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Which is the organ of reason in man? - The ear. The health depends on the beauty and shape of the ear. From the ears you can conclude the length of person's life as well as the degree of his intelligence and honesty. The curve of the ear indicates all that. Remember: man's behaviour and outer life depends on the ear. It is well built when its wrinkles are harmonious lines.


Man learns to hear with the ear. It helps him to contact the higher Intelligence of Nature. When the brain's influence prevails, the upper part is well formed. It is wider, better shaped and man is enthusiastic. When the respiratory system, i.e. the lungs are the predominant influence, the middle part is the best formed. If the stomach works intensively, the lobe is the best shaped.


When man has been ill for a long time, he loses part of his vital energy. Here is what he can do in such a case: Grasp the lobe with two fingers and pull it down from time to time. Then massage the area under the ear and be attentive to the changes which appear in your organism. Do this exercise not only when you are sick, but also when you are in a bad mood.


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