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Occultists tell us that man lives in seven bodies. But in my opinion he has twelve bodies, all of which must be organised. Theosophists mention only seven of them, five are unknown. Most people use only four of the seven bodies. Through your feelings you are linked to the astral world i.e. to your astral body, also called your spiritual body. The astral world has two areas: high and low, according the feelings, which can be high and low. The astral world is liquid, like water. The intellectual and causal bodies are connected to worlds higher then the physical and astral ones. So man lives through four bodies: physical, astral, mental and causal. Each body has its own function, each body consists of a specific substance. As the physical body has its own physiology and anatomy, so the astral, mental and causal bodies have their own physiology and anatomy, similar to those of the physical body.


You should therefore observe the law of consistency in all three worlds. In the physical world you have to know how to eat, how to breathe, how to drink water and how to receive light. On entering the spiritual world you need a well organized astral body, and again a well organized mental body is required for the mental world. Wise is the one who has developed all three bodies.


The development of the spiritual body may be achieved through love, through service to God and through prayer.


These are the three ways to create a spiritual body. How can we tell that one's spiritual body is organized?


The one who doesn't lose his balance, his peace of mind in the face of all the contradictions in his life can be seen as having a well organized spiritual body.


What does the physical body represent? It is a conductor and great accumulator of nature's forces. There are two kinds of natural forces which pass through it: positive and negative electricity, positive and negative magnetism. Nowadays your bodies are not physically harmonised: some of you have more positive electricity or magnetism, others - more negative.


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