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Music and singing have been given to man as methods for the transformation of energies.


Music elevates the vibrations of the human organism and awakens vital forces.


Knowing the power of music, you should sing in all circumstances - whether you are well or ill, despite all obstacles, trials and sufferings.


Music is a transformer not only for the human being, but for the whole of nature as well.


Music is a method for healing - if the sick man sings every day, he will soon recover. If a healthy person neglects to sing, he will be in danger of losing his health.


Music connects the physical and spiritual worlds. Through it a particular kind of vital energy penetrates the human organism. By singing you develop abilities, which can't be developed in any other way. When the physical world is undisorderly, it may be reorganised through music.


Through music, matter begins to vibrate harmoniously.


You need music as a cure. In your life as a disciple you pass through great troubles and sudden changes, joys and worries, which deposit poisons in you. Music is a remedy for them. There are some kinds of feelings which could poison your whole organism and destroy your liver and bile. That is why the disciple should know how to sing.


Every pain is due to a spasm in the capillary vessels. When you sing, the capillaries dilate and the pain disappears.


There is a correlation between musical sounds and the human organism. Each organ is connected to a particular sound according its own vibrations.


The heart is connected to "do".


The respiratory system to "re".


The liver to "mi".


The kidneys to "fa".


The spleen to "sol".


The gallblader to "la".


The digestive system to "si".


An irregular heartbeat, for instance, can be cured with singing "do", the natural, true sound of"do", not that which is given by a tuning fork. Hold this sound properly and you will soon experience a state of tranquility and joy. This joy will give you "life light" just as the rising sun does.


The basic sound "do" is the key of life. If sing correctly man can obtain vital energy from the sun, which he can distribute to all parts of his body.


By singing, we attract those forces of nature, which harmonise us. This is a law of attraction.

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