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There are many ways of healing. Faith is needed for healing. If you have faith, you will soon be healthy. Faith is an experience, coming from the past. It is a thought, joined with a life substance, so when someone has faith, he creates an opportunity for the life force of nature to flow through him. The one who has no faith is isolated from nature.


Spiritual healing means to find and remove the cause of the disease, so the disease can never return.


Suppose, you have rheumatic pain in your shoulder or your arm. You should thank God for sending you this pain in order to teach you. Bless God, the Saints, all the good people in the world, and when you establish a link with them, the rheumatism will soon disappear.


Spiritual healing involves improving your life style, living a pure and saintly life.


If you have a strong pain, lay your hands on the painful area, concentrate your mind and say the formula:


"It is Eternal Life to know You, God, the true One, the Only One, to know Christ sent by You. It is Eternal Life, to know Love, Wisdom and Thruth. It is Eternal Life, to know that God is Spirit, Which reigns everywhere." (repeat three times).


When you become sick, find about ten healthy people, love them, serve them. Two or three days later you will be healthy again.


Love heals every disease. It raises the vibrations of the human organism and protects him from the bad influences of the environment.


* * *


"The disciple should have a heart, as pure as a crystal, a mind, as bright as the Sun, a soul as vast as the Univers, a spirit as powerful as God, and one with God."





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