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With the first book of “The Grain of Wheat”, the compiler (A), who is a disciple of the Master, has made an inspired and loving effort to cast some light upon the great lifework of Beinsa Douno.


By means talks and of selected thoughts based on themes from his lectures, resumes and essays to act as a bridge between the various sections, the reader will be able to get some idea of the light cast by our Master’s Words. His language is lively, for those were the words he actually spoke. They reach all levels of our consciousness. They are windows opening onto everything — the soul, the spirit, the mind and consciousness of his listeners. He sets us many exercises for the development of the various spiritual bodies, breathing exercises and the Paneurhythmia.


The PANEURHYTHMIA cannot be a deep experience without the light of his Words. This is its personification according to the laws invested in its harmonious movements and music. It is not something one can trade or use for personal manifestations. It belongs to the Great Fountainhead. The Master, Beinsa Douno, or DrPetur Dunov, was its creator. He brought it down to earth to clothe in even finer garments the manifestations of Divine Consciousness in which we must bathe ourselves.


This is Divine Cosmic Consciousness, of which the Cosmic Master spoke at the beginning of the century. At that time he wrote to one of his first disciples, “Feel like a citizen of the world.”


We, too, should feel like citizens of the world since we are encircled by his words, when we sing the songs, when we play the new music, when we breathe and eat and when we dance of Paneurhythmia.




Friends! Brothers and Sistsers, Everywhere!


An inner, esoteric school of LOVE HAS ALWAYS EXISTED. Read and reflect. The Master will appear to you. There is nothing more beautiful for you than to be a disciple. Then all difference of age, place, position, race and religion disappears. All become disciples of the great school of the WORLDWIDE WHITE BROTHERHOOD. So the Teaching of the Master Beinsa Douno (Dr Peter Dunov) will reach out to those who await that HEAVENLY WORD AND TEACHING. We shall meet together, we shall be together in the same school. But it must be kept clean and not be changed, because this High Source must not be muddied. It has come through HIM and we are bound to keep it pure and unchanged. We have to observe the Holy Traditions of the White Brotherhood.


This book is published in Love. It has been prepared in Love without anybody being paid money. Such is the rule.


Send your questions and your opinions to the editor. We cannot reply to you personally, but we shall take account of your interest.


The most important thing is internal work, prayer and contemplation, and above all the WORD. READ AND STUDY THE WORD OF THE MASTER BEINSA DOUNO. HE CAME DOWN TO EARTH FOR YOU AND FOR ME, HE CAME DOWN FOR US!




Love the perfect road of truth and life Make good the foundation of your home Let justice be the measure Love be your decoration Wisdom your fence Truth your light Only then will you recognize me and I will make myself known to you.


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