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The head represents the Divine world. The lungs, man's pulsating heart, and the circulatory system, represent the spiritual world. The stomach is the physical, material world. When you go down to the large intestine, you come to the hell in the man - the world of his lowest desires and strivings. There are found the consequences of the lowest human life.


All the processes of human life such as eating, breathing, drinking water, thinking, feeling, are a continuous chain. They follow a common law and cooperate with one another.


When these processes unfold correctly, our life develops properly, in accordance with the laws of the Divine world.


Don't attempt to disregard your body. The spirit cannot develop in you without a body. The body can be likened to a stock for grafting a plant. A fight takes place between the body and the spirit until the spirit, i.e. the graft takes well to the stock and begins to develop freely. When the juices of the stock start going up to the graft, while those of the graft go down to the stock, life goes on normally. Then we can say that the fight between body and spirit is over. This is also what we call transformation of energies. Everyone has to know this law and to implement it in his own life. Prayer is needed to help with the right implementation.


A formula: "As I am servant of God, I wish my body to be healthy because it belongs to Him. My body is a cell of the Great Cosmos and it must be healthy."


Be warm and bright as the Sun. That is the meaning of being healthy.


Be clear as the moon.


Enjoy tiie stars which help the development of your talents.


Be glad that everything in the world works for your benefit - you, the little children in the Universe, who are a subject of study for elevated and wise beings.


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