit, the human mind and without it no one can think and feel. All who have attended school in the past, have passed through the high school, they have experienced difficulties in solving certain tasks, they know that the relationship of these tasks does not brightens at once, but they have to work more on them for some time, so that they see a light and the relations clarify. The daylight is that clarifies.


If our minds are dominated by the Divine light, with that light we cannot do anybody any harm. But if our mind that light is concentrated and has passed from someone else to us that light is dangerous.


You should develop forehead because it collects light. The lower part of the forehead collects other rays of light, the middle part collects other. Each part of the forehead collects different light. Three types of light are collected. It is the same for the head. Top of the head collects heat. Religious feelings are feelings of warmth. Some people mix religious feelings with light. But religion is not based on light, it is based on heat. Light comes from above. And there are three types of heat there. There is a heat that corresponds to the strength, a light that attracts softness and warmth that draws light.


And God has said: "Let there be light!" For us the word "light" implies to see things only. In the Sacred language, the word "light" implies something else: "Let there be light!" Means "Aum".


When I talk about daylight and darkness I mean the movement of the Earth in its relationship to conscious life. If there is movement, there will be light and darkness. And it is understood that the Earth moves to the centre, to the Sun. To him it seeks. Movement means Love. Love moves all creatures. When a certain matter has kinetic energy, which means such energy that produces movement, it means the manifestation of Love in all its forms.


When God has said "Let there be light!" It has become daylight. He has done this with His Love. Love has created the world, Love has created the universe. When we look at the Sun, the stars, we mean God's Love. Therefore, the first and the strongest impulse of the human soul is to accept Love in all its fullness, to be free from the restrictions of life.


When I talk about daylight and darkness I mean the movement of the Earth in its relationship to conscious life. If there is movement, there will be light and darkness. And it is understood that the Earth moves to the centre, to the Sun. To him it seeks. Movement means Love. Love moves all creatures. When a certain matter has kinetic energy, which means such energy that produces movement, it means the manifestation of Love in all its forms. The daylight is a form of Love.


Modern physicists say about light: if lights of two opposite poles with different lengths and vibration meet, they are neutralised and then darkness is formed. So it is with daylight. The man is the one pole of the light, the other is the woman. They collected to form a Divine harmony. They will form such a harmony, if the lengths of their vibrations are the same. Then is created Love in our sense, then we feel the expansion of the mind, of the heart. But surely both of them have to produce daylight.


One day before you will find a great world in which exists daylight. This daylight comes from inside, not from outside. Modern occultists say that whoever has this daylight, he has magnetism Such a man is soft, pliable, there is Love in him and he soon forgives.


The daylight is the health condition of the human mind, an atmosphere in which man should permanently live. When writers lose this daylight, they become fruitless; if teachers lose it, they lose their methods cannot teach; when mothers lose it, they lack patience and Love and cannot educate. If you have no daylight in yourself, no Love can be manifested in you, it is the Truth. Christ says: "You are the light." Who are "you"? The first element is the salt, the law of balance, which keeps all the forces in balance.


If you have rheumatism, you do not have salt in your feet. If your stomach aches, you do not have salt in your body. If you have a headache, you do not have salt inside yourself. I'm not talking about external salt, but about the salt of life. Without knowing that people falsely think they can be treated with medicines. And drugs help because they contain salt in themselves.


Light is necessary for growth, for the development of your body. Without the inner light, the external is useless. The external light is mechanical. There's a light at which our body grows. There is a light at which the brain grows. There's a light, at which your heart grows. There is a light at which the nerves grow. If this light corresponding to the nerves does not come, the nerves begin to fade. Once away from the outer and inner light, your body starts to get sick. Often attacked are the eyes, the ears; the throat.


The second element is daylight, it elevates and makes the things grow, this means that all thoughts and desires in daylight grow and develop properly. A man who lives in the daylight is like a fruit tree that grows in the fertile soil in it all the fruits ripen. When your mind is in unrest and philosophical thoughts, do not rejoice yet. This is probably one flower. To try if you have light unto, check if your thoughts will set, if they will catch roots. When a man is not ready to die for one of his thoughts, this means that it has not been born in him


Every thought has a shape that can carry the character of sheep, a wolf, a bear, a fox, a snake, a spider, an ant, and all these forms are qualities that make up human nature. And that daylight enters the same law as the light comes from above, and it elevates everything in man and raises good and bad animals no matter whether they are wolves or sheep. And when these animals complain to the daylight, that there is suffering it tells them: "Fear not, next year I will create you again, just work out a little." When we complain that in our life there are sufferings the daylight says: "Look, I will create in you the necessary." But I do not tolerate doubt, cowardice, unbelief - these are negative qualities. The daylight is a life of Divine harmony and only man in whom there is this harmony he can experience the majesty of daylight. The daylight is a rational element.


One day when man goes out of this modern life, then he will enter into a light that will be a light without shadows, which cannot be spoken about. What is this light without shadows? Once you enter this light without shadows, you cannot see the mistakes of any man. As long as you see the mistakes of the people, you are in the world where there are shadows. In light where there are shadows, there are mistakes. In this light, that is without shadows mistakes disappear. Therefore, mistakes are simply due to this light that gives shadows of things.


So, real life depends on those immortal vibrations in nature. So there is in nature mortal and immortal vibrations. In nature there are death vibrations of light, but there are immortal vibrations of light. There are also deadly vibrations of heat, but there are immortal vibrations of heat. Think then about the immortal light and heat that bring life in them If man can put his body and brain to the action of the immortal sunlight and heat, he will be able to perceive such sounds from the Sun as he has never heard. These sounds come from the Sun. If a man develops in himself that ability to connect with the immortal light and heat of the Sun he can communicate with the creatures from the invisible world of the upper worlds in general


We religious people do not pay for the light. We, when we come here to the gym, our heads light and we do not need these lights. As we come here we do not need stove to heat our hearts. This does not happen yet. Now you will make an objection: "Where in the world is there such a thing?" Therefore we suffer. Who does light the world? Lighting in the world is from creatures who think. I will share one thought: angels, thinking of the Sun, forming sunlight and send it here to the Earth. And when the saints think, on the Earth is formed heat. They make it. From above the bright idea comes as light, while on the Earth, it turns to heat. There is a transformer. If not the saints, the Earth will freeze. And if one day the angels above stop to think up, the Sun will freeze.



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