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The link between the sun and the human organism is similar to the relation between God and the human soul.


The sun is a sourse of life energy for the whole solar system. The sun's energy is positive in relation to the earth. It unfolds in positive and negative electricity, and positive and negative magnetism. The earth's energy is negative in relation to the sun. The earth and the sun contain both kind of energies, but positive energy prevails on the sun, and negative energy is predominant on the earth. The meeting of both ensures life on earth. The mediator, which joins together both kind of energies is called ether. It penetrates space and the whole earth. The occultists call it "life plasma".


From midnight to noon, at any given place, the earth is negative, that is why it takes in more positive energy from the sun. At noon the earth radiates positive energy and gradually becomes negative again.


The energy flow from the sun passes through four periods daily: from midnight till noon is the influx of solar energy which reaches its peak during sunrise, at noon the outflow of energy begins and reaches its peak at sunset.


One hour before sunrise, the energy from the sun acts upon mentality. Before sunrise, the sun's rays influence the brain. During the sunrise, they have an effect on the lungs and feelings. Until noon, they work on the digestive system. In the afternoon, the solar energy has less curative power.


If you want to use the solar energy properly, turn your back towards the sun's rays before sunrise.


There are periods of the day when the sun's rays have no beneficial influence on the organism. These beams are "black" or negative ones. Be careful. In order to preserve yourself from their influence, do not sleep during the day.


During the spring and summer, there is an influx of energy to the earth and in the autumn and winter, an outflow. That is why the most beneficial influence of the sun begins on the 22nd of March. The best period for renewal is from March 22nd untill 22nd of June. On this date everything growing stops.


At the sunrise, if you realize that you are receiving the Love of God and the Life of God, the sunlight will heal you.


Meeting the sunrise, means making a conscious link with the sun, to make possible the influx of its forces into your organism. When you make this link with the physical sun, you come in touch also with two other suns: the sun, of the spiritual world, and the sun, of the Divine world.


Formula: "God, may the rhythms of my heart attune to the pulse of the sun. And as the sun brings light to everything, may my heart bring energy to all my cells."


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