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The Tone “Do”


The Master created a sacred relationship towards music in his pupils. He developed in this musical people another relationship towards music — he made it ascending, cleansed it from the negative, heavy scale of suffering.


With the opening of the occult schools — the young occult class and the general occult class — the Master introduced his dissiples to a new area of life, and consequently to a new area of music. It is inseparably linked with their lives. It accompanies them everywhere. It forms an important method of upbringing and self-upbringing.


Music does not represent only moods and feelings. It is not only an art, it is a science. Beinsa Douno — calls it occult music, organic music or music of nature.


He says: “Study music as a science and an art, a condition of the building of human character.”


He says: “The musical tone has three qualities: the first quality of the musical tone is bright thought, the second quality is elevated, noble feeling, the third quality is good behaviour.”


Because when he speaks of a tone, does not merely understand a step in the scale, he implies a condition in life. He implies a stage in the awakening of consciousness, an achievement in the way of the pupil.


When speaks of music, of singing, he implies above all, life and its manifestation.


For him, life is a music.


He says: Music is necessary for life as a method of growth, of development, of healing.


When you read the lives of great people, you will see that they have all been musical.


One of the new methods of healing is music.


There are sick people who are cured when the fiddle is played to them. Others when the guitar is played, others the flute. Different instruments show a specific influence upon different people. If the sick man likes to listen to the fiddle, then you play him something, but with rising intonation and not songs in a minor key. Heart palpitations for example are cured with songs which begin with the tone “do”, but the tone “do” must not be taken from the tuning fork, he must be the natural tone “do”.


When a man wants to sing, he must get himself into the mood so as to land on the natural tone, in the natural key. He will stand up, will stay quiet for 10-15 minutes, while he frees himself from all the difficulties and contradictions which exist in his mind, he will think of reasonableness in life and will begin to sing. That means that this man has succeeded in turning on correctly one of the musical keys which he has been given. If the tone “do” has been correctly taken, a man can accept the life-giving energy from the sun and can pass it on to all the parts of his organism. That means also that the sun will shine in him and the rational energy will pass into his organism.


(With the tone “doh” there begin many of the harmonic exercises of the Paneurythmia, such as Evera. How pleased we are, Climbing up). Many of his songs begin with the tone “doh .


In the edition “Grain of Wheat”, the music of the Master will be discussed and songs of his musical creation will be given in every copy.


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