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The sixth exercise


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The sixth exercise

Formula: “I will walk on the road of Truth”

VI. During d) pronounce mentally the formula: “God, come with Thy Spirit and cleanse me!”;
During f) pronounce mentally the formula: “God, come with Thy Spirit and bless me”; and
during g) “Let this way God’s Word be spread upon the face of the whole earth”

a) Arms backward and upward in semicircle until upright position;
b ) Right foot forward;
c) Kneeling on the left knee and bringing down the arms forward in horizontal position;
d) Bringing arms backward and placing palms sideward of the chest and breathing simultaneously;
e) Bringing arms out forward horizontally and exhaling through the mouth (as a stream);
d) and e) are performed 6 times
f) Opening arms sideward horizontally;
g) Placing hands with palms inward in front of the mouth with touching fingers and breathing;
h) Turning palms outward, opening the arms sideward and exhaling lightly, quietly;
g) and h) are performed 6 times
i) Erecting the body;
j) Bringing the right foot next to the left foot, k) Bringing the arms down.
Comment: In performing each point of this exercise count to six.




Breathing: a) - breathing, b ) - holding the air, c) - exhaling, d) - breathing, when the palms are “sideward of the chest” for a moment holding the air, e) - exhaling etc.

Explanation: The teacher has not given an explanation of this exercise.

Meaning: In the text of B. Boev the two formulas are given, which are pronounced mentally during the performance of this exercise and the following text for breathing: “When standing a deep breathing is


Comment: Each of the movements of this exercise is performed counting 6 units – look at “Note” after the description of the movements. When the arms are upward, palms point forward - image.2. When bringing the arms down, palms point downward, the arms stop at the height of the chest and kneeling simultaneously - image.4. The follow are 6 movements of the arms toward the chest - image 5 and image 6, after a moment of holding the arms and the air, returning the arms forward horizontally - image.7, and in the utmost position the palms point more down as shown in image.4. Here 6 units are counted in each breathing and exhaling - the exhaling is accompanied with blowing the air which is not noisy, neither fast, but in the bounds of counting 6 units. While opening the arms horizontally sideward, 6 units are also counted and there is holding of the air - image.8. During the following movement, when the three fingers are placed in front of the mouth (not touching the mouth), the elbows stay at the height of the shoulder strip - image.9. When turning the palms outward with blowing - the arms open out sideward at the height of the shoulder strip and the palms point backward - image 10. The follow is a quick turning of the palms forward and so on – these two movements are also performed 6 times its 6 units. The exercise finishes with performing consequently the following movements: erecting the body - deep breathing, bringing the right foot next to the left foot, holding the air and bringing the arms down - exhaling.

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