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On the physical plane skin conducts the vital energy of nature. When the skin roughens, the current of vital forces become irregular, and the person becomes sick. That roughening indicates the dying of the sacred fire.


The purpose of hair is to regulate the energies in the human organism and the blood circulation. Each hair is a centre of a dynamic force which helps the blood circulation of the skin. Depriving the body of all its hair would cause great sufferings. Hair is as necessary to a human being as the plants are to the Earth. The hair on the head, the beard and the moustache represent the plant kingdom. Realising this, man has to prevent his head from balding. The hair which nature has given to people are antennae, which can be used to connect with the farthest parts of the Earth as well as with other planets. Through his hair man can receive the vibrations of the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Venus, and communicate with them. The whole body is the sum of a number of such antennae. Thus, we are a knot, out of which come a number of antennae - the recipients of countless thoughts, feelings and desires.


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