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The first exercise


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The first exercise

Formula: “God, let thy blessing come upon me!”

I. a) Raising the arms to the sides upward above the head with touching fingers;
b ) Right foot forward;
c) Kneeling and bringing down the hands along the body and touching the toes;

d) Erecting the body and moving the arms forward in semicircle till above the head;

Left foot forward - “c” and “d” are repeated;
Right foot forward - “c” and “d” are repeated;
Right foot backward - “c” and “d” are repeated;
Left foot backward - “c” and “d” are repeated; Right foot backward - “c” and “d” are repeated;
Right foot next to the left foot;
Bringing the arms down along the body.


Breathing: While raising the arms to the sides of the body or in front - breathing. When the hands are high up, with touching fingers (“a”) or parallel, one to another palms (“d”) simultaneously stepping forward or backward there is holding of the air, while kneeling - exhalation.

Explanation: The first exercise includes two principles within: unity and plurality. Lowering down the arms represents the manifestation of the plurality. Joining the arms represents the manifestation of the unity, which all people explore. The two hands express the currents in the nature, i.e. the two opposite poles of the being. Therefore this exercise expresses the manifestation of the unity in the plurality,
it serves to develop the strength. Thus the person surrounds.

Meaning: The first of the six exercises carries calmness, balance. You enter in the connection with the reasonable, the Divine and accept the blessing. You descend to the earth in order to work, ascent in order to accept new forces.

Comment: The first raising of the arms is sideward – image 1, when the arms reach the upright position the fingers touch in an acute angle - image 2. The following raising of the arms are forward - in front of the body - image.6, when they reach upright position the palms are one against the other - image 7. When kneeling and bringing the arms down, the fingers touch with their tips the ground next to the feet - image 5. The exercise finishes after raising the arms up above the head, with palms parallel one to another (breathing). Then gather the left foot next to the right foot (holding the air) and finally - the arms are brought down along the body, while affusioning. (exhaling).

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