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The fourth exercise


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The fourth exercise

Formula: “I shall serve God with all my soul”

IV. a) Both arms are moved out parallel to the right (at the height of the shoulders);
b ) Right foot forward;
c) Haymaking to the left, kneeling on the left knee, straitening the body while the arms are taking parallel position to the left
(at the height of the shoulders);
d) Left foot forward;
e) Haymaking to the right, kneeling on the right knee, erecting the body, the arms in the position of a); b ) and c) are repeated;
f) Right foot backward;
e) is repeated;
g) Left foot backward;
c), g) and e) are repeated;
h) Right foot next to the left foot;
i) Arms are moved out horizontally forward;
j) Arms are opened out horizontally along the shoulders;
k) Bringing the arms down.





Breathing: While moving the arms out to the right, a) - breathing, b ) - holding the air, c) – exhaling, when the arms are moving from the utterly right position forward to the body and kneeling, and breathing when erecting the body and moving the arms until they reach utterly left position.

Explanation: The fourth exercise represents the road the soul walks upon. Sometimes when you feel that your road is curved, do this exercise and you will feel better, you will come in the initial position. The law is that the more acting is intensified, the more contra acting is intensified. If you walk to the left and to the right, but always upward, this shows that you walk on ascending, your soul develops. But if you walk to the right and to the left and go downward, this shows that you walk on descending, gradually falling. As far as you walk upward, you will know that the road that is destined to you is one, that’s why you are not to be stubbed out the conditions of life. And all contradictions you face in life you are to go through. Know that they are not an obstacle in life, but the conditions for your development.

Meaning: During the fourth exercise when the arms go to the left (the left side refers to the feeling of love), the worries, the concerns of the heart are thrown out. When the arms go to the right, the worries and the concerns of the mind are cast out.

Comment: The arms are moved out straight to the right – image 1. During the movement of the arms from one side to the other there is kneeling and straitening of the body – images 3 and 4 (an example of the movement of the arms from right to left is given). In this utterly right or left position of the arms we hold the air for a moment and step with the other foot forward/backward - image 5.(an example of the step with the left foot forward is given).

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