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Movement, Space, Time


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Movement, Space, Time


From the perspective of curved lines, if we look inside the world it will be concave if you look outside, it will show to us hollowed. If traveling on these lines, we think that they are horizontal. But in the world there are no such long horizontal lines. This shows that there is a circle and because the centre is far away from this line, the surface seems to us horizontal. Lines form an obstacle. Perpendicular lines give impulse. Electricity moves on horizontal lines and magnetism moves on curved lines.


If an object moves with the speed of light, it will bend to the outside; if it moves with lower speed than that of light, it will bend inward. This body that moves with lower speed, it will acquire a quality and this body that moves with higher speed, it will get another quality.


The essence of life is rational, this is light. From this point of view in the universe there is absolutely no movement. This thing can make you a bit confused. You say: "How, is there no movement in the universe?" In the universe there is only a little wiggle. Each particle is moving on its place. It flickers and goes nowhere. For instance, any particles do not come to the Sun. Each piece of it only vibrates on its place and this is called movement. You will say: "But how, I go from one place to another, I have come from home here." These are philosophical arguments that should be proved. Can they be understood? In this thought there is an extreme contradiction. At first glance, this is a huge contradiction. You say: "I'm moving, and he wants to show us that there is no movement." Suppose now that our universe, no matter how large it is, has a radius in the form of a straight line that is moving. Imagine that this line is material, several trillions of miles long and on it are placed live creatures. Let us say that this line rotates so fast that it can in 24 hours make one turn around the entire universe. Can you calculate the end point of this movement?


When the entire line, the radius makes a whole rotation, the point at which the radius is resting will make no movement, it will only move in one place. If this is just a projection of our minds, we just think that there is movement.


In my last lecture I said that there is no movement in nature, but only a move. Some have not understood me well. In the world there is movement, but it is only partial, thus I understand it. Everything in this infinite space does not move, if all eternity if the universe if the entire cosmos is moving, where will this go? Even more, because all that space is filled with a substance. Some philosophers maintain movement, others deny it. Both are right, yet there is something in the world that does not move. This implies absolute substance or reality, of which has been made the whole universe. When talking about motion, I mean change forms. There is movement only there. Moving ever implies a new life, or is it a sign of a new world that is emerging. I say: when the eternal decides to limit, only then there is movement. Therefore, we say: only the particles of the whole are moving, the whole sits in peace. And in man there is movement. I ask then: where do your legs move? You have one mechanical movement on the outside, you walk everywhere, but inside you there is another essential movement, a movement of the cells that form your legs. If you are, for instance, an x, under this law the cells of the feet of a generation of a number of creatures in the future, after a few thousand generations, the cells will form their hands. This has not yet been proven mathematically, these are just suggestions. So, there will be movement of the cells from the legs to the hands. The cells of the hands, because they are of higher evolution, enter the brain.


Contemporary scientists say that everything in the world is moving. This statement of the learned people is half true, because if everything actually moves, then we would not have known this movement. So, there is something moving on something that does not move. Therefore, due to the constant, we know what is moving. So, there is something in the world that moves on something immovable. There is something variable on something that is invariable. So, in yourself, what moves, what amends, brings joy to you. And yet in every soul, in every mind there is something that moves. Is the bottom of that river, where the water flows, moving? No, its bottom is permanent. It is true it means that only the developing life moves, but life that is not moving it is a constant. Therefore, the developing life is determined by the one, who does not develop or is not differentiated, or that who has no need to manifest itself. This is something that in an occult language means: there are creatures who are not satisfied with their situation and they want to manifest.


In the world there is movement, there is a distance, that's right. But in psychology, however, there are some other states that we define. Sometimes man says: "I have fallen, I have sunk and I am very deep below." Where have you fallen? "I have sunk so deep that I would hardly ever go out." This falling for him is so real that he believes in it. Another man does say: "I am high above in the sky." I ask: how could this man fall into such a deep, with millions of meters down and talk to me at that moment, and how is it possible, in the other case, when this man is so high above in the sky and yet to talk to me?


While in humans are not created new bodies, a lot of things would remain unexplained to them. New people should be created from new matter.


There are things that we cannot command. You say: "I do not wiggle." You do not move but the Earth moving. You say: "I do not wiggle away." But as you say it, every second the Earth travels 29 kilometres per second. At the same time, the Sun travels 500 kilometres per second. You say: "I do not wiggle," and you move in a second with 29 km, together with the Earth that is dragging you and you are dragged by the Sun away from it at 500 kilometres per second. You say you do not move. The slightest thought moves you.


In the world Love has three manifestations: a manifestation of the human spirit when the spirit manifests its Love - then we have manifestation of the Divine Love, second, when the soul manifests its Love, we have spiritual Love, the mild principle in the world from which life arises, and finally we have the Love of the physical world that the movement is resulting from Every movement, whatever it is, is due to Love. Physicists do not accept this thing, but it is indifferent whether they accept it or not, this thing exists as a fact. And when we accept and when we deny things they are as they are. When we think correctly, it is for us. So we are not in conflict with reality. When we think wrong, we are in conflict with reality and we say: "Why our life is not going as it should?" When our life is not going as it should, it shows that we do not think correctly.


Reality is always distinguished by the following properties: if a man climbing the ladder to the actual reality, just as the scientists say, irrespective of whether he is awake or in a sleeping state whether scholar or simple, it will produce in him a little joy. This is an inevitable law. So, every little joy, no matter of its nature, shows a common point with the reality, out of which life arises or any rationality or out of which come the conditions for the manifestation of this reality. But because we are in motion, we cannot be in constant contact with reality. Therefore, in this movement, the next phase will be a moving away from reality and man will find himself in a curved line. The line of evolution does not go in a straight path, but in a curved way. Now in you can be put the idea: but it is said that we have to go in a straight path? However, the straight path does not mean straight line. If a bandit goes the right way, the shortest way, does this mean that he is on the right path? In esoteric science under the "right way" is understood the way that has the most common points with reality. This way can go around, walk and curve, but once it has the most common points with reality, this is the right path.


Those treading the right path of the law of attraction have well understood and they have formed the straight lines. Those who have gone under the law of expansion have curved lines. Those of movements - are in zigzag lines. If the straight line comes, you want to make your way in your present life. Current conditions are the reason. That bird that is passing through the air above, and you, who are moving on the ground, you cannot take this right way of the bird. When we want to arrange our lives, we should know on what ground we are, what conditions surround us, how to proceed.


Never go in a straight line. You'll see that you go zigzag. It is very hard to walk in a straight line because there is great compression inside. To learn to walk properly, man needs to learn straight lines and curves, the relationship between the straight lines and curves. Then you should know which thought is right and what thoughts are curved. I am not talking about curved thoughts. Thoughts that are flowing are on a curve. There are certain thoughts that go in a straight line. Man walking in a straight line should have more power. Very strong should be man who walks in a straight line. Why are you afraid then? If they bring you out a high place, which is a thousand feet if they want to let you go, why inside you fear is born? You are embarrassed to walk in a straight line. A bird that has curved wings is not at all afraid. You are disturbed, but you're afraid. It is the master of the situation. Ever, when man is not master he is scared up. It is especially, when the lines are perpendicular.


I sometimes go and do not want to meet anyone. Stop by and take the right or left. Ever right I do not stop - once I turn right, once I turn left. You say: "Why?" What will you lose if you drop the left, or what you will win if you turn right? If you turn right, you have to give something. If you drop the left, you should take something. When I want to take, I do not pass by that purse that is empty, I pass by the one who is full I pass by this man who would give something. When I see a poor man, then I do not go left. I pass to the left to get something; then I pass by the rich because his purse is full. When his purse is empty, I go right, because mine is full and his is empty. As for one I open the purse, so I open the purse for another. There should be harmony in nature. You should take, you should give evenly.


Two bodies, one of which goes with higher speed, always repels the body with lower speed. If two people repel, one is moving with higher speed, and the other - with lower. You say: "This man does not love me." Or you move faster or he moves very slowly. Everything is in movement, in the speed. If you love him and you find that you are moving with greater speed, you stop to align and he will love you. You go ahead; you want him to chase you. Where would he reach you? Even if he wants, he cannot reach you. You want people that move faster, to love you. It's impossible.


Now I ask: at first when God has created the world, those creatures that He has created the first, have they had legs? The first cell scientists monitor now has spherical shape. These cells have descended from above. They have rolled there. Once they have come down here to the Earth, these cells cannot roll. And then the need has caused the body to comply with external conditions. Until finally has appeared man who walks on two legs. It is an art to keep on the feet, all thanks to the human thought! Man's thought is spinning spiral. And while your thought is spinning spiral, you can walk. When your thought becomes straightforward, you will immediately find yourself on the ground. You can carry out a scientific experiment. You go and you think about the good. Your thought is spinning spiral. But just thinking about the Divine world, it comes to your mind that the two men have quarrelled and you think who of them is right. Then stop the circular movement and comes rectilinear - you fall to the ground. From above they tell you: "It is not for you to decide who is right!" It is not your job to deal with straightforward, and with what turns. If thou say who is right, you can have a heart attack and you can die. And your heart is moving circularly. If you make its movement straight, it will crack. This is called a heart attack. To rectilinear motion the heart is not used to and if the rectilinear motion comes to the nerves and to the brain, then people go insane. Present psychologists say that the nervous system has upset.


Curvilinear movement, this is Love! They say: What is he turning around her?'As he revolves around the girl, it's nice, but when it comes the rectilinear motion to take the girl for himself, comes all the trouble.


To you comes a bad idea, and you collapse and hit yourself. If you hit your head only, you have not thought nicely. If you hit your hand, you have not acted, as you should act, you have not been fair. If you hurt your leg, it shows that you're not a good person. Thus the place that you hit, shows what you are missing.


Proximity and distance of things depend on our consciousness. Now you can get into a contradiction. Those who do not think cannot define it, but consciousness defines the distance to an object. This subject is sitting somewhere. I say: 100 km from my consciousness, I, who understands that law and another who does not understand it, says that it is much further. I move with greater speed, therefore this object is closer. Then you can reach the object in one minute, and the other needs two days. Therefore, the object is farther away to him than to me. When we say that the object is farther away or closer, we understand the movement.


The speed of movement of a body depends on its intelligence. The faster moves an object, the more intelligent it is. Therefore, rapid movement is safe, slow is harmful. Who thinks fast and moves fast, does no harm; whoever thinks slowly and moves slowly, he does harm.


You say: the light is moving quickly. Light does not move fast, but rational moves. Rational things are fast and foolish are slow. Slowly move is not rational. The faster it moves, the more rational it is. The light in our world moves with highest speed. What would you say if I tell you that there are other worlds, where there are movements of 3 quadrillions and 600 million per second? For such a movement this large world is so large that scientists say that the distant suns of the universe for 500 million years can come to light, and this movement, it is a simple walk. For them there are no distant places.


Some people think: how will God be everywhere? God is everywhere, at one moment in the whole of being is present. So much faster moves that no one can see this movement. We thank that he can move so fast because at that speed is His strength. This that moves quickly, it is most powerful. This that moves quickly, it is the most rational in the world, the most loving and the most free.


In this world man cannot be everywhere at the same time. From this point of view the movement is so fast that there is no gap and it seems that man does not move. In the other worlds, where the matter is thinner, man more easily moves while he can be at many places at the same time. Here, for example, these angels having 6,000,000 wings in one minute can move around all the suns of our universe and come back with knowledge and facts. You will say: how is it possible in one minute to pass such a great space? Well, this time of one


minute can be allocated to even smaller parts. Contemporary scientists have begun to demonstrate that one second of time can be divided into several billion pieces and then each piece makes several trillion reversals.


I say: a particle can move not only with speed of several trillion conversions per second, but even faster. This rapidity with which this particle moves in the visible world is the speed of snail.


Fast movements we cannot grasp them The movement of light we do not grasp. A quick movement, such as the colour red for example, we grasp it, and it is movement of 400 trillion oscillations. This is the fastest movement. In the orange colour the vibrations increase.


Light in us with its movement produces a nice impression. Those things in us that produce the best works are moving very fast.


The entire surface of the human brain and the human body is one of the recipients of the various energies. For example, the head of man, the human brain is one of those recipients of the energies that occur in the whole nature. And man with his body and his brain perceives something from space. Now, the word "space" is a broad concept. They ask: "Where does space spread to?" Until there, until man understands. Space is an idea of human mind, of human vision.


Time and space are two masters with different personalities: one is tight, and it takes account of the smallest speck. The second has a wide heart: it gives as much as you want. Who is dissatisfied with life, this shows that the weather controls him, who is happy with life, the space manages him This is the simplest, the most elementary philosophy which gives somewhat just one definition of concepts of time and space.


We say that the Earth is 92 million miles away from the Sun. How far is the Earth from the Sun? We say: 8 minutes. So, if you understand the Sun, you are eight minutes from the Sun if you do not understand, you are 92 million miles away. Then it requires years. If you do not understand the Sun and travel by an ordinary train, it will take 250 years. If you travel by a buffalo cart, how long will it take? It will take several millions of years. If you travel with the speed of a bug, you will need billions of years.


When we say that things are far, we understand our degree of intensity. When the intensity is reduced, space increases; when the intensity is increased, the space is reduced. If the space between us increases, Love is reduced. As space is reduced, Love increases. But this space should be reduced by the Divine law. Not the space is reduced - the space itself cannot be reduced. The reality of space can be reduced, but the space can neither increase nor decrease. But if we travel faster from one object to another, the space is less. If we travel more slowly, the space is larger.


Modern people who doubt in God they want Him to stop His work and to ask them: what is your misfortune? But it is a mistake. God of His work cannot stop anything. He will work, He may increase the time and space. In God is that He can increase the time, He may reduce it. When you hang someone the time is shorter. The days run fast, don't they? Someone has to give; the time seems very short to him isn't it? Then he wants the time to continue. So we in the present conditions of life do not have any criteria to know the true measure of time.


Say, if you travel in a special train, it will take you to go to the Sun 250 years, so much time you will need. If you move with the speed of light, you will need 8 minutes. What is the difference between 8-minute set and 250 years? It is only a matter of your consciousness. Your consciousness can travel with a train; can move with the speed of light, you can travel even faster. Therefore, time and space are determined by the consciousness: it is outside of time and space, beyond the issue of the conflict, beyond doubt and fear. Space produces fear, and time produces doubt. When you fall in a well, the fear will come, no doubt. And when it comes to pay a matured policy doubt will come. You will think whether he has not made a mistake, when man comes with his policy. Doubt will come into your mind. So when you compare the two objects in time, disharmonious, these objects create doubt in our mind, when two separate objects in space, will produce fear in our minds. Now, a little explanation: Let us say that you have said one derogatory word to your friend - immediately fear arises that you may lose him - you are in space, you feel that relationships can break.


For some of us who are born, there is milk and some - solid food. The farther you walk on, will try more wealth. Therefore, we are in that period when God's love is manifested to his students. So we are in the finest condition when God delights himself to show to the students. What could be better than that when the father says to his son: "Son, take your bag and go to school." And the whole space, with all the suns and planets created as a school and all of you will walk in all the planets, the Sun, the Moon; you will go anywhere to learn. You will take various ways in your trips and you will meet again. But you will ask: "In how many millions of years we meet?" No, a journey of 10 million years we can cut to 1 hour or V2 hour and another V2 hour journey we can stretch it to 100 million years. It is a question of running. It depends on what train we will take, how quick, how fast. There is the question on what train you will travel. If you get on a train at high speed, the suns will pass by very quickly you will not be able to see all the beauties and you will say: "We went through the universe and saw nothing." If you take a train, traveling with lower speed at one place will stop at another location you will stop, you will see each planet. In the spaces between these planetary worlds exist such worlds that modern humans do not even suspect, they think that what they see, this is all. But it's not. There are other worlds that cannot be seen with modern telescopes. Einstein has said that there is no time and space. I understand his language: there is no time and space, but there are conditions.




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