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Water is a carrier of life, of vital prana. Everyone who knows how to use this prana can easily cure himself. If you were to realize the properties of water, you would be able to cure all kind of diseases with it.


I say: the most powerful remedy in the world is hot water. The human body has seven million pores. They are the windows, the outlets of the organism. You open them through an inner cleansing called sweating. The first step towards treating each disease is to open the pores. The best way to induce sweating, is to drink between one and ten cups of hot water.


Breathing through the lungs is one type of breathing. But the body also breathes through the skin. When both types of breathing occur in a balanced way, man is healthy. The condition ff the skin determines the state of the mind.


Many bad states and disturbances can be transformed by the use of water on different parts of your body. For example, you can wet your neck, or the back part of your ears, or your feet. Washing different parts of your body causes some changes in your brain.


If you are angry, nervous or in doubt, take a bowl of clean water at body temperature and pour it over the upper part of your left arm. Dab it with a towel so that the skin remains a little wet. After a minute, wet the upper part of your right arm and dab it in the same way. If your state doesn't improve repeat the procedure after a minute. If there is still no change in your state of mind, increase the gap between the washing of both arms by one minute each time - up to ten minutes. Then you will feel good.


From the beginning of May to the middle of July, expose yourself to the rain each time it rains, until you become completely wet. After that go inside and rub your body with a towel, put on dry clothes and drink 1 - 2 cups of hot water.


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