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In publishing this book - selected thoughts from the Master's lectures - we, his pupils, are convinced that we fulfill a loving, sacred responsibility toward all of our brothers over the earth, for whom they are intended.


From the abundant spring of the Master's Word, we send forth some living streams, hoping that they will refresh and comfort the souls of others as they have refreshed and comforted our souls; that with their living creative moisture they will water and awaken to growth the divine seeds, implanted in the very beginning in their souls, as they have watered and awakened to growth the divine seeds in our souls.


We wish that this book might be accepted as a token of our good will to be diligent pupils of the Master, good brothers to humanity, and true servers of God.


We wish that it might be accepted as a brotherly gift, a selection of fruits, ripened in the Master's garden, in the garden of his Word.


In serving these fruits, we hope that they will nourish and sweeten the souls of all who taste them, as they nourished and sweetened our souls.


And we hope that those who will taste the good fruits will plant their seeds in the gardens of their own lives and in the gardens of their brothers.


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