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Man – a System of Energies and Forms. The Master Peter Deunov. The book

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Methods for healing according

to the lectures



Peter Deunov, known by his spiritual name Beinsa Douno, also called "The Master of Love", or simply "TheMaster", lived in Bulgaria from 1864 to 1944. He made accessible a part of the Great Esoteric Knowledge by his preaching and his lectures over 40 years, gathered in more than 300 volumes. Of his teaching he says this:


"The teaching of Peter Deunov doesn 't exist. There is only one Divine Teaching which I know. It is the Great Teaching of Life. Christ said: "I speak about what I know from my Father. By myself I am unable to speak". That is why He doesn't preach His own Teaching. If the Teaching which is preached gives meaning to your life, gives you health, understanding, light, makes you free, follow it. That is exactly the teaching contained within every soul. It points to the true life."


The lectures by the Master Beinsa Douno contain much concrete knowledge for man, methods for perfection and development of the consciousness, methods for healing which are included today in the term "holistic healing."


The following exposition views man, drawn as a creation of cosmic forces and subtle energies penetrating the material structures.


The second part presents some of the methods, rules and formulas, taken from lectures by the Master.




Grateful acknowledgement must be made

to all dear friends who encouraged

and helped us to made this booklet.


© Dr Svetla Baltova - compiler, 1994

© Publishing House SILA I JIVOT, 1994

ISBN 954 8146 10 X


Note: the term "man" used in this booklet is a translation of the Bulgarian word "chovek", meaning human being. It applies equally to men and women.



Readers wishing to know more of the Master Peter Deunov may write to: Dr Svetla Baltova, Sofroni Vrachanski, 5A, 4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria


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