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A human's power lies in his thought. Though nourishes man as breath does. If your thoughts are bad, you will wither despite eating correctly.


By thinking, you combine three kinds of energies, building your mental body, which you will take with you when you leave this world.


To deal with your energies, you have to study the law of concentration.You should do exercises. Focus your vision on an object without blinking. Hold your gaze without blinking for one minute and gradually increase the time. It will strengthen the eyes. Your consciousness has to be concentrated during the whole exercise don't let your mind wander. Take two objects in your hands and hold them one against the other. Concentrate your mind on the point of contact. After a while you will see a little spark.The sooner the spark appears, the more concentrated your mind is. Hold your forefingers pointing towards one another without touching. After a while you will see a faint light. Do this experiment in the evening in order to see the light.


Apply your mind by healing yourself and your relatives. When you become sick, concentrate your mind and say: "I will be healthy." Sometimes you need to say this ten times, sometimes - a thousand times in order to get healthy. Don't be discouraged. When you persist you will have a good result.


There are cells in your body, whose task is to cure, they are healing cells. Simply directing your thought towards them will bring healing power.


If you have a disturbing thought, don't attempt to discard it, because it will become more troublesome. Find the opposite thought with which to replace the first one.


If one of your relatives is sick, let ten people you know visit him, let everyone wish him to be healthy. If he trusts you, he will soon get up.


There are people who are able to help others with their bright and good thoughts, liberating others from troubles and disturbances.


If you have a cold, it is recommended to stay in a warm room, to drink a few cups of hot water in order to make you sweat and then to change your clothes. You can also do this in your mind. If your experiment is successful, you should be sweating. Have a change of clothes and the next day you should feel well again. It will prove that your mind is strong. A strong mind is able to heal every illness.


The mind can produce changes in the vibrations of the human body. The vibrations of a sick man are low, he can speed them up and raise them with his mind. In doing so he cures himself.


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