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As with the brain, both the heart and the lungs have a double function: physiological and psychical. The heart cleans not only the blood, but the feelings as well. The lungs not only clean the air, but they are an altar where thoughts, feelings and aspirations are laid to be purified. This altar is where the sacrificial holy fire burns, which cleans and hardens things.


The lungs are a complex laboratory, in which many energies cross. The prana of the air penetrates the lungs and helps the blood to be oxygenated, even where air penetration is difficult. So the vital elements enter the purified blood. Full breathing is the best. Love is the first condition for full breathing. Whilst breathing, man should appreciate air as a precious gift.


Thus air will penetrate all the reaches of the lung cells and gives them its prana, its living energy, which they extract and disperse to the whole organism. Love influences the lungs. Everyone who loves, expands; his lungs expand. When man accepts a gift consciously, with gratefulness, love begins to act in him and elevates him. Every Divine energy from above has first to pass through the respiratory system, then rise to the mind and at last reach the heart.


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