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The heart is the pulse of the whole of space. The heart is connected with the cosmic energy. Every heartbeat spreads energy and renewal to the whole organism. There are some higher mathematical calculations with which we are not familiar. Certain tables show the calculations for the pulsating of the hearts of all people. There are no two people whose heart pulsates in the same way. In some people there is an interval after every 10 heartbeats, in others there is an interval after every 20 heartbeats, etc. Do you know what these intervals are? They are when a communication with other worlds takes place. According to the ratio of this rhythm, these intervals show which world you are in contact with: the Milky Way or some other constellations. These civilisations produce different virtues in your soul.


It has been observed that the heart beats faster than normal during the first 12 hours of the day. During these 12 hours the heart is in the condition of ascending. During the other 12 hours, i.e. the second half of the day, the heartbeats decrease by several beats and the heart is in the condition of descent. The same is observed during the months and the years. The heart ascends during the first 14 days of a month and descends during the other 14 days. It is important to know when the heart is in a state of ascending and when in a descending one.


What is a healthy pulse? - A pulse which is musical and rhythmical. The heartbeat of a saint is somewhat musical. There is a particular beat transfusion in it. There is a slowness, a disconnection in the heartbeat of a criminal. It reflects the lower type of life.


Study the heartbeat in conjunction with music. In this way you will understand the influence of each tone on the organism.


Everyone's heart is linked to the common cosmic pulse, i.e.to the cosmic heart. In this sense there is one rhythm in nature. Do not be afraid when your heart beats irregularly, but restore the harmony between your thoughts and feelings.


An exercise: Feel your pulse with your thumb. If you enjoy a pleasant feeling, you are a healthy person. If not - you are not healthy.


If you want your heart to beat in healthy way, you have to keep your mind in good condition, because the electrical currents of nature pass through it and your solar plexus, where the magnetic currents pass. Beware of contradictory thoughts to keep your mind in a good state. Never allow negative feelings into your heart, and your solar plexus will be in good condition.


Blood circulation is mainly due to the electromagnetic currents. If they did not support the circulation of arterial blood, the heart would not have that possibility by itself. The blood circulates thanks to the existence of a cosmic impulse in the world, which constantly regulates the blood circulation of all organisms.


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