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Everything concerning the well-being of the organism and its health is subject to the care of the stomach. Many organs help the stomach: teeth, mouth, tongue, throat, intestines.


Food ought to be chewed for a long time in order to extract its energy. When you chewyour food, the vital energy passes through the tongue to be stored in the nervous system. The food passes from the mouth to the stomach where another process takes place. The more energy flows from the brain, the easier food is digested. The composition of the saliva changes every moment and determines the changes in human psychology. This is a scientific matter to be studied in future.


Everyone who has a healthy digestive system will be happy, lively and hard working. When you meet someone with a withered face, unwilling to work, you will know that his digestive system is not in good condition. If food is not well digested, the blood cannot be well purified. Around the joints semiorganic matter is accumulated in the form of deposits. These defects in the organism provoke indispositions of the spirit, and thinking also becomes affected in the wrong way.


The stomach transforms the energy received from the food; the lungs transform the energy delivered by the air; the brain transforms the energy received from the outer world.

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