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The essence of the human organism is life, the essence of life is health, and health is the result of the harmonious interplay of the elements and forces at work in the organism.
Man's health depends on four conditions: the power of his spirit, the goodness of his soul, the light of his mind and the gentleness of his heart. To acquire these, he has to gain knowledge.
To be healthy means to be in harmony with the Primordial Principle, with your relatives and with yourself.
What is the cause of disease? One reason for disease is the accumulation of surplus energy in waste disposal areas. To release the excess energy, you have to find out the cause of its accumulation. When you know the reason, it is easy to release this energy. The reason may be due to a bad combination of thoughts. Correct the thought process and the pain will disappear.
The smallest disharmony between your thoughts, feelings and actions leads to illness. In order to harmonize them, you have to be in tune with Nature's laws. If you reach alignment, your thoughts, feelings, and actions will flow naturally, quietly and as effortlessly as you breathe and receive light.
What is disease? Disordered matter, disordered energy, disordered thought. When disease comes to you, don't be afraid, but apply love in your life. Love heals all diseases. Consider the disease positively, see it as a gift, given to you in order to work upon yourself. When the disciple is sick, he has to develop his love. When his love increases, he will be healthy.
Behind every illness there are hidden beings, at different stages of development, strong or weak, good or bad. But most of them are bad. These invisible beings excite human energies and steal them. When a man is angry, they take his energy and make him weak. I see how it happens. They come as a group, take up their positions around the man and suggest negative thoughts to him. Having achieved their goal, they go away and watch the result.
Whatever illness appears in the human organism it is due to the thoughts of man. Every negative thought brings a negative state. Every bad thought and bad feeling attracts several low beings.
All diseases in the physical world have first appeared in the spiritual world before reaching the physical plane. If you succeed in creating the polar opposite of the idea, that has caused the disease, you will see it disappear two or three months later.
Humans thought penetrates the inter-moleculer space of the cerebral nervous system, and his feelings - the internuclear space of the sympathetic nervous system. This is the main difference between thoughts and feelings.That is why, in order to protect man from the destructive influences of the forces hidden in the intermolecular and internuclear spaces, occult science gives the following advice: "Don't disregard your higher aspirations and wishes, don't ignore your higher thoughts."
What is the reason for illness? The blocking of vital energy in cases when it becomes potential or passive. Thus the healing process is transformation of potential energy into kinetic energy. This may be achieved by applying different kinds of remedies and approaches, which activate the passive energy.
There are seven or eight ways to heal someone. Only in a few cases can man be healed spiritually. Which cases? Only people who have no doubt left in themselves can be healed in this way.
Three factors participate in the healing process: nature, the healer and the patient himself. Nature's part is 50%, the healer's - 25% and the patient's - 25%. But the result is mainly dependent on the patient. If he doesn't take an active part, the help from nature and from the healer will be wasted.
Today's doctors study the signs and symptoms of diseases. In fact, the true doctor needs to know first the features and workings of the healthy organism and then make a comparison with the sick one. It isn't mastery to diagnose a sick man. What is skilful is to give a diagnosis ten years in advance, at least, prior to the onset of an illness, in order to prevent it. It is easier to heal someone prior to an illness than after it has set in. The healer who is acquainted with occult science is able to do this.
Many diseases are due to the state of other people and are received by suggestion. Knowing this, work upon yourself consciously so as not to be affected by outside influences. Help your relatives by freeing them from the bad influences and suggestions they receive unconsciously.
Some people's eyes have particularly bright beams, able to be used for good or bad. These eyes can bring misery or blessing to the surroundings.
There is no poison as strong as negative thoughts and feelings. Fear, hatred, suspicion, doubt - these are kinds of all poisons. They settle as deposits in the blood and poison it.
Don't compromise with your purity, for when you are pure, you allow all life forces to flow freely. First, you have to clean your blood. You can't clean your blood if you haven't cleaned your thoughts, feelings and actions. Just as you clean your blood by breathing, you have to find a way to purify your thoughts.
Love is needed to balance heart and mind. The Divine Mind is needed too. Every illness is caused by insufficient light in the mind, insufficient warmth in the heart and insufficient power in the organism. When light, warmth and power grow, health improves accordingly.

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