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A human organism consists of about 60 trillion cells, which are highly charged with intelligence. All these cells have qualities and capabilities relevant to diffrent cultures and intelligence. For example, some human cells carry the culture of plants. There are cells which are familiar with the laws of crystalisation. Other ones have passed through the cultures of fish, birds, mammals. There are cells which have passed through the culture of highly developed wise beings. These cells make up the structure of the human brain.
The structure of the Sun and that of the cell is similar. The Sun has three areas within it: one provides the energy, the second accumulates and transforms it, the third directs it to the Earth. There are three areas in the cells too: an outside layer which accepts the energy of the Sun, an intermediate area which accumulates it within itself, and an inner core which transforms it into life energy.
Cells in the human body are wise and intelligent beings. They possess knowledge, but their master must be sensible and know how to manage them. They have consciously given up their own individuality in order to serve within the whole organism. Their aim is to sacrifice themselves for their master and thus raise him. Man enjoys life for as long as these intelligent beings are able to work together with him.
The task of the disciple is to rejuvenate his cells. That is why he has to speak to them. Each day before starting his daily work, the disciple should greet the cells of his body starting with the cells of the brain, eyes, nose, ears and gradually go down to the cells of the lungs, heart, stomach, intestines and finally greet one's own self. By "one's own self" I mean one's inner guidance. Then only should his work begin.
When you get up in the morning, think of yourself as a soul made up of intelligent, noetic beings, working for your benefit. Speak to them and make contact with them consciously. Think of them without any doubt and hesitation. Thinking about them will improve your capacities for working.
In the evening, before going to sleep, send them a good thought again and then go to bed. When you get up in the morning you will find yourself in a particularly pleasant mood.

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