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Man can be likened to a Divine book, consisting of many pages where he himself has been writing his contents over the ages. Everything that has happened and is happening on earth and in heaven is written on man. Everything God has created exists in miniature in man too. All animals, plants, minerals, crystals, together with all souls that exist in the world, have not only a reflection inside you, but also their representatives.
The human body is a synthesis of all the processes in nature. If you know your body, you will know both the visible and invisible worlds. If you know the people surrounding you, you will know the whole universe.
The purpose of the efforts man makes in his life is the development of organs, which are useful in all the worlds. With them, you will be able to contact not only the physical world but also the higher realms. You will need physical, spiritual and divine organs. Every world requires adequate organs. The important thing for you is to develop these organs. Your personal belief or what people think of you are of no importance.

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