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The second exercise


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The second exercise

Formula: “Let my soul be filled with God’s Love.”



II . a) Raising the arms to the sides upward above the head with touching fingers;
b ) Right foot forward;
c) Bending the body with the arms forward and kneeling till touching the toes;
d) Erecting the body and moving the arms along the body till above the head;

Left foot forward - “c” and “d” are repeated;
Right foot forward - “c” and “d” are repeated;
Right foot backward - “c” and “d” are repeated;
Left foot backward - “c” and “d” are repeated;
Right foot backward - “c” and “d” are repeated;
Right foot next to the left foot;
Bringing the arms down along the body.


Breathing: While raising the arms - breathing, when the foot steps forward or backward, while the hands are up, with touching fingers or with palms pointing forward - holding the air, while kneeling - exhalation.

Explanation: The second exercise represents the manifestation of the being in the mutual relations that exist between the elements. It expresses all the chemical reactions, which are being performed in
the physical and spiritual worlds.

Meaning: This exercise is connected with Love. You accord with Love and accept it. There is one logical connection between the first and the second exercise. Earlier you connect with God and then accept Love. You connect with the nature and accept energies from it.

Comment: This exercise is performed by bending the body forward, as scooping – image 4. After bending the body is erected and the arms are raised upward, while passing close along the body, with palms toward the body – image 6. During this bending of the body forward while in kneeling position we touch with the fingers the ground next to the feet – image 5. And this exercise finishes with raising the arms above the head, without touching the fingers in an acute angle, because it is performed only during the first raising the arms above the head - as it is in the first exercise, and then the right foot is brought next to the left one, while performing the movements with the corresponding breathing, holding the air and exhaling. In the end: the arms are brought down along the body - again there is affusioning.

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