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When we study existence, we study the Great Primordial Principle which has created Light. All life forms have evolved from Light.


The visible light we see is a result of the thoughts of higher beings.


Light manifests through vibrations, but the vibrations are not the light; the mind also manifests through the brain but it is not the brain, which creates the mind.


There are two kinds of light vibrations, which are mathematically different. One kind consists of the waves of "black light", the other is waves of white light. Sometimes they cross each other. When the black rays affect the eye, they cause some facial deformation. The vibrations of black light make people feel nervous. When man develops properly, his face shines with white light. This is a sign that his soul is awake and that he is well disposed.


Light is a measure of man's intelligence. The intelligent man radiates bright light. When the intellect deteriorates the light becomes bluish at first, then yellowish.


The heart, the seat of Love, radiates a particular gentle rose colour. This colour radiates a pleasant mild warmth. The will shines with white light, the colour of the virtues. All other colours interweave among these three colours: bright, rose and white and make up the human aura.


Man knows only 7 colours, but he will discover a further 5 colours. Only 12 colours can be seen on earth.


Study the light with its seven colours. The seven colours of light, are the seven ways, created by the human mind in its development.


The red colour is a door, through which life comes.


Clear red vitalizes, whereas a dirty red will irritate. Clear orange produces noble individualisation, dirty orange feeds selfishness. When someone is fearful, he should take in orange colour as a cure. Absorb the orange from the sun, so you can transform your fears.


Yellow balances the feelings, brings calmness, peace and tranquillity. It calms the mind. Dirty yellow troubles the mind.


Green helps growth processes. It regulates the magnetic and electrical currents in the human organism. If you want to be healthy, use the colour green. Dirty green causes physical and spiritual weakness.


Blue, if it is clear and intense, uplifts and expands noble sentiments. Blue is a basis for man's spiritual life. Sky blue calms the nervous system. Blue is the colour of the truth. In insufficient quantity and when is not clear, blue produces doubt and mistrust.


Dark blue gives firmness, tenacity, stability. When it is dirty, it brings hesitation.


Clear purple gives strong character, but when it is not clear it causes heartlessness.


White colour brings you health. Black causes bad states.


When you are ill, you should wear white clothes.You should change the colours. Colours cause movement, life. They are energies, which influence the human organism. Man has to pass through every colour of the spectrum, and the amount of time to remain in any one colour is exactly determined.


Sometimes blockages in the human organism appear with bad effects. Man needs to place his body in blue and yellow light. He can use the sun's rays with the aid of a glass prism. Through the prism you can detract the light and project the sun's spectrum onto the wall. Then concentrate your mind on the required colour to absorb it. When you close your eyes, you have to reproduce the same colour in your mind. Doing this exercise regulary, you will become able to reproduce every colour in any time in your mind and cure yourself. First you will see only darkness, then a little light appears, which gradually intensifies.


The human brain contains a prism, and if man develops it, he can cure himself. But you should start by using a glass prism. The brain's prism requires powerful concentration and a strong mind. If you don't know the laws governing the use of the brain's prism you will not feel good. This is due to the increased blood circulation in some of the brain's centres. An incorrect blood supply in the centres of the brain can cause damage to the whole organism.


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