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Consciousness is placed in the head and partially in the spinal column. In the past the centre of consciousness was not located in the head. It was in the sympathetic nervous system - in the solar plexus. In ancient times man thought through the solar plexus.


Man can be likened to a tree, containing two more trees. These two trees represent the two main systems: the cerebral and the sympathetic nervous systems. The branches of the cerebral system spread down and reach to the body's limbs and the roots are in the brain. The other tree is the stomach brain or the sympathetic system which consists of knots, ganglions, mostly spread in the area of the stomach. The roots of the sympathetic system are planted in the ganglions, i.e. in the stomach brain, and the branches go upwards. So the branches of these two trees interwine.


The cerebral system is the electricity carrier. That is why if it is allowed to develop more than the other, the person begins to wither. The electricity deprives the organism of all its humidity. The sympathetic system is the carrier of magnetism. Whenever it is developed to excess in man, he becomes fat, because surplus matter accumulates in him. Thus those two systems can correct each other.


The nervous system and the whole human organism today are not strong enough to withstand the vibrations and the strong currents of love. That is why occult science recommends certain exercises for the mind, heart and will with the aim of making the forces of the organism adjust to the forces and currents of nature.


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