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The energies coming from God pass through men. We are centres, through which the energies of Intelligent Nature move.


So when you are sick or in a bad disposition, find a friend, who loves you, take one of his hands or both, look him in the eyes and thank him for the energy which you have received from him.


When you lay hands on someone's head, you must know if you receive or if you give energy. If you receive, you have to know, if it will be useful to you. If you give, you should again know, if your energy will be useful to the other person.You have to be grateful for the energy, either receiving or giving. In both cases this is Divine energy and its quantity is controlled. It must be used properly.


I hope you will develop your will, so that when you lay your hands on the painful area, healing will take place. Anyone with a strong will is able to do this. How? By concentrating the prana from the air and directing it to the pain.


To healing with your hands, use prayer. After one or two prayers, pain can be drained out of the body. Put your hands on the head of the sick person and send your love and good wishes. They are great forces.


When you feel angry, irritated or out of balance, do the following exercise: Lift both your hands over the head and slowly touch you head and body from top to bottom. Then shake out your hands. Do this three times daily.


Another remedy, when you are angry, is to find a friend, who is negative or passive. Ask him to put his left hand on the right side of your head, after a while you will find that all your surplus energy has passed through his hands and you will feel better.


When someone is irritated and feels some kind of disturbance in his solar plexus, he should put his right hand, palm down, on the solar plexus and his left hand on his hip, palm outwards. In this position the nervous system calms down. Surplus energy from the brain is removed through the hands. The palm of the left hand conducts negative, calming energy and the upper side of the right hand conducts positive, exciting energy. When both kind of energies meet and merge, it calms you.


When you need tranquility, go to the trees. Go to an old oak tree and lean your back against it. Stay still for about 10 -15 minutes and tell it: "You have plenty of God's mind, plenty of the forms of God in you, please, be so good to give me some of your energy." The oak will exchange some of your disharmonious energies, you will calm down, you will recover and go home joyful.


You should stay on stones for about 1-2 hours to magnetise yourself. They shouldn't be ribbed, because the magnetic forces flow out through the edges. The healing power of the stones is strongest in September.


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