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The fifth exercise

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The fifth exercise


Formula: “I will delight in God’s goods”

V. a) Moving the arms sideward, bending and placing the fingers over the shoulders;
b ) Right foot forward without touching with the ground;
c) Moving the same foot to the left;
d) Moving the same foot to the right;
e) Moving to the left;
f) Moving to the right;
g) Moving to the left;
h) Right foot forward touching the ground;
i) Kneeling on the left knee;
j) Straitening the body.
k) Left foot forward without touching the ground;
l) Moving the same foot to the right, left, consequently three times;
m) Left foot forward touching the ground;
n) Kneeling on the left knee;
o) Straitening the body.
b ), c), d), e), h), i), k), l), m) n) are repeated.


p) Right foot backward without touching with the ground;
c), d), e), f), g) are repeated
q) Right foot backward touching the ground;
r) Kneeling on the right knee;
s) Straitening the body.
t) Left foot backward without touching the ground;
d), e), f), g), d) are repeated
u) Left foot backward touching the ground;
i), j) are repeated
p), c), d), e), f), g), c), q) s) are repeated v) Right foot next to the left foot.
w) Placing the arms sideward (along the shoulders)
x) Bringing the arms down.


Breathing: “In the fifth of the six of them, old gymnastic exercises, when moving the foot in a semicircle, this is holding the air and when kneeling, you will exhale.” In a) – breathing, in b ), c), d), e), f), g), h) – holding the air, j) – exhaling and so on. Finally: Bringing the right foot to the left foot – holding the air, stretching the arms out sideward and when bring them down – exhaling.

Explanation: For the fifth and the six exercises I will not give any explanations. They will stay closed, as the angle told John after his vision: “Copy this thing”.


All these exercises have besides physical, spiritual influence as well.

Meaning: “When the left foot remains still, while the right moves, then the heart balances and we awake the heart through the mind. And when the right foot remains still, while moving the left foot, then the heart works over the mind, the mind balances and awakening of the mind takes place. The shoulders represent the angelical world. We place the hands on them to awake the angelical nature within us. Simultaneously through this exercise we make connection with the angelic beings.”

Comment: Through the whole exercise the hand touch with the fingers the shoulders such that the elbows are at the height leveled with the shoulder – image 1. The foot with which we perform semicircles in front/behind the other foot and sideward does not touch the ground – images 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (here the example is with the right foot forward).

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