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Light - this is a creative act of Divine Nature. It distinguishes the created from the uncreated, the temporary from the eternal, the transitory from the real.


Light - this is the first act of awakening in Living Nature. And by "awakening" we mean the passing of Nature from the limitless condition into the limited one.


If you ask contemporary physicists about light, they will define it as a succession of vibrations within which are included seven colors, from red to violet. These are the lower and uppers limits between which light is manifested in the physical world. More precisely, these are the boundaries within which man perceives light.


But is light in its essence vibrations? Indeed, vibrations are a part of the light but light itself is not vibrations.


The question of light is a subject befitting more advanced men, who are differently constituted than are contemporary men. A long time will be necessary for the bodies of men to be so developed that they can sense the living phenomena of nature in their true form.


If you ask those advanced men about the origin of light which average men perceive, they will explain to you that some other type of light vibrations come to the earth from cosmic space and reaching it they are transformed to create ordinary light. However, behind ordinary light, which is only a reflection are other types of energies, and behind these energies is intelligence.


For those who are able to see, everything in Living Nature is light. Everything on earth, all minerals, plants, animals, as well as the bodies of men, are nothing more than light, transformed into its most varied manifestations.


For those who are able to see, light is not lifeless; it does not consist only of vibrations, as is asserted today.


Light proceeds from life.


When Love is manifested, life is born. And when life is manifested, light appears.


Therefore, the great principle of life is the producer of light. And light itself produces all of the living forms in Nature. It is the most powerful factor in Nature's creative work.


That is why it is written: God is Light. God in His essence is not light, but produces the light and is manifested in it. His Spirit is the bearer of complete light.


The soul comprehends God as infinite light without shadows. It comprehends His Oneness in the manifested light.


This light has many degrees of manifestation. The light we perceive in the physical world differs from the light that shines in the spiritual world, just as it differs from the light that illuminates the Divine world.


A man must have spiritual vision in order to perceive and comprehend the spiritual light or illumination. Then a magnificent world will be opened to him, a world in which illumination reigns. This illumination is living and rational and all the great mystics who have this illumination within themselves are able to see a boundless world, pulsating with the softest, most delicate and beautiful colors which fill their souls with streams of life.


Therefore, for those who are able to see, illumination is a thousand times more real than this world. The light we perceive in the physical world is only a reflection of this illumination.


The living light is the great creative force in nature which creates the forms of man's thoughts, of man's desires and emotions. It envelopes man's spirit, man's mind. No one could think or feel without it. Illumination makes things clear. It causes the mind to think and reason logically.It is the light which the intuition perceives spontaneously.


Therefore, no mental activity, no organic process can occur without the presence of light.


The degree of development of all beings depends upon the quality and quantity of light which they possess.


This standard applies also to man. One man differs from another according to the degree of his light. Man's character, his intelligence and his spiritual elevation are judged according to the quality and quantity of light which he perceives and manifests.


Therefore, a man is known by the light of his life. When a man enters into the world of reason, it is known by his light whence he comes and what kind of life he lives.


If a man has fulfilled the will of God, when he enters the world of reason, he will be enveloped with such light, such joy, such blessing, that he will feel as if he were the owner of the whole world. Wherever he looks, he will see only light, boundless light, and no other object. Within this unlimited light there are no shadows. It is an unceasing and infinite radiance.


The manifestations of intelligent life are always distinguished by the presence of light. And the degree of intelligence is judged by the degree of light. The more the light emanating from an intelligent being is radiant, intense, soft and delicate, the more mightily it illumines and gives meaning to life, and the higher is the intelligence which it brings.


From this point of view, the light which exists in space reveals that reason exists in nature.


All the stars and planets which we see shining in space are living rational entities which send forth their light.


The light of the sun is also produced by many rational entities which send forth their intelligence in the form of light.


In his essence, man, too, is light. All good people are shining and all evil ones, who have lost the meaning of life, are dark. Dim, flickering light emanates from them.


All good people have their "stars". This is not merely a figure of speech, but a reality. The entire present life of man and all of his future lives depend upon the light of his "star". This star is the treasure of his life.


When Christ came to earth, His star came with Him. But it was seen only by the three wise men of the East. When Christ comes again to earth, His star will be ten times brighter than it was two thousand years ago. But it will be seen only by those who are ready to accept the divine light.


This is because Christ will come as an inner light in the minds and hearts of men. This light will attract men to one another and will unite them inwardly.


These men will be men of light, men with "stars".


Such men with "stars" were at one time the apostles. When Christ rose from the dead, many "stars" appeared. They were those "fiery tongues" to which the scripture refers in a veiled manner. These stars emitted such great light that a union was made between the visible and invisible worlds, between the apostles and the intelligent, radiant beings, the inhabitants of heaven.


When such a light envelops a soul, it does not waver, it does not doubt. This is one of the greatest moments in the life of a man. A noble, tender feeling is born at that moment and it quietly and continuously shines forth. This feeling is tender and delicate, yet intense. It possesses such an inner might that man becomes unconquerable.


Thus, if you wish to comprehend light, walk where light walks. Does light enter only royal palaces? It enters into clean and unclean places. The hands of living light are soiled. And if light, which is so elevated, comes down and soils its hands with the sins of men, how much more ought men on earth do that!


Light does not stop at anything - it penetrates into the most hidden places to enlighten and enliven them. This is great humility. Man should learn humility from light.


If you do not possess the humility of light, nothing will become of you.


Be as the light! Light goes everywhere, passes through everything but does not remain there. Not a particle of light remains where it has entered. Light constantly encircles the earth.


How great is the heart of light!


Follow the path of light! The path of light is a path on which there is no dust.


Do not forget one more thing: if, on the path you follow, your star constantly rises, you are on the path of light. If, on the path you follow, your star constantly sets, you are on the path of darkness.


When you lose the meaning of life, seek that which shines. And that which shines eternally and never diminishes is Wisdom!


Be the friend of that which shines -Wisdom! It will give you knowledge. Knowledge will clothe you in the most beautiful of garments - light, for light is the garment of knowledge.


If you wish to remain free, be like light. Light is free.


If you wish to be strong, think of light. Light is strong and alive.


Love light and be free!

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