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The Colourful Beams of Light


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The Colourful Beams of Light


All the colours, they are cosmic forces that penetrate the entire cosmos.


Modern science has come to the situation to decompose light to seven different colours or dyes, but light contains in itself yet and 12 more flows from 12 various sources. This means that light is composed of 12 types of matter, necessary for creation of human virtues. For example, who wants to be merciful, he has to extract from light exactly this matter that is necessary to create mercifulness. For creating certain virtue, certain matter is required. This could be achieved by the one who understands the laws of light.


The Earth is covered with 12 hoops or spheres representing special type of transformers of the sun energy. Each hoop refracts the light in its specific way. This shows that these 12 hoops are not in the same situation. Simultaneously, each hoop is made of a special matter, very fine, through which penetrate the respective to it forces. These forces are connected to sublime worlds that are working on men as well as on all the living creatures. The sensitive man perceives these influences on him In order to understand well these 12 flows, as well as their direction and movement you should have at your disposal a row of pictures as in the cinematograph. If the red colour, called by the astrologists the colour of Mars influences in a high level certain man he would react in a special way.


As the tones of the rainbow sound in greater and greater octaves, so and the colours of the rainbow - scale of the colour rays light in higher and higher octaves. But as the human ear hears tones of several octaves only, the eye sees for now only one colour octave that vibrates in the shades of colours of the rainbow. But there are others, higher scales of light manifesting in the worlds with finer matter than the matter of the physical world.


In all these worlds the astral, the mental, the causal the colours of the rainbow are again 7, but they differ in quickness and strength of vibrations, in quality and action. The higher the octave in which the colours light are, the more tender, more beautiful and more delicate they become. In the causal world the colours have the most tender, the most harmonic influxes. They naturally and imperceptibly pass from each other.


The great mystics of all the times talk about that live and rational world of light that vibrates with all the possible shadows of colour more and more tender, more ether and more vivid in the higher field they vibrate. They state that in this immense world of light the colours are live they fill the soul of man with powerful forces.


And in fact, behind each colour stands a rational power of the universe. Behind the red colour stands the great cosmic power of Love, behind the yellow colour stands the cosmic power of Wisdom, behind the blue colour stands the power of the Truth.


First of all man should spiritually adjust so to become a good conductor of the higher vibrations of the colour rays. Is not it the same law for acceptance and processing of the solar energy in the organic world? And the sheep and the wolf accept the solar energy directly or in condensed form with food but the sheep give wool, and the wolf sharp teeth and nails.


When the light decomposes, we have 7 colours. In the Divine light that I am talking you about, there are 12 colours. Known to us are only 7, 5 are unknown. What are the others, you are going to learn them in the future.


You are in the physical field, you see 7 colours. If you start concentrating your thought according to certain laws, you will immediately come to a place, to a black zone and even it is during the day time, everything will become dark, despite of the Sun shining. Darkness, who has not tried, he would think that he has become blind. You in your consciousness rise, you pass through a dense zone. Gradually you rise and above a very pleasant red light shows. 7 other colours appear in the second scale.


Now, these, who are here, I do not know whether you have such experience. Maybe some have dreamt. In the evening you see the Sun, don't you? Or you have seen a very beautiful landscape - this belongs already to the second scale. But because in your dream you do not do it consciously, you cannot see the nuances of that red colour. You see it as if in a movie, but you are interested. When people make scientific researches they are interested in the difference between the red colour of the physical field and the red colour of the spiritual world. One is in static position, in the other the things are in movement.


In the physical field an object stays at one place, in order to see it in the spiritual world it has to move permanently. In the spiritual world if you move, you are visible; if you do not move, you are in the physical field. In the physical field as soon as you stop moving, you are visible; if you move, you become invisible. You become invisible, because the objects that move away become small and disappear. You think that they do not exist. They are not seen. What in the physical field is invisible, it is far from your consciousness. What in the physical is moving away, in the spiritual world is coming closer this is what they call changes. These are both poles of life, from the one pole to the other pole.


I am not talking about the first scale of the coloured 7 rays, but about the rest two. Experiments have been carried out and it is proved that light has 3 scales each of 7 coloured rays. The first scale is the one that we see. Above the violet colour comes another red, behind it come the other the other colour rays. After the second scale comes the third. So the colours repeat one after the other, keeping the same position as in the first scale. It is possible to pass from one scale to the other. For those, who do not understand the laws of light, this is a miracle. I do not say that you have to believe it, but these who have carried the experiences tell about their experience. When it comes to above the ultraviolet colour, you enter in a so dark zone that even in the middle of the day light man can go blind. Who has presence of his spirit and can keep his consciousness awaken, knowing that he has not gone blind in 30 seconds or in 12 minutes before him again will start light to appear. After this light he will enter into another world of his consciousness. Such a consciousness the saints have had. They have been passing to the so called spiritual scale of light and they have been studying it for about 2030 years in succession. Thus they have passed to the spiritual world. No one can get acquainted with the spiritual world, if does not practically enter in the spiritual scale and light. For this concentration of mind is required. You can make this experiment, but having made it once you would not wish to make it again. Some of you are so cowardly that having done the experiment once, they would say: "We have had enough of this!" It is not a question of whether there is another world or not. It is not a question of faith. Faith concerns what you do not see. And you should enter into another world and try the things. Then you will see that among all the things there is something similar.


The best and natural colours are in the rainbow, so you should observe it. There you will find the five basic colours. You can even supply with prisms, so that when the day is nice on a white background to draw the rainbow. Thus you will observe; study and remember and will know the five basic colours.


In music, as in speech, colour rays play a very big role. You cannot make an ardour, a complete speech if you are not abundant with the red colour. The red colour is magnetic. Such a man, abundant in red colour is a source of life and strength.


You cannot study the spiritual world until you do not learn each of the colours separately. You should know what brings each colour inside itself red, green, blue, dark blue, violet. Except the seven colours there are yet many more that you do not know. You have come only to the seven colours. As the human brain is now being developed, man has come to the position to perceive and more colours of light, but he has only a notion about them. As the human brain is arranged now, the colours do not provoke any reaction yet, as a result of which they do not go out. But in the saints, who have gone to a higher phase in their development, the colours react on them, cause a line of reactions in their brain and they go out in the form of lights.


When Christ has been in the mountain and has prayed, out of His head started going out lights. Then to Him have showed Moses and Elias, with whom He talked. Those, who do not understand the laws, wonder how his can happen. They do not know that Christ has been transformer of Love. So, if you want to be religious and spiritual people, you should be transformers of Love. But without being transformers, nothing can come out of you, neither of your study.


You say: "What will happen with us?" After you die, you will be carried in space. If after your death they put you undergo a temperature equal to the number of 20, exponent 62, you will be decomposed to so small particles that you will occupy the space of the entire solar system. You will be so thin that you will not even have either protons or ions inside. You will have only one power, you will be mixed with the total energy from which you have come. Christ says: "I came from the Father, and I am going back to my Father." You say: "I will give up my personality." You will give up on a general basis! Personality is what gets to an end. One day, when you become only the energy, you will become one with God, in the words of the Hindus. Your soul will not be lost, it will remain, but you will realise that you are one with God. You will do His will, and you will regret that you have not known this thing earlier.


Now, when people die, they do not put them on such a high temperature, but they bury them in the ground, where they put most of 200, 300 degrees to keep warm. Man cannot suddenly light up like a saint. If man is placed a high temperature to light up, he will shine over the entire world. To put you at such a high temperature, it is a great benevolence. This heat can be 200, 300, 400, 500 and more million degrees. When it comes to even higher temperatures, it is already unbearable. I say, what will be our faith then? Spirit is something powerful, strong, and impressive. When you come to the Spirit you should treat Him with all his reverence, you should not to think that He is something that can be embraced, kissed or hold. You cannot catch Him with either thoughts or feelings with anything. To have the real thing, you need 500 million degrees. Then you will have the yellow colour.


With 300 million degrees you will have red that is still tangible. With 200 million degrees you will have green colour that is still tangible.


When you go outside the range of colours and go to the radiation to number 20 exponent 62, according to the scientists, you will be within the limits of the spiritual world and in one with the angels you will serve God. I want everyone to go through this great heat, to become one with God.


This is the ideal of the human soul; it seeks purity of the colour white, a symbol of self-denial, of generosity. The black colour takes and the white - gives. White colour says: I need red; I begin to work it to create a new life. Then I'll take the orange colour that shapes things. Then I will take the green, yellow, blue, dark blue, violet, to complete the great work of Love. This is the reason why people wear colourful clothes. Each colour has its place. Man should know why to wear clothes with one colour or another. And when he dresses, he should have an idea. If you dress in white clothes, you will think of purity and selflessness. All that you have you will give it away. Having stained white clothing will make it red. So, white colour will turn to red, which means that you will enter the fight of life. However, the red colour has another side it brings life. In general, each colour is a symbol of something. To study significance of colour, it means studying the alphabet of life.


How to distinguish solids? They differ in that anything they catch, they keep for themselves. They say: "This is for us." It is nothing else. Liquid substances, they dissolve everything and drag it, they carry it. The air form substances rise up things. When the air comes, it will stir up the leaves, it will begin to lift them up, to play with them And when the light comes, it reveals all the secrets, all hidden works. As it comes, like a reporter it starts to tinker here and there, to pull something that they have hidden, it takes it out into the world. I ask now: if everything comes into the world, what will remain? You say, don't you: "We should be white" If we were all white, what would happen to the material world? All people want to be clear; everyone wants to have white clothes. All, if you were white, what would happen to the world? The word "white" is a respect, this is a great philosophy. If you do not understand the meaning of the white and the bleach will create trouble. If you go to the North Pole, your eyes will hurt you because of the white. Everything you look around, it is all white. This is partly true, so to speak.


Someone dressed in white clothing, will he become a saint? They say that the white colour gives everything. Since the white colour gives, by putting on some clothes in white, have you become holy and righteous? No. It is said: "The black colour takes everything." Dressed in a black dress, what has he taken? Black is static. The black colour defines certain position. But there is a dynamic that the black perceives. They are kind of vibrations, energies going on the way of black. Black is a way in which energies go.


Nature has closed the human brain. Lighting comes through the eyes. And all the thoughts come with the help of black. The black colour is the raw material, while the white colour, these are processed materials. Therefore, black is what you have to think about. Comes a suffering - suffering is a raw material that you should know how to process it.


And if you know how, you will turn it into a white material.


It is an art man to know how to show. You will wear a green garment to show people that they have to be rich. You will wear a yellow clothing to show them that they have to be smart. You will wear a blue garment to make them be truth-loving. At last you will wear white clothes to make them live in purity and holiness.


Observing the colours of the clothes and the clothes that people wear today, I find that they do not contribute anything good. For example, some people are not allowed to wear black clothes. On the other is not allowed to wear red clothes. Everyone should know what clothes can wear. You say there is fashion in clothes taken from Paris and you will dress according to this fashion. However Paris fashion is not authoritative for nature. In the present development of mankind it is best people to dress in clothes that are in soft and pleasant colours to soften their feelings. The colours of the clothes should be such as to satisfy the man himself. Many wear ties or bright clothes, in inappropriate for them colours that are harmful to their nervous system. If they wear clothes in these colours, these people cannot become either painters or musicians or scientists. Religious people wear black clothes, but their work is not going well. Each colour has its own purpose, which learned people know.


For example, the green colour is materialistic, red colour is active, it is more the colour of the animals, orange colour is of individualism. The only colours that match the current development of the people are clear blue and clear yellow. So when man feels unhappy, let him turn his eyes up to heaven. The blue colour of the sky is soothing. If man perceives that colour in himself he will be climbing the ladder to those vibrations that carry a life.


I'm talking about the colours not only as carriers of certain vibrations, but as bearers of life. Blue brings Truth in man. It does tinted people's minds and makes them free. The Law of freedom opens people's hearts, expands them and gives space to human will. Truth sets the tone of life. So between all events in life there is unbreakable connection.


In the future you should make seven suits: one for the Moon - for Monday, one for Mars - for Tuesday, one for Mercury - for Wednesday, then for Jupiter - for Thursday, for Venus - for Friday, for Saturn - for Saturday and for the Sun - for Sunday.


Monday - Green, Tuesday - red, Wednesday - yellow, Thursday - blue, Friday - pink or bright blue, Saturday - violet, Sunday - orange.


Purple colour corresponds to Saturday, Saturn tone "B" number 7.


Speaking about the rationality of life, we mean the ratio of light to life. Life is good for the occurrence and development, which needs three colours: red, yellow and blue. Rationality especially comes from yellow. Yellow is related to the knowledge of the human experiences. Red cannot occur if the yellow does not come to help it. This means that man can not appreciate the goods of life while is not rational.


When talking about colours, we are convinced that on them also depends the stage of development of a man. We live in the organic world, where colours, play an important role in human development. By the colour of eyes of the parties, by the lips of man can be known for how long such a man might end school, or leave it, also you can tell if someone is a good musician, or just twangs , you can always tell if a person has strong faith or not.


The rationality shows the tremendous amount of light that you have perceived. Under the word "rational person" we understand tremendous amount of light that is perceived in the Divine world. Justice implies processing, distribution of light, work that is done. Goodness implied produced material that has been acquired. Then you have: The good man is a farmer, in fairness is an industrialist and entrepreneur is in wisdom. This is the best trade or rationality is invested capital, fairness is treated capital and good is capital which is disposed. I say: under the "rational man" we mean that he should have enough light to process. If light in him stops, mental activity stops. Once mental activity stops, justice and goodness ceases. They are coupled. Light is coupled with fairness. Under the word "justice" we mean harmony in life.


Man is a form for you, but he also exists as light. The more intelligent a man is, the more his light is clear. If intelligence is reduced, the light becomes slightly bluish colour, then pale yellow, etc. Intelligence is judged by the colour. Heart and Love have soft pink colour, soft pink hues. White light is of virtue and will. Intersection of all colours gives the human aura. By aura is judged the degree of human development.


There are people in which dominates the red colour, they are people Martians. There are people in which dominates the orange colour, they are where people individualists, wherever they go, it is evident that they are generals. Everywhere the first place they want. If forming a company they want to become president, to hold the highest post. There are people who wear yellow, deal with high work poetry, philosophy, willing to serve, uncover secrets. Others involved with the green colour, want to become the richest people. There are others who deal with blue, want to become great religious people, patriarchs, bishops, extraordinary work, to give orders to the world. Who wear violet colour, they do want to have a royal mantle, as you look at them, big men will become.


Red always increases the energy of man it brings progress. If anaemic, man comes alive from the red colour. If we bring the orange colour in man, he begins to individualise, gives price of things. In green things grow. In yellow man begins to think. When the blue colour is in man it develops his spiritual feelings: faith, hope, meanwhile giving conditions for Love. With violet colour creates force in man to enable him to overcome some difficulties. When man is discouraged, it shows that there is little violet colour. If life is low, red is low. If he does not know why he has come to the Earth orange colour is scantily represented in it. If a man does not learn, it shows that the green colour in it is low. Each colour brings some impulse in man. Green colour says to man, "You have to grow according to all rules, as God requires, and each thought, each feeling and each act of yours to be at its place. Moreover, what we do in the world will do to the world."


Everyone who is energetic is red. Everyone who thinks is yellow. Everyone who believes is blue. Everyone who grows is green. Everyone who is individualised is orange. Everyone who wants to command the people is violet. This is how I understand it. You say: red, blue.


Especially for me, red means an energetic person. If you increase the red colour the boiler is sprayed. If you increase the yellow colour the head is sprayed. The present doctors say that someone has become exceedingly sensitive. But according to me vibrations of yellow have a bit increased, have disordered are the nerves. I say: you should decrease this colour. If you have drunk a little wine you have lost your balance.


The red colour is acquired through purity. If you cannot acquire red colour, you will always be ill. Purity is the main conduit of the major ton of red. The red colour carries the material that builds life. This colour of the rainbow is not the major red colour. The major red when you take it, it will bring in you joy, light, power, heat. It is God's Love. God's Love when it touches man with the smallest major red colour it immediately brings light, purity, strength in the body.


When you give way to the Divine in yourself, you will not be wearing black clothes, but I will wear a garment made up of the seven colours of the spectrum.


The red colour is manifestation of life.


The orange colour means individualisation of life.


The green colour strive to growth.


The yellow colour is manifestation of intelligence in life.


The light blue colour is manifestation of faith.


The dark blue colour is acquisition of life.


The violet colour is manifestation of the strength of life.


The colours of the spectrum, together, show that all disputes and misunderstandings between people disappear. The white colour of the light indicates that man should be prepared to serve God with all his soul, with no external rules and methods. Everyone should serve God as he understands internally, like children.


If you have free time left, help others, but you have not yet arranged your life. You have no knowledge yet. You, if they ask you how many are the vibrations of the red colour, do you know? They are 428 billion. What are the vibrations of the orange colour? 502. What are the vibrations the yellow colour? 516. What are the vibrations of the green colour? 569. What are the vibrations of the clear blue colour? 604. What are the vibrations the blue colour? 669. How many are the vibrations of the violet colour? 739.


How have calculated that the red light has 400 trillion vibrations? For violet light it is even said that it has 800 trillion oscillations. How have they been calculated exactly? That there is something true, it is, but that the calculations are correct, this is an issue.


Each colour has its intermediate tones. So, science does not know which the true red colour is and how many are its oscillations. Furthermore, from red to orange colour there is certain area that scientists do not know. They know that from the red light down vibrations are reduced and from the red light up vibrations red are increased. The present scientists seek what proportion of these oscillations is. According to different scholars there are different calculations for oscillations. Scientists have come to the conclusion that in order to project light, it takes a certain amount of vibrations. That is why light cannot be distributed in any environment. There are certain vibrations of light that are healthy, but there are such that are not healthy. For instance, there is a tile colour that is not at all healthy. There is black colour which is not healthy. In black colour there is light and darkness, and it is progressive. They say that somewhere it is very dark. But from darkness to darkness there is difference.


The ether's double of the spleen makes a number of transformations of the life force of the Sun that surrounds us. This light is ultimately pale pink, not too pale pink, slightly to the violet and the colour spreads through the nerves around the physical body. In such a pale pink light is submerged Christ.


Modern physicists have not yet studied at what angle of light refraction, with which conflicts a red colour is formed, they have not studied on what angles in collisions of light which formed orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and other colours at all. For example, if in you a discontent is born, appears red light, and you become active. But when someone wants to insult you, before you even hear what he will say, you open wide your eyes and listen. When you hear offensive words, you perceive the colour. Then you shrink the eyebrows a little in you starts an internal reaction. If you are stronger than the one that offended you, in you is born a desire to fight, but if you are weaker a thought is born under what conditions you will revenge. You have not studied what angles are formed by opening the eyes when closing, etc. All these things are interesting to be studies.


If the red colour, by the astrologers called "Mars colour", affects the man it will be shown in a special way. What is a red colour? It is the colour of passion, which means influence on human passions. When Mars is in unfavourable conjunction with Saturn, then appear such circumstances, under which man deprived of his experience and understanding, can put his head between them as mouse puts its head into the trap. Many people fall into these unfavourable conditions, like some robbers in police custody.


When someone is rude, it shows that there is an excess of red colour inside him, of his energy, and he must get rid of it. Lack of will, cowardice is lack of blue. From this view, bad people always have more heat and less light. Good people just the opposite: they have more light and less heat. Red absorbs everything inside it.


In the garment of Love, in the red dress we have a start, the basis of life. The red colour shows the currents that operate in nature. The degree of colour shows what energies are hidden in the red colour. Red colour is just one measure of light outside. As sometimes you have put a measure, to be able to measure, so the red colour is put to measure in order to be measured feelings. When you are anaemic, keep in mind this measure.


Then, keeping the measure on the road, you will be able to understand your rights. If you do not believe in the red, how will life come? If you do not believe in yellow, how will thought come to you?


Yellow is an unnatural colour. Yellowness should be outside. Life itself does not tolerate any colour. Life is colourless inside. Life is inside, it must be absolutely colourless, but from outside it has all the colours. If the colours enter in, in the essence, you will pile all misfortunes on yourself or say then: you are blue. So, which is the most natural of colours? There are colours that are cold; there are colours that are warm Red is hot, I call it magnetic. The colours I have divided them into magnetic and electric colours. The second serve for the development, for growth. If you want to develop, to grow, it is necessary that you serve with red and scarlet. (...) In nature there is such a colour. You, when you see that colour, your heart will wince and you will not forget it for years. You, when you think about it, something in the pit of your stomach will shudder. So, sometimes in humans occurs, rarely, but this colour appears on the lips, and when one has seen in any girl that colour on her lips, he goes mad, he walks around and thinks about the colour of the lips. But because this colour is the colour of the girl, then the girl becomes victim of the colour.


If the warmth of the yellow colour, which is about 500 million degrees, increases the human nervous system cannot withstand. Not that the nervous system will not stand, but the particles electrons, protons and neutrons cannot withstand the heat and cause decomposition of the brain. In this situation, man begins to fantasise. How can man be saved in this situation? Many want to become very educated people. Hazardous work is becoming very learned.


Modern people are stripped of scarcity of the yellow light. They have plenty of red. Warlike people have abundant red light in themselves. To run the red colour out of the people and the world not to suffer, people let the blood go. War is a bad thing, but for now it's a necessity. If wars do not occur, greater catastrophes than war will happen. If war does not happen, major earth quakes would happen, or a planet will be destroyed, and will again be created. Astronomers from time to time notice that a star ignites and begins to burn. This is a whole catastrophe.


Everyone is a manufacturer, which produces inside him red or yellow fabrics. Who goes through the male line, he needs red fabrics. Who goes through the female line, he needs yellow fabrics. So, the relationship between people aims to have proper exchanges of the goods they produce. The more correct is the exchange between people, the stronger their connections are. Those who follow the male line, produce inside yellow colour. Those who walk through the female line, produce red colour. When we say that no one lives for himself, we mean that man should not be satisfied with what he himself has produced. He must necessarily enter into relationship with those people who make a colour opposite of his.


If you're weak in the mind, wear yellow. If you are weak in faith, wear blue. If you're weak in life, frail, wear red. If you are trampled by people wear orange colour. If you're weak, wear purple, lilac colour. Now I am talking about the positive side of colours. There are negative colours and there are positive colours. A positive colour is healthy.


Green colour is extremely materialistic. Therefore, it is the cause of modern materialism One day when humanity goes out of this colour, it will come to blue, green then that comes under the rainbow. In its development mankind has passed at first through the red colour, then through the orange colour, now is in the green colour, then it will enter the clear blue colour. So, the future century is the century of clear blue colour. And finally mankind will complete its development on the Earth in the yellow colour.


The green colour is not bad, but when it prevails over the other colours, this has bad influence on man.


The green colour is connected to the senses and calms more. It is magnetic colour, it creates growth.


The Sun sends its light to the Earth and of that solar energy profit all the embryo. The solar light and heat awake our mental energy to be able to work. At first man should know how to keep his head towards the Sun. If someone wants to become learned man, he should know at what angle he should put his head towards the solar energy. You cannot become a scientist, if you do not know the way in which you should perceive the yellow, the golden colour of the light. You say: "How can I know how to put my head? And who will tell me this?" It is not a question about that, but first of all you doubt whether human intelligence depends on the yellow colour of light. People do not even suspect that the yellow colour is given as a subject to study for the development of the human intelligence.


Now according to you what on disposal depends? It depends on the blue colour. Man, who lacks blue colour, he is not disposed; he has scarcity. The blue colour contains the psychological energy of the inner wealth. Man, when realises, that he has inner wealth inside himself, he is content. The emblem is the blue colour, you have acquisitions. Faith, when developing in man, it has blue colour. But it is not the only in the world. Blue colour shows the strength of faith. The application of faith, when you sense light inside you, has a soft light in mind then the blue colour is already there. The light shows that what you have, you can apply.


You cannot be free, if you do not have that, the blue dress of Truth. When you acquire it, you will be free. This, the blue colour that I am talking to you about is not such as you think. It is an emblem It has so many nuances, this blue colour. This, the blue colour is in combination with other colours. It is in the centre, around it rotate all the other colours, helping it and giving it value. Some of you think, that it is only the blue colour, but this blue colour, it is a centre, around it work all the colours. I say: around this blue colour we have creatures that will come from the invisible world; they will teach you how to be free.


You have not seen the blue colour. If you see it, it could be maybe a hundred times more beautiful than you see it on the sky. You will see it, gushing, gushing light out, bluish light going out. This light, when gushing, provokes you to make good. You are trembling to do good even to the smallest fly; you are happy that you can make good. If the blue colour does not stimulate you to make good, if the yellow colour does not stimulate you to think nice, to have the most beautiful thoughts, if the red colour does not stimulate you to acquire the most beautiful vibrations in life, then what for is this colour to you?


The blue colour is for the heart. When man wants to be consoled, to have peace in his heart, he should look at the blue colour.


The blue colour is of faith and of the Truth. If you are not well disposed, put in front of you the blue colour, it brings energy and peace, it calms. Clothes in blue colour tone. The blue colour is for the spiritual life of man then we can grow up spiritually. If you believe, you have blue colour in your aura. If you believe, you accept and without it you cannot serve God. Serving God includes the following: we serve God with what He has given to us.


The dark blue colour makes you feel a little sorrow this is reserve and should be rarefied.


The violet colour is of the Spirit, it means strength and brings strength; this is the colour of Jupiter. It concerns human will and human spirit.


Salvation of humanity is done with violet colour. It is the colour of will, sweetness, blessing, submission.


Dark blue colour in its purity produces hardness, decisiveness, stability in belief, in feelings, but in non pure state it brings uncertainty.


Violet colour in its purity produces strength of character, but if not pure cowardice.


Black colour should wear who is nervous, but who is healthy should wear white. Hats, umbrellas, etc. should not be black. Who wears black becomes mercenary. In white you give, in black you take. White colour means purity, it has intensive inner life. If you want to work inside, put the white colour as a base.


Each colour corresponds to a day of the week, to a planet, to an hour, to a tone, to a number.


'C' corresponds to number 9. The black colour corresponds to 'C', to number 9, to Mars, to Tuesday.


The orange colour corresponds to Sunday, to the Sun, to 'D' and to number 1.


The yellow colour corresponds to Wednesday, to Mercury, to 'E', to number 5.


The green colour corresponds to Monday, to the Moon, to 'F', to number 2.


The clear blue colour corresponds to Thursday, to Jupiter, to 'G', to number 3.


The dark blue colour corresponds to Friday (and the rose colour), to Venus, to 'A' and to number 6.


The violet colour corresponds to Saturday, to Saturn, to 'B', to number 7.


Gold is related to the Sun, copper to Venus, silver to the Moon, iron to Mars, tin to Jupiter; lead to Saturn, platinum - to Uranus.


As a rule: the lighter a colour is; the greater and the better its spiritual influence is. There are electric and magnetic colours. For example, red, yellow, clear blue and violet could be electric, but orange, green, dark blue magnetic. Calming colours are clear blue, clear green and clear yellow.


There is certain light that passes, without being accepted by the body. Exactly now in man will be formed specific organs, a net that catches the new beams of light. Who has such a net, is from the new; who does not have is from the old. Without perceiving new light and the new thought cannot come. Ordinary light even the animals do not have. The people who have clear view of colours are very few. But if a net for this energy is formed, it will be possible to perceive the second octave of colours. It should be known that there are mechanical, organic and psychological vibrations of light. We should be ready for the new light; the old light will become servant of the new light.


This is a theory, but you need something real to start perceiving the new light. If the eyes of man open, he will see that in the air there are strange things. And we, when we look, we do not see anything in it, it seems to us that it is transparent. But if we start perceiving the new light, we will see a completely new world. Sometimes man sees flowers, nice valleys... In fact he sees part of the kingdom, hidden from our view. There is an invisible world that we are moving in and that surrounds us. Viewing of the invisible world will come and is only matter of time. With the last discoveries in science we are moving closer to it. It is not only a matter of philosophy, but there should be a real communication with the invisible world.


In the future, each beam that enters your eyes at sunrise will talk to you the light will talk to you. The water will talk, the wind will talk; all around you will hear soft and nice speech that you have never heard. A flower will nod: "Welcome, brother". The people think that they know life, but they have hardly had a glance on it.


And Christ says: "If you survive in Me and My words survive in you, whatever you want, you will have it". What will be? We will know how to transform our present life. I should transform my inner life, this is for me. And I notice one thing, when I walk among the people; everyone has concentrated his mind on the others. He looks that this man is rich, but he has nothing. No, each of us should turn his mind to his vineyard, each should dig his vineyard. And "if My words says Christ survive in you", this law of Love we can apply in a trial. Now, how are we going to apply it? For Love there are laws in the physical world, we will apply it as we apply light. There is glass and they know how to send light through it, how to pass it through. In the future mothers will know how to pass the beams of Love. These beams come from the human eyes. You should see what the beams are that come from the eyes of that man, who loves you. Sometimes from the human eyes go out red beams, sometimes orange, green, blue, yellow beams, sometimes go out white beams and even black. These beams that go out of the human eyes, out of the human soul have various influences.

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