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Man's development and growth depends on the condition of his digestive system. A third of human energy is used up by the stomach.


First and foremost food has to remain in the mouth long enough for its energy to be absorbed through the tongue. From the tongue, the energy is directed to the brain and then to the heart. The tongue takes in the spiritual energy from the food which can't be absorbed in any other way. To be able to use it, man has to be free of worries. In the correct manner of nutrition, the mind plays an important role.


If you chew with your left side, you will become very sensitive; if you chew with your right side, you will develop your brain. To achieve harmony between thought and feelings and obtain inner peace, chew both on your left and right sides.


Observe the following rule: before eating concentrate your mind on the food, think of it as a great gift of life from Nature. When you think of the food in this way, you make contact with Nature, you make peace in your mind and your feelings. Don't ever rush when you eat. While eating, don't think about any other things. If you can achieve all this, you will use the food properly, it will reflect beneficially on your organism.


Beware of overeating. Eat until you come to the most delicious piece and stop. If you keep eating, the stomach will use all the energy and nothing will be left for the brain.


Food consists of living parts, energy carrierss which, received with love, will renew the body.


Observe the following rules: have breakfast after sunrise and dinner before sunset.


Everyone who wants to be healthy, must be careful not to mix foods. Eat only one kind of food, let it digest and then take another kind.


Everyone has to find for himself the kind of food that is especially suited to him. Nature has equipped everyone with an instinct to choose the right food, with a sense of differentiation. When you come to this state of purity, inherent in the original human being, you will be sensitive enough to pick the foods which are good and suitable for you. Every organism needs a specific kind of food, and if man knows his own needs, he will not only further his physical development, but his mental, emotional and spiritual development as well.


Meat contains negative elements harmful to the human organism. They reflect negatively both on physical and spiritual development. Vegetarian food is recommended because it contains fewer toxins. Fruit is the best food. But it is a mistake to think that eating only pure food is by itself sufficient for spiritual development. There is a basic law for right nutrition. According to this law, man can eat everything provided he eats it consciously and with love.


Fasting is a way to renew the organism. Its main aim is to awaken the passive energy stored in the cells. Here too, laws must be observed. If you decide to fast without clear purpose, the fast will have no results. You also have to choose the right time and the right days for fasting. According to which day of the week your fast begins, and the time of the day, the result will be different.


You should not torment your body, nor your heart, nor your mind by fasting aimlessly.


During a fast remain joyful, in high spirits and do not disclose to others that you are on a fast. In this way your fast becomes effective.


Fasting correctly gives results in the following ways: it improves your health, especially the nervous system - harmonizes your feelings, giving you more kindness, clears the mind, bringing more light into it.


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