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Portrate of the Master

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Doctor Petur Dunov — Philosopher, Composer, Master, gave seven thousand talks on Love, Wisdom and Truth. The creator of Paneurhythmics, the highest Cosmic rhythm with music and harmonious movements.




Portrate of the Master




This is what he says:


“I teach a positive Teaching that you can apply in the life and I can attempt this with anyone, so long as he is sincere.


That is the privilege of my philosophy — that it can be applied in life. I am applying this divine science in practice.”


“When you accept the Teaching I want you to remain true to it and not to distort it. You will learn to teach the god’s Teaching to the White Brotherhood.


All nations are responsible to wise Nature. The only thing that wise Nature requires is for all beings to befree!”


What did he say? Did he ask whether the Teaching of the Master Beinsa Duno was a cosmic Teaching? Yes, it was he who first spoke of man’s cosmic awareness. He wrote the following letter to one of his first students: “Consider yourself a world citizen. Be a citizen of the earth!”


The cosmos and cosmic awareness, clearly expressed and so accessible to the minds of his disciples since the beginning of the century! What is surprising about that!


Does he work miracles? Yes, he works many miracles but they are performed gently and quietly as if they are the most natural thing in the world. He works the greatest miracles with people. They are his daily miracle. They change and are imbued with a anew awareness.


Did he ever say that he could be in any place at any time? No, he almost never spoke about that. However, people have this experience; they see him, his modest and humble disciples...


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