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What is the nose? - It is the place of concentration of electricity and magnetism. The nose is a projection of forces which come down from the Divine to the physical world. This is why the nose is narrow in its upper part, and gradually widens. It is like in nature: like the river bed. A river is as powerful as it is long and wide. The same can be said of the human nose. A wide nose indicates a great resistance; the narrower it is, the greater is a persons nervous and mental energy, but the lesser is his physical energy.


If you feel bad, if you are irritated and cannot sleep, concentrate your mind on the top of the nose, and imagine that gradually your nose widens.You will calm down and sleep.


Keep your nose in good condition.Take care of it and respect it as a sacred organ. When all is well with it, man is healthy. Then the eyes, the ears, the mouth will be healthy, likewise the lungs, the heart, and the stomach.


It is a misery not to have a nose. The nose is a beautiful mountain top, where the energies of the organism are transformed.


Until you know the meaning of the nose, you cannot appreciate it as a great good of life. When your nose is in a good condition, God will speak to your heart and mind.


Notice: the nose is in the centre of human face. God expresses Himself through man's thoughts, feelings and acts. All this is impressed on the nose.


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