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As on the Earth there are two poles - the North and the South - so in the human being there are two poles which are energy stores. The negative one is feeling, while the positive one is thought. The brain is the positive pole and the sympathetic nervous system is the negative pole. On the left side of the human body the energy goes down the left leg, then it goes up the right leg and the right side of the body. Such an electromagnetic current surrounds each organ. For example, positive energy goes along the right brow and down under the right eye where it is transformed into negative energy. Then it goes up over the left eye where it becomes positive again. Then it goes down under the same eye as a negative energy. Moving in this way, the energy forms the number eight. There is a centre at the point between the brows, at the base of the nose, which regulates these currents around the eyes. Man is healthy when the currents of his right side are cool, electrical, and those of his left side are warm.


There are two main currents in a human body. One from the navel to the top of the head upwards, the other downwards from the navel. The first current leads to the centre of the Sun, the second to the centre of the Earth. A third current connects the two. This third current is called the human aura. The second current, i.e. the one leading to the centre of the Earth, includes all the lower energies a human being has gained in his animal states. By studying the structure of the human body, we see that the first two currents include two more currents. All these currents are intertwined with each other. They can be observed also in both human thoughts and feelings.


You are a focus, crossed by energies of the Sun and the Earth. The energies of the Sun pass through you from morning till midday; they come from above and are directed to the centre of the Earth. The opposite movement takes place in the afternoon - the energies of the Earth move along your legs and go up to the Sun. Often, people feel sick in the afternoon, because that is when the currents of the Earth pass through them. You need to know how to polarize and concentrate these forces. Do not stop them. Direct these forces upwards. Other currents come to you in the middle of the night.


Since the legs cannot receive the energy of the Sun directly, they receive energy from the centre of the Earth. Receiving Earth energy gives courage, determination, the body brightens up. Plants and animals understand this law and put it to good use. Manual labour is one way of receiving energies from the Earth.


Here is an exercise: Drop your hands down and concentrate your energy towards the centre of the Earth, then raise this energy from the centre of the Earth and direct it consciously to your brain. To preserve yourself and not to be disturbed, direct the energy from your head to the centre of the Sun. Then bring it back to the Earth centre. These two currents, these two types of energy will meet somewhere, at this point you will feel warmth, a sign of life.


It is important to understand the laws governing living electricity and magnetism, which the Hindus called "prana". The spinal cord is the main receiver and transmitter of prana. First it goes to the cerebellum, then to the cerebrum. If a block appears in the cerebellum, the praria cannot continue its way to the cerebrum, and consequently disharmony will occur. This disharmony spreads through the whole organism.


The etheric double manages the energies which move from outside and inside and transforms them. If it is not able to transform them, a sequence of disorders, a series of discordant conditions spring up in the body.


The magnetic energies follow curves which go in spirals and produce warmth. To a great extent your health is due to the magnetic energies which circulate in your organism. Electrical energies mostly follow straight lines. You have to be able to control the extra electricity and magnetism in your bodies.


If you practise spiritual work, excessive energies accumulate in your bodies and can cause dangerous conditions. In this case man becomes over-sensitive. The etheric body elongates more to the outside, the astral body expands and man starts complaining of not being able to stand other people's influence. You have to learn to get back inside yourselves. When you know the law, you will not allow your etheric double to widen. In a harmonious environment you may expand as far as you like, but when you are in unfavourable life conditions, you have to go back inside yourself.


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