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The organ of the sight, the eye, is connected to the human mind. Man should have healthy eyes to enjoy a healthy and well organized brain.


The eye is a living Divine form, where the organization of the way in which the whole of space, the whole of the Solar system, life itself, is impressed.


Through the eyes we receive the high energies of nature which influence us. The first function of the eye is to collect and disperse the sunrays: it collects them from outside towards the inside, and it disperses them from the inside out.


The upper lid represents involution, the Holy Spirit's coming down into matter. The lower eyelid represents evolution, the rising of the spirit. The lower eyelid shows the path' we have to walk along.


Involution and evolution cross, thus creating the human being. Man is placed between the spirit's coming down and up.


Man's eye was the last to be formed. It has the highest origin. All prominent clairvoyants, all adepts and Masters of humanity read and learn from the eye.


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