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Four important parts manage the human organism: brain, lungs, heart and stomach.
There is nothing greater than the structure of the human brain and eyes. The quality and quantity of the brain cells which are receivers of God's Love, Wisdom and Truth, determine the love, wisdom and truth of the recipient. The cells transmit whatever light they have absorbed from human consciousnes.
The most precious part of a human organism is the brain. This is a big power dynamo which spreads electricity through the whole organism. If one knows how to use this energy properly, one can cure oneself. The soul uses the cosmic energy of Intelligent Life, which runs along the folds of the brain. The energy of thought runs along these folds and then moves out. They are energy conductors of the whole universe. There is a spiral, roundabout movement in the human brain and whenever this movement flows in the right way, man thinks clearly. Physics teaches that energy goes from the cathode to the anode. Positive energy normally moves from the right hemisphere of the brain to its surface, then turns under the left hemisphere, goes out again to its top and back under the right hemisphere. Energy goes from the right hemisphere to the left one, that is why the present day man thinks with the left hemisphere.This is the reason for the asymmetry of human faces. Man needs to work with both hemispheres.
Whenever someone is about to quarrel, it is a sure sign of some surplus electricity in the right hemisphere of his brain. Whenever someone is in low spirits, in a pessimistic mood, it is a sign of some surplus electricity in the left hemisphere of his brain. If electricity has accumulated in the right hemisphere of your brain, you should not stroke your head with your right hand which would make your condition worse; you should stroke the right side of your head with your left hand and vice versa. Don't let surplus energy accumulate in your brain.The brain is connected to all the parts of the human body. When polarisation appears in some centre, it is reflected at once on the appropriate organ, which in this way participates in the accumulation of energies. Knowing this, you should endeavour to transmit the surplus energy in your organism from one centre to another.
There are three main areas of energies in the human brain: The first, behind the ears, is the location of the lower types of energies.This area can be regarded as the hell in man.
The second area includes the type of energy at work in the forehead - the human life.
The third area represents the type of energy in the upper part of the brain where high moral feelings are in action. This area can be considered as the heaven in man. Thus, whenever someone acts contrary to his noble sentiments, the energy from this area goes down behind the ears. To avoid this, you have to follow your higher aspirations.
When man is angry, vexed or in low spirits, his state of being is due to the accumulated energy round the ears and the back of the head. He must dispel it correctly and transform this energy in order to prevent an explosion. It is recommended in such cases to work with a hoe, to dig, and in so doing to transmit a part of this energy to the earth. If you are unable to do that, touch the tip of your nose 4-5 times. It is important to transmit the energy of anger into labour.
When your thought goes astray and becomes disharmonious, you will feel a pressure in the temporal areas, then you become drowsy, in a hypnotic state and grow sleepy.
Don't allow the energy to accumulate in your temples. This kind of energy is connected to the stomach.
Directing your energy to your temples will influence your stomach.
This way you deprive your brain of power, you demagnetize yourself. An emptiness, a vacant feeling will be felt. You should always direct your energy to the upper part of your head.
Some scientists, some occultists have noticed that white threads have begun to appear in the human brain, signs of new organs to the future humanity. There will be many unexplained things until new organs are created. Today, at the level of development you have reached, those centres which would enable you to communicate with the invisible world are not yet created within you. This is why you have to make some effort to communicate with the higher worlds.
Each man has a sun in the centre of his brain which is an equivalent of our physical sun. The small sun of the human brain accepts energy from the big one, and directs it to the man in the form of thoughts and feelings. This inner sun, or so - called "flying eye of the soul", is a transformer of Divine energy. It possesses some other qualities besides transforming the sun's energy. There is also another transformer in the brain whose task is to direct the sun's energy through the whole body. The condition of the body, as well as man's feelings, depends on the proper transformation of those energies.
Your first task is to learn to control the brain.
Accumulate energy from nature and direct it to the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the forehead, the back part of the head, the top of the head, then guide this energy round your body. Start directing this magnetic energy flow and continue until a bright magnetic aura is created around your body. You will then feel yourself free.

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