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Sources must spring, rivers flow, grasses grow, and man must think, reflect and accomplish the will of his Heavenly Father. May His Love be his law; the divine Will, the divine Kingdom, and divine Glory his goal!
Many leaves will fall and many scales will be peeled away before the soul attains perfection.
May the Lord enlighten you and guide you with His Spirit; may He show you inwardly what is just in His sight.
My teaching is the Teaching of Christ - a Teaching of Life which is neither theoretical nor sectarian, but a Teaching of Wisdom and Love which can renew and regenerate the whole of life.
The Lord of whom I speak is living in the whole of nature, is acting in all beings; He speaks inwardly to each soul, to each heart. I am in constant contact with Him. I know His Voice, I preach His Teaching, I accomplish His Will, I obey his Spirit, and my joy lies in His Living Word.
What a blessing it would be for human beings to understand His language and to think of themselves as brothers and not enemies, to share their sorrows and their joys!
The time is at hand when the voice of heaven will sound forth. Be peaceful and patient; God will arrange everything for the best; there will be a flock and Pastor of Life.
May the blessing of the Heavenly Father be on all those who invoke His Name, whoever and wherever they are!


In perfect divine Love, revealed, made manifest, actualised, Virtue develops, Justice grows, Truth blossoms, Wisdom abounds, Love ripens.
Each soul that advances on the luminous path of eternal Life acquires its supreme happiness - the lasting gift of the Divine Spirit.
Place truth in your soul and you will acquire freedom.
Allow Light to enter your mind and Wisdom will give you her Knowledge.
Receive Purity in your heart, and divine Love will come in its fullness.
If you have the heart of a little child, the Lord will dwell with you. May you dedicate yourselves with your whole heart.
May my peace, my light, my love with the Divine Spirit be with you all!


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